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Very nice. Our awesome team of designers are gearing up to give you a little repeat of the latest release at SPD! I created a easy watercolor background for my FunkyWreath. I stamped the Funky Wreath All Seasons onto my cardstock and then cut it out with the Funky Wreath All Seasons Sugarcut. I then layered it onto the background. Next I stamped our flowers using the Funky Wreath Spring Addition stamp set. I cut all of the flowers using the Funky Wreath Spring Sugarcut. Hello and a happy Tuesday to ya! I am making this short and sweet.

I have been mad busy the last week.

Here is the inspiration:A few weeks ago the awesome, Claudia Rosa, posted a Tag Card which was inspired by Tiets. Claudia's card was absolutely stunning and inspired me to create my own Tag Card. You can find the dimensions on Tiets page. I didn't see her available at this time in the store. Perfectionism: it's the sin I've never wanted to face up to, but I can no longer avoid it. When I'm working on something, it drives me to read every book and Bible reference, address every issue, and check everything a hundred times. It's the heart of my busyness and the hardest thing for me to shake. I get too busy when. What I was thinking. "I have to get it right. What if they notice I make a mistake? I need to cover everything. I can't miss anything important. Today's drawing is a shot of Poseidon striking the ground with his earth-shaking Trident. I've gotten pretty good at it. Today's sketch is Zeus getting all lightningey and stuff. Oil looks to have one more Minute wave to a high. Coincidence that oil seems to be peaking on the week that the Oil Corporations report? Either way, as others have mentioned, there is a point where high oil costs begin to be seriously counter-productive to the overall recovery effort. Also nothing turns social mood more than high gas prices which will surely follow.

The dollar just keep dribbling on down.

I still expect a final "panic sell" spike but it doesn't have to be. Regardless it is tough to tell how much more it needs to drop.

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ETA: Added the video of the full scene in HD. On youtube or watch at the source. Grough reports the unusual sight of an air ambulance taking off from the Brontë falls: A walker was airlifted from a Yorkshire beauty spot after he suffered a suspected broken leg. The elderly man had injured his leg in a fall at the site, which lies on the popular route between Haworth and Top Withins on the Brontë moors. Within the church building is the last resting place of members of the Bronte family, including authors Charlotte and Emily. Your task is to answer the below question: How does poor CSR performance, i. e. "Officers on patrol in the area heard the gunshots and quickly responded, police said. ". I'm sure they won't be there for long with my boys around! But hey it is Christmas.

My card idea today was inspired by a card made by the very talented Craftwork Cards Design Team Member, Debbie Pincher.

Up close to see the flower details. My message is layered up onto a Heartfelt Flower - I love how it looks. With Halloween looming just around the corner, you may think that it is too late to decorate for Autumn. Not so, says I! Here are a few ideas that take just minutes and will make your house look Autumn-y festive! Oh yeah, and they're very easy on the pocket book. One of my favorite Autumn planter box ideas.

sugar pumpkins nestled into mounds of dried hydrangea.

I've gotten so many questions about the title that I changed the header caption from something about the Baby, the Husbeast, Sekhmet, and knitting, to what we have now about the Samurai Deli. I'm about to change it again to "FROM THE JOHN BELUSHI SKIT!" I think the real problem is that too few of the Younger Generation have watched vintage SNL to get the joke. And I'm on drugs again and babbling. Bet you'd never have guessed. After a rather extensive YouTube search, I've only found one bit on Belushi's Samurai character, here. Anyway. Books. Dress: Do & Be. Jacket: thrift. Boots: Rampage. Tights: Macy’s. Purse: Jimmy Choo. However, this was one of the few outfits I actually picked out the evening before work, so I was determined not to change my plans. I adjusted to the temp by wearing some fabulously worn & warm fleece pants under my dress while I traveled to work this morning. So hard to choose an image from among the manybeautiful flowers I've photographed at theBrooklyn Botanic Garden. Finally, I just wenteeny-meeny-miny-mo—and came up with these. Hey guys, I updated Ernests Gulbis's page on the brflines site this morning. Can you imagine? A lot of that money is lost because of phishing emails. Please read this blog post.

Don't be the next victim!A phishing email is a fake email sent to millions of email addresses by a cyber-criminal.

The fake email, supposedly from your financial institution, urges you, entices you, to go to their website via the link provided. The email looks authentic. And after you do, your bank account is cleaned out, your credit card is used by thieves, and, perhaps, your entire identity is stolen because the email was a fake, and you just gave criminals your account number and the password to your account. In case you've been wondering, no I'm not dead. We ate loads of good food, sweltered under a cloudless sky at times, consumed more than our fair share of wine and - a real bonus - came across a seriously interesting business opportunity while there. It might require a few more trips back to get it sorted but. The Dog Who Loves To FlyApple had a lot to learn when she first came to live with us. Edward, whom she adored with a blazing devotion from the very first moment she saw him, taught her most of the basics, such as what time dinner was served and what would happen to her if she attempted to steal food from his bowl. But some things a puppy just has to learn for herself. For example. Even though one is in possession of four nimble paws, trees are, quite frustratingly, impossible to climb. Bumblebees are best left to their own devices, no matter how slowly, and enticingly, they buzz along. This is my outdoor fireplace. Not much to speak of, but this piece of scorched ground has seen it's fair share of roasted hot dogs, marshmallows and mountain pies. But I long for a beautiful outdoor fireplace like this one. The dog can stay. Remodeling CenterI can picture myself curled up on that couch with a wool blanket a cup of hot apple cider. Care to join me?Remodeling CenterOr sitting here with my dearest friends while we solve the world's problems and enjoy a slightly charred hot dog. The infamous "Globes Of Death!" costume!. Jeb Bush: Trump is 'the other version' of Barack Obama pic. Well frankly I see no reason why I should not try to snag a payday by helping to beat this particular dead horse. Cursed with second sight. I’d like to think that a movement incapable of critical self-examination is doomed, but I have been wrong before. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:"Another fresh new year is here. Another year to live!To banish worry, doubt, and fear,To love and laugh and give!" - William Arthur Ward New Day / New Year with endless opportunities and a fresh start. Take advantage of every moment and strive to achieve. Resolve to make a difference and see the world with new light and vision. The buoys read like a bad novel with little to report and less to ride upon. Pelicans and dolphins dominate the ocean as smoothness rules the day. Hold out hope as the year is just beginning and is a marathon rather than a sprint. CHANNEL: Beautiful viewing of sunshine over the Marin hills and radiating off the ocean surface. ” Terdapat riwayat serupa dengan hadith di atas, iaitu hadith yang diriwayatkan daripada Anas r. a. yang bermaksud :”Rasulullah biasa melakukan pembekaman pada pelipis dan najunya. ” Dalam Sunan Ibnu Majah daripada Anas r. a. diriwayatkan secara marfu’ bahawa Rasulullah s. a.


docstoc. So here is a golden opportunity to share that powerpoints with world, mail that files to me in ppt format.

I will publish that files to world.

You'll find detailed bidding instructions at the end of this post. All projects will go to the highest bidders, and all proceeds will go to the Komen Foundation. aimee my dinner date.

I'm making Thanksgiving dinner again this year.

Cranberry sauce is an easy menu item to prepare in advance. This is the best cranberry sauce I've ever had and I make the same recipe each year. I can it so I can give everyone some to take home so they can have it with their leftovers. Mark ErpeldingDan Decker?John CenaJonathan LawsonUnknown with terrific triceps. scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers.

, are scams from West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, living in various countries, most having entered those countries using student or working visas.

It was a really nice gun show.

Met up with some of the regular vendors that display at most of the gun shows around here. There were some different vendors unique to this location as well. I picked up some more. Some bulk and some in bandoleer. Never ran across it in the bandoleer before. No luck on the picatinny rail extension. Have to order one on my next bulk ammo order. Had some really interesting items. I think you can relax about Ryan. Here it is again below. This is pocket change. If you were talking about millions, then it would send up a red flag.