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If you live anywhere in the Mohawk River Valley, thanks to a generous grant written by the wonderful librarian Sue Rokos I will be appearing near you.

If you see your library on the list contact them for more info, or write me for the full scoop. The rest of us call it elevator music and tease him unmercifully. He likes it anyway, of course. You can listen to some of it at the Amazon. The subject: Project Black Recently I traded Captain Bob a suspension fork I had for a frame. Not just any ol' frame- no- a single speed frame. You might be thinking, "Okay, big deal , GT. Not only that, I have two frames hanging in the rafters that are single speed frames as well. The price can be reduced as we do not need to purchase and install the transformer, and the circuit is also smaller size and lighter weight. For circuit with transformer please read "Power Supply, Battery Charger, With Transformer". it's important to use your ruler lines and make sure that your lines on the fabric are straight when cutting. Trace. Surviving sepsis - practice guidelines, marketing campaigns, and Eli Lilly. The FDA acknowledged that there was controversy surrounding this decision, and half the members of the agency's advisory panel, pointing to methodologic and other important problems with the PROWESS study, voted to require that a confirmatory trial be performed before approval was granted. First, the product's sales were to be supported by marketing initiatives targeted to physicians and the medical trade media. Second, because rhAPC was relatively expensive, word would be spread that the drug was being rationed and physicians were being "systematically forced" to decide who would live and who would die. Richard P. We'll cover some of the leading cases from the U. S. Supreme Court, the Eighth Circuit, and other courts. Topics will include: school speech, establishment clause, free exercise clause, clothing, school newspapers and yearbooks, distribution of literature, student clubs, off-campus speech, book censorship, and the pledge of allegiance. Clem has a B. A. in history from the University of Minnesota, and a J. A Florida City man with a violent criminal history was arrested Thursday, charged with threatening to shoot a Sheriff’s Office lieutenant in the head. Al Ramirez in the head because he holds the lieutenant responsible for his arrest in October for Sale of Cocaine. The information was Nash specifically said he planned to “ambush” the lieutenant at Friendship Park in Key Largo, take the lieutenant’s own firearm away from him and shoot him in the head with it. Nash was arrested in October on an outstanding warrant for Sale of Cocaine. The warrant stemmed from a September incident where an undercover operative purchased cocaine from Nash on Hibiscus Lane in Key Largo. I am loving the colours outside at the moment - blue hyacinth and yellow daffodil and narcissus. Someone else is loving it too - see if you can spot him/her sleeping in the hyacinth above. To celebrate the colours of the moment I did some dyeing at the weekend. I got some acid dyes as a gift over four years ago, used them once and haven't touched them since so it was nice to break them out again. On a sunny, springy day it is lovely to work outside, painting wool with them. Photo via: PopSugar Mary-Kate and Ashley at Sephora in New York City for the debut of Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrance. Love their oversized tunic and skinny black jean mix!Get Ashley's look.

+ Club Monaco Colette Tuxedo Tunic Shirt + Eskandar Bib Front Poplin Shirt + Vince Denim Riley Skinny Jeans + JFK Pom Pom Sandals + ASOS Homework Pom Pom Heeled Sandals.

Far Guy’s Lilac finally bloomed. I am not sure what kind of Lilac it is? Could be a late Lilac. It has droopy flowers. I am not sure where he got it from. it could have been one of the rejects from when we sold shrubs. We need rain. it rained up north but not here.

It spit some rain.

if you can even call it spit. Tadich also has a knack for giving you a great meal every time in and out and fast.

Herb Caen used to love the private booth, but I still like the front counter.

Old-fashioned and a SF staple.

This is where the Chron's entertainment and singles writer, Gerry Nachman, interviewed me.

Like Tadich, the place is quintessential SF with great food and vibe, a certifiable throwback, located across the street from where the old Emporium used to be located. This week I want to show you several projects using the It's You Day National Stamping Month special.

If you look close at the top you can also see that I used weekly bullets for a great boarder.

Stay tuned later this week to find out how you can get this page kit all for yourself. The kind folks at Char-Broil invited me to be one of their All Star posters again this year. Thank you Char-Broil, I feel very privileged to be included in your program. St. The topper can be used for smoking foods too but I wanted to try the "steam" feature this time. I steamed the corned beef on low until tender then grilled napa cabbage, made Chipotle Thousand Island sauce, built the wraps and grilled them for an added "crunch". If I posted this right. We are looking forward to another large crowd of European car owners to get together to raise some money for Rancho San Antonio. This campus in Chatsworth is an excellent venue for our attendees. With plenty of grass parking and shade, everyone really enjoys the setting. Registration for the show opened last week. Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. It was hot here in Michigan and I took the opportunity to get some sewing done in my cool basement. More about that later this week. Today I want to show you my Modern Monday block. I was able to use up some of my scraps to make this one. Then go visit Jennifer and get the pattern for this week. At first, I didn't have a plan for using all the text fabrics I've acquired over the last year or so. I just bought obscene quantities of fabric and watched my stash grow. Eventually, I "destashed" some of it after the realization that I won't live long enough to use it all. It took a while to choose a design. I wanted to use small pieces of text fabrics in the background so that snippets of words, letters and numbers appeared throughout the background randomly. I also wanted to use color prints for the main fabrics, but wanted to use more text fabrics than color. Here's what happened. But I've had so much fun working on it that I decided to share the instructions in case you'd like to sew along with me. If you don't have any text fabrics, you can always use "low-volume" backgrounds instead. dailypicksandflicks. I put on my favorite pair of Steve Madden slip-ons the other day, only to feel the undeniable sensation of the floor on my foot. I'd worn a hole in the soles. These were the first shoes I bought to replace my favorite pair of black shoes lost in Katrina. I've worn them out. I'd searched every store in the city I could for them. I'd even searched online for them. In fact when looking for a picture of them online, I couldn't even find one. Three celebrations happened on one great night. And we don't have any photos to share from the other party this week, but Mallory and friends celebrated her birthday on Friday night. Thanks to everyone for letting us be a part of your festivities. in the US. So many of the roads around here are closed, bridges washed away. I drove south twenty miles and crossed the state line where it was safe before driving all the way back north to the office. Usually it's a straight shot, about twenty minutes in the truck.

Today took longer, and afforded me the chance to explore.

Rolling, dramatic, cow-splattered hillsides dappled in sunshine. I heart Grant. Oggi dedico a tutte voi che mi seguite con affetto, questo sampler dell'amicizia tratto dal famoso libro di Blackbird desings intitolato 'A token of friendship. This sampler is for you girls, you always write so beautifull things to me. A friend from Spain wrote me today, is just wonderfull, we speak the same language called. stitching. Deadlines determine which phase I am in at any given time. For most of my adult life I have been a book editor. Another cool Project kit from Stampin’ Up! This one is called “Dolled-Up" Birthday Kit. In Japan, the artists add rocks, shells, seaweed and more to create exquisite works. Sherry Lee Duncan has experimented with these prints in the US and in Mexico. She even printed a marlin, as a souvenier for a fisherman to keep of his prize catch. . But Ralph looked for headlines too high up and too far away. From Yahoo News, Mr. "Not a Dime's Worth of Difference" gives your Crazy Uncle Liberty more email fodder, which will arrived with the subject line "See! We Told You!! Even Librul Leftist Radical Ralph Nader Thinks Obummer Should Be Impeached!!!!" Ralph Nader's America: Impeach Obama, decriminalize drugs, libertarians & progressives unite!. "Oh, most definitely," Nader said when asked if Congress should bring forward articles of impeachment against Obama. "The reason why Congress doesn't want to do it is because it's abdicated its own responsibility under the Constitution. " Also this: But Nader qualified that the success of his envisioned left-right alliance is dependent on strong leaders. I've gotten all the hand-sewing on my little bear done. I've been amazing at how little you need if you just want to make a single simple little bear. I've included of photo of all the supplies I'm using but a few of these things could be omitted too if you wanted to make a couple changes. If you didn't want to mess with disks and cotter pins you could just string join the limbs. I stuffed the head with excelsior, but since I didn't want the whole piece to be very hard I found this cotton in the drug store.

It's just cotton batting instead of cotton balls- and I think it will be perfect for stuffing the limbs and body and could have been used for the head too.

I quilted this last one of Caroles yesterday using the Popcorn panto, PermaCore Topaz Gold thread and Warm & Natural batting. A very cute quilt, for her grandson, I think. The gold thread really looks good on this one. I was looking for a sports theme panto, and thought about just doing random soccer balls, but decided to use this one because I think soccer ball would have a lot of backtracking. Most of you know that when I am in that mood I remove my slippers and fold my legs up and squat on the chair. After an hour I wanted to go for another meeting. I tried to feel for my chappal under my chair. The right foot slipper was gone. I looked around and saw a right foot slipper lying nearby. Hi there crafty peeps! I am back today to share with you a quick old world Christmas inspired card I whipped up from my Retro Christmas Creativity Kit from Polly's Paper on Etsy and ribbons from the Really Reasonable Ribbon store. I used several layers of printed paper and images from the kit to create a beautiful layered card. I added a belly band with Ivory Double Faced Satin and Bright Green Swiss Dots Grosgrain Ribbons. I made a double loop bow from the same Ivory Satin Ribbon with my Bow-It-All tool and added that to the middle left side of the card. Finally, I added some Journey glaze to the letters, Candy Cane, and Holly. I sprinkled some sparkling Journey Sparkle Dust onto the candy cane and sentiment tag to create a more "Holiday" feel. I hope you enjoy my card and it inspires you to dig out your Holiday supplies and get a start on the season. Have a wonderful day!. Agency: Duffy & PartnersVia: Graphic Exchange. Bizarro is brought to you today by Irrefutable Evidence. Perhaps I am wrong. These are my favorite kinds of drawings to do, but unfortunately there's no money in it. One might be inclined to say, "Dan, wouldn't it be cool to put all of these in a book?" to which I would say, "Yes, cool, but I'd be lucky to sell enough to fill the glove box of a Smart Car. " Wouldn't it be great if we could all make a living just doing whatever what we want? I vote for that option. P. S. Well, back to work today. When I got home, I was able to assemble the cherry picker Og was kind enough to load up in his truck and lug half way across Indiana for me. Thanks Og. Went to Rural King and picked up a nylon sling and a couple bolts to finish lift. Hopefully get the motor out tomorrow or Wednesday. Want to get the motor to the shop this week. If I can get it to them this week, they said they should have it done before end of month. Vacation last week of month, so I may luck out and get it back in by July. .