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Four sets of denim jeans for children.

I originally intended these to be only for boys, but I don't think we can flag cc yet.

Or I am missing something, honestly I didn't bother to look. Package Format.

That's actually pretty late, for us.

PEE kan sounds like what you put under the bed at night. Photo by I. Peterson. From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe: After several weeks of silence from the local Bigfoots, we have a new witness report from my friend, Coralee. In this video, Coralee shares her recent experience, up the trail, where she heard an amazing and unmistakable vocalization, as well as another account, from the same area, she experienced this last spring. Then we finish off with a little bonus footage at the end. courtesy of singtao. Both were sent to separate detention centers. Cho Ming was detained for provide shelter for others to use drugs. I meant to post sooner but it ended up being a crazy week. anyhoo! On Thursday, I went to donate blood for the first time in a decade. I used to give regularly but had to stop for several years for various health issues. But I am just fine to donate now, so I made an appointment for the mobile clinic in our nearby town of Alexandria. Whenever Gary gets a transfusion, he and our friend Brian, along with Gary's nurse, always say a word of thanks to the anonymous donor who has given the gift of life. Gary gets bags o' blood from all over the USA.

I think there was one from Oklahoma last week.

That's pretty cool! Not everyone can give blood, but if you can, I'm here to reassure you that it's really a piece of cake. A week or so ago I put together a few gift tags to have around. I used some large shipping tags and added some stamping and pattern paper. Look close and you can see that I accented the butterfly pattern paper with some liquid glass. Its really easy to jazz up a project with just a little effort using Liquid glass. Last night I finished a GREAT book. He returns home to find out that his parent had nothing, because they had used all the money to pay for his college. This is good news. It took you a twelve hour flight each way to get to Hanoi and you were there for a week making news. Your treasonous behavior undermined us for several years. And, unlike some others who spoke against the war such as Joan Baez, you never recanted, never regretted, never admitted your wrong-doing. During and after the Second World War period these have gained ever-increasing importance in macroeconomic analysis and policy. It was Keynes who first recognized the need of regulating private enterprise economy. Hello this is our first ever post on our blog. We are two teachers from Las Vegas that decided to team up and share some of the resources we use in our classroom. Cindy teaches first grade and it will be her second year teaching this grade. They both love their jobs and wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Hope you enjoy our little blog and get some things you can use for your classroom. WRes Gull Roost had good numbers of big gulls eventually. I'm wondering if every one of those little dots and lines had to be drawn manually, or whether some type of mechanical device was used to decrease the tedium. Certainly the variation in size and shape and position suggest meticulous handwork, but the amount of labor required to produce the full image - - boggles the mind. I had arranged for a retired priest to take the morning Mass and confessions, so that enabled a little more leisure this morning. Nice! You may wonder why I did that. e. , their pastor. At any rate, today's breakfast was all about goetta. A lot of you don't know what that is. Even the crazy rainstorms couldn't keep her from pizza night with Grammy who came all the way from Texas to celebrate the big birthday. the sky's the limit! A new challenge starts this week - Add A Touch Of Wood! Be sure to play along with us for your chance to win some free images!Our DT has some amazing inspiration for you this week to get your creative juices flowing. These will most likely go out tomorrow after the storm passes here in South Florida. . I bought a cheap sketchbook yesterday and wanted to see if I still had characters and cartoons in me. While far from great, it's nice to see that smile again. P. S.

I will be posting more about this, plus a video of five or so other sketches over at Clan Cold Antler.

Beautiful-I say, but that is what I always say about Ivan Terestchenko's photographs. I own several of them-I have his books-though THE PRIVATE WORLD OF YVES SAINT LAURENT & PIERRE BERGE book is exquisite-I am partial to his book The Garden Room. Just imagine how happy I was when I saw Ivan's new book Garden Things on his Visual Diary HERE. If you follow his posts-you already know what I do-that he is the embodiment of my ongoing topic-Living ART. all photographs by Ivan Terestchenko, used with permission Ivan, always the perfect gentleman, agreed to answer some questions for me about the book-and to send me some of his photographs of his copy of the book. PGT: This book- just flipping through it online makes my pulse quicken a little-It just looks exquisite. They were not meant to stay like Sleeping Beauty in the secrecy of some remote vault, they want to see the light. and you get to keep the cash even if the mansion immediately burns to the ground along with the furniture!Carbon market could enable California polluters - Salon. Trebuchet paper model created by RocketmanTan, based on the Elder Scrolls Online video game. We will begin with earth which contains Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus:?? Aries/Taurus. Taurus is the sign that follows Aries in the zodiac, so although this is a squared pairing it is one of the better ones.

A Taurus demands loyalty and Aries are social butterflies so you would need to convince the bull of your loyalty.

According to Judge Cecilia Altonaga's Order, the attorneys, Richard Celler and Stacey Schulman chose Dunkin' Donuts for the site of depositions. Celler would attend in t-shirts and shorts and would show Schulman pictures of male genitalia that he had drawn during the deposition. Celler and Schulman laughed at the drawings and said they described opposing counsel, Jason Coupal. During the deposition, Celler played Angry Birds and bragged about beating someone in Minnesota at the game. More details of the attorneys' egregious but hilarious misconduct can be found here and here. If you thought that playing Angry Birds or drawing pictures of male genitalia were appropriate ways to gain a "psychological advantage" over your opposition, you many want to check out some of the library's resources on depositions:The Effective Deposition: Techniques and Strategies that Work by David M. Malone, Peter T. For the most recent update regarding the auctions and new goodies available in the store, follow this link to Patrick Rothfuss' latest blog spot on the subject. It really embodies everything that's cool about the fundraiser. Indiscriminate geekery. One of the cool auctions you can bid on is for a chance to play D&D with SFF authors such as Patrick Rothfuss, Peter V. तुम्हाला कधी hair dye लावल्यानंतर allergies होण्याचा त्रास होतो का? फक्त प्रश्नच तुम्हाला चिंतीत करतो कारण आजकाल आपण वेगवेगळ्या प्रकारचे Hair Colors वापरत असतो ज्यामुळे एलर्जी होण्याची शक्यता जास्त असते. Hair Color चा वापर केल्यामुळे अनेक समस्या होऊ शकतात जसे केस गळणे, खाज सुटणे किंवा जळजळ होणे. त्याच सोबत हेयर कलर मध्ये असणारे हानिकारक केमिकल आरोग्याच्या दृष्टीने हानिकारक असतात. कानावर, हातांवर, चेहऱ्यावर आणि डोक्यावर एलर्जी मुळे लाल चट्टे दिसणे ही एलर्जी कलर लावल्यावर दिसण्यास सुरुवात होते. So after my wonderous surprise this morning, I have dinner with the family this evening and go shopping with my mom and sis for my sis's school supplies. I feel like the luckiest girl around right now, especially in yarn world. And to make it even better she then takes us out for DQ, mmm chocolate chip cookie dough, oreo cookie, banana blizzard, and no that isn't a prego thing, its actually an every time blizzard thing. Then when I got home I showed me mum all of the wonderful things kristy had given to me and she ooed and ahhed as well. Yeah for today, lets hope the rest of the week can keep up. :D Yeah. The song is amazing but is pretty hard to find on vinyl. I think the album is called "Everyday is Like a New Beginning" or something close to that. We're hearing a lot about how costly it would be to alienate Trump supporters. If Trump gets the most delegates, but the nomination is given to somebody else at the convention, we're supposed to believe that such a scenario would be too costly. Trump supporters would leave the party, refuse to vote for the nominee, or whatever. There are a lot of problems with that kind of reasoning. A big problem is that alienating Trump's opponents would cost even more. Architectural inspiration via elledecor. Giuseppe Zanotti Sharon suede platform sandals. I finally did it. I started a blog. It only seemed logical to start a blog so that I can share my crafty knowledge with you. GOOGLE is GOD. .