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This is Tansy's Schwinn Breeze. Te coolest part of Tansy's Schwinn Breeze besides the red paint is that it was her Grandmother bicycle. The history of a bicycle doesn't get better then that! I like Schwinn Breeze bicycles a lot. They do what they where intended to do very well. They are great for cruising the neighborhood, running around town to get groceries and running errands or just exploring all day. They ride great and are very durable. Tansy's Breeze has some rough areas and some very good areas.

Long ago, in the distant days when I had no children, I burnt my hand quite badly.

I was at a campsite with one of those iron wood-burning heaters that stands away from the wall, and in a moment of absent-mindedness, I rested my hand on top of it. I grabbed a jug of cold water and plunged my hand into it, holding it there for half an hour or more. It didn’t do much to ease the pain. When I went to bed that night, my hand was still throbbing. Until I decided that instead of resisting the pain, I was going to accept it. Oddly enough, this made it easier to bear. As each wave of pain came, instead of gritting my teeth, I let it flow through me. I fell asleep.

Crazy day - checking, loading & strapping down the bikes for the Cyclefest show this week-end while working on customer bikes.

The Godfather of Perfection, John Dodson will be flying in for the Saturday show so get ready for an ass-kicking good time. The New Hunan buffet is one of my favorite places to eat, but The Husband had never been there. I told him recently that we were going, and he was a good sport about it.

We each had the lunch buffet and a nice pot of green tea.

No fan of Chinese food, he tried all the meat options, an egg roll and banana pudding. I got a little bit of almost everything that wasn't meat and skipped dessert. Their menu is online here, but I've never ordered from the menu. I get the buffet every time. Dining With Monkeys says, "I’m not a huge fan of buffets, but as far as buffets go, New Hunan is pretty good. " It gets so-so reviews at Yelp. Fire hydrants are an inescapable part of the urban landscape.

These devices for delivering water, however, are worth a second look.

If you examine the operating nuts that control the flow of water, you'll see that their shape is a regular pentagon.

Most nuts that you might encounter in home building projects or car repairs are hexagonal or sometimes even square, but rarely pentagonal. You can't use a standard wrench to tighten or loosen one of these pentagonal nuts. Indeed, firefighters have special wrenches to do the job. One example of a tool for turning a fire hydrant's pentagonal nut. In that posting I told the back story of a historic inscription found along Westwater Creek, in eastern Utah. A little recap of the past two weeks. Many young people got right with God and there was truly a spirit of revival as God worked on the hearts of those attending. Their final model included the following other predictors: GDP per capita, people with access to improved water source, people with access to improved sanitation, percentage of rural population, literacy rate, dependency ratio, population density, total health expenditure per capita, health expenditure as percentage of GDP, DTP vaccine coverage, measles vaccine coverage, food supply, presence of equatorial, arid, warm temperate and snow climate on national territory, civil liberties, political rights, national battle-related deaths. and Ibn Andrews near Colonial Terrace Apartments. Haynes and Andrews were taken into custody and charged with theft by taking for the stolen van. ". Dan Taylor Jr. m. Wednesday. ". Look who had a party yesterday to celebrate his first birthday! Our godson Benjamin! That boy knows how to work the camera, let me tell you. Gordon spent some time discussing cake with Ben. It's always interesting talking to Ben. His mother is a francophone, his father an anglophone. I ended up speaking "franglais" most of the time! Gordon does the same. I can't wait to hear what Ben says when he starts speaking. And look! John Deere. He's a future farmer! His Maman Marie-Emmanuelle made a cake. She said it was the first cake she'd ever baked. Stronger growth, higher Treasury yields. The Moinian And Meili Residence by architect Felix Oesch is a dream home for the owners. Located close to the center of Eglisau, a town close to Zurich, Germany, the house sits on a sloped terrain. via. This is a sponsored post. When we moved into this house, the kiddos' bathroom was just your plain, old builder's grade bathroom. I love wainscotting, and I thought that a tall board and batten would be the perfect addition to the space. The hubby was on-board from the start. Which is good seeing as how he is the carpenter and all, and I was going to need his help to do this project. So we headed to Home Depot, and I gathered up all the supplies we were going to need. Our list was actually pretty short. We've all seen the cowboy movies with the outnumbered, but staunchly courageous sheriff standing up to the lynch mob. Justice will be served by a trial before a jury of peers in a court of law therefore we don't respond to mob justice. Those days of lynch mobs are gone, relegated to our distant and more violent past. except maybe in Kalifornia:No Hanging? We're Gonna Break Some Windows!There was going to be a riot regardless of the verdict. S music streaming sites exactly. Music from Encarta dictionary describes music as a sound or group of sounds that creates a desired effect. In other words, life without music is just like a train without an engine. J-Dub helps Linkara as he goes over this oft-overlooked gem from Sunsoft Japan: Batman for the PC-Engine! ‎. After taking samples, scientists found fungi, bacteria and heavy metals — including uranium — that could all cause long-term health effects. “You can see the dust,” said Dale Griffin, an environmental public health microbiologist with the U. S. Geologic Survey. “It’s what we can’t see that will get you. Capt. in case you haven't noticed. Untitled by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton. I have a feeling this is going to be a summer of color. I am a developer. Nowadays, it seems bit odd to be in the IT industry and not to have a blog. Why is it so important to have a blog? May be the answer is we really need a place to put our ideas, perspectives or share our experience on a particular matter. Of course, for software developers, blogs really mean a lot of help because someone else from anywhere in the world might have the answer for the problem you are facing.

So, here I have started my blog and what should I start to write about? For a programmer, a starting point always means the “Hello World!”.

In most cases, "Hello World" is the first program one usually writes when learning a new programming language.

Usually in most of the modern programming languages it’s just a matter of calling a routine to display the text on the screen. With her sultry yet powerful voice, and her eclectic and somewhat ethereal sounds in her musicality, Florence + The Machine made it big with her original sound. After taking a well-deserved break for a couple of years, we've certainly missed new music from her.

So I woke up this morning and duly peed on two sticks.

My husband Will set a timer on his Droid, and we laid beside each other in bed, holding hands, peering intently at the sticks, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for nothing. At three minutes, there was no line at all on the FRER. We opened the envelopes with the other tests and looked. Nada. Of course, nobody mentioned how much fun they were and how much time you would spend sitting making these diddly little things!! LOL Gold embossed the stamped image and then made this little tubes out of embossed stamped images and glued them together in a pile. And here is the secret keeper open to reveal the embossed 'friend'. Made for a friend who is moving soon - let's hope he likes it.

I had a reader/customer of my patterns write to me over the holidays that she was having trouble seeing the photo images on my PDF patterns on her new iPad.

Although I am not the most technically savvy of knitters, I have figured out how to see all my patterns on our mobile devices. I use a free software program called Evernote. I discovered this app before I even had an iPhone via the NYTimes Tech Column. I ripped the article out and saved it until the day when Verizon would have the iPhone. Mostly I use Evernote to save recipes I might like to try, to save pretty pictures and websites and articles that I like. With baseball season already in full swing, I am always looking for quick and easy ideas for dinner. The other night I threw together a last minute Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry and my kids raved about it like I spent hours cooking. Note to self.

I see here that Phillip Smith is on a hunger strike at Pare.

Anyone care?. Our NT scan yesterday couldn't have gone any better. I arrived was prepped for my first ever abdominal ultrasound. The tech did some measurements and pointed everything out to us. Every time she pressed hard to try and get the baby to move, it practically jumped. It was very active the whole time. Hello My Friends! I have some last minute quick & cute Christmas card ideas to share today! It's never too late for a quick card. Make A Move On Me qui faisait suite au tubesque PHYSICAL. en playback. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go" - T. S. Though some peaks are showing in the gumbo that is the ocean on this day, they are to be gazed at and covered in wistful wishes. CHANNEL: SW winds blowing cross-currents near the pole equals chop-chop-chop. The minor premise carries over the definition of kosmos from the major premise. And the conclusion seems to derive by logical implication from the major and minor premises. What is more, it looks like a sound syllogism from an Arminian standpoint.

So Arminians affirm the major premise.

And everything follows from that. Hence, Arminians can only love everybody on pain for defying this Biblical prohibition. A. DetacherBarbara TfankCynthia RowleyDavid KomaDKNYGucciLyn DevonMoschino Cheap & ChicNina RicciPrabal GurungPreenRebecca TaylorRuffianZ SpokeWhich skirt are you smitten with?xoxox,CCP. S. Be sure to check out CC's Guest Post on Fashion Court!P. P. S. CC was also mentioned on ChickAdvisor. Governor Paterson may be out of the race, but that's not enough as far as the press and critics across the political spectrum are concerned. But this time, the paper doesn't even bother to mention the cash settlement she'd recently won from her landlord over an accident on the property. I'm not sure about that, though I understand his point. prior to succumbing to a horizontal state i was tempted with lavender chocolates and black bean and avocado pizza into donning wonderful Alexandra Grecco's fall line for her etsy shop. i promise a more lucid update later this week - on a topic of your choice! my keys are dry! All photos taken by Alex. The Media Theatre presents a special and extraordinary performance of Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL on weekends starting Nov. हम उम्म्म हम हम हम हम आ आ आ चले गएहम बेखुदी में तुम को पुकारे चले गए हम. हम बेखुदी में तुम को पुकारे चले गएसागर में ज़िन्दगी को उतारे चले गए हम॥देखा की यह तुम्हे हम बनके दीवानाउतरा हो नशा तो हम ने यह जानासारे वोह ज़िन्दगी के सहारे चले गएहम बेखुदी में तुम को पुकारे चले गए हम॥तुम तो न कहो हम ख़ुद ही से खेलेडूबे नहीं हमी यूँ नशे में अकेलेशीशे में आप को भी उतारे चले गएहम बेखुदी में तुम को पुकारे चले गएसागर में ज़िन्दगी को उतारे चले गए हम. .