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To see more abc Wednesday, go here:.

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Other posters added their own experiences.

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Following Nash’s scoop, Avery investigates a series of high profile murders with terrorism implications. The difference between "a" and "the" doesn't seem like much does it? Kind of picky to notice it. Well, I do notice it. Tomorrow night I'll be joining my friend Marshall and a few other friends for his biweekly theme potluck. This week's theme is "school cafeteria food". I've spent what seems like an inordinate amount of money to make two dishes that I remember from my days at school. Makes me appreciate how cheap school lunches are. so did she, but no one else there ever seemed to put two and two together. This week's been a bitch, so my cooking will be perfunctory at best. We had a big job to do this past weekend which ended up taking the better part of three days. The sheep were in constant jailbreak mode and something had to be done. From the photo above, I can hardly blame them. The supplemental hay just wasn't doing it for them. It's spring, and they demand green grass. He was hoping the rest would continue partcipating in the project but they were on to him. The next batch numbered about ten and he became frustrated. I could tell he needed help. Off Phoebe and I went to see if we could help. Phoebe is our Border Collie who really doesn't want to be a sheep dog. Upsy Daisy and Inspired by Nature are two of my favorite SU stamp sets ever! They both made the retirement list this year but I won't be parting with them for sure. They get a permanent place on the shelf marked "retired but still fabulous!" Now that I think of it I have a lot of friends like that - retired but still fabulous! And there is a fabulous sketch this week to try at Freshly Made Sketches! . Tammy was also recently asked to make these super cool layered flowers. aren't they fabulous?These are also available in the shop! We'll be posting more projects with these in the next few weeks,. Finally, we can start working for ourselves, and not the state.


If you read this blog, you are reading the constant story of one woman working towards a creative, agricultural life. If it seems like I already achieved that, I haven't. I have reached many goals but I am a far way off from waking up on a Tuesday morning and not packing up for the office. I work towards it every day and shamelessly believe I can make it happen. I appreciate you reading along, and your encouragement and shared stories and advice. But what is your dream? What are you hoping for in your own world? You know so much about me, but I want to hear more about you? There is some serious mojo in finally putting it in words. Tell me. photo by jon katz. Hello Unity stampers! This is Rachel dropping in for what just happens to be World Card Making Day!!! It is also SMAK Saturday, where we get to show off our latest SMAK and Layers of Life kits! Normally I would make an art journal page with my SMAK stamps, but in honor of World Card Making Day I have three cards using this fabulous kit!. First up is an autumn card with that bold THANKFUL stamp. Since the letters are so big, it was very easy to fussy cut them and layer it onto the card. Next up I have two holiday cards. One is traditional Christmas colors while the other is more wintery. The SMAK stamps are intended for scrapbooks and mix media projects, but so many of the stamps can make a huge bold impact on your cards! Look how huge that 'holiday memories' sentiment is! I can never have enough snowflakes!!! For this wintery card I mixed some of the October SMAK snowflakes with this lovely sentiment from the October Kit of the Month. Hi everyone. This was supposed to be my card for the cardsfor children challenge but the wrong card accidentally was uploaded so I thought I'd share it now. The heart border is from Memory Box and the leavesare made with a punch. The stamp I used is called Valentot Love. Here's the blurb:Winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature: In a world where darkness threatens, there is Sunshine. Although it had been mostly deserted since the Voodoo Wars, there hadn’t been any trouble out at the lake for years. Anne Frank, e. g. Vintage cookbooks are one of my favorite things to find and browse through! You always find the recipes all marked up and notations made as to what was good and what was not. Not just to own an "old" cookbook, but to actually use the recipes they contain. The first all American cookbook published was written by Amelia Simmons and was titled "American Cookery". Up until that time, cookbooks were written and published in England. The recipes contained "a pinch" of that or a "sprinkle" of that until Fanny Farmer standardized measurements. The studio is a busy place these days as I ramp up for the holiday season. I'm trying to juggle a few too many things lately, and staying in touch here and via email seems to continue to fall through the cracks. So- in an attempt to remedy this situation I've created a new mailing list. Now if I want to send out a note about a new pattern, a few new pieces in the shop, or if I'll be attending a workshop or event- it will be quick and much more beautiful than my previous mailings. And here's something I wrote last year about some neglected arguments for Jesus' historicity. She's a prominent atheist philosopher. God, I submit, is a terrible parent. He is, in fact, an abusive parent. God does not love his children, and anyone who suggests that we ought to love him is displaying the psychology of an abused child. She gets off on the wrong foot with this characterization.

To frame the issue that way interjects a systematic error into her reading.

She likes to stay curled up under the blankets "just a few more minutes" but bounds through her day as soon as her feet hit the floor. She makes me feel purposeful, proud, humble and in love. She can use her wit to outmaneuver my frustration. Like the other day when I asked her for the fifteen thousandth time in her ten years on Earth if she had opened her blinds and she looked me straight in the eye, batted her lashes, allowed her smile to be fully eclipsed by her dimples and said, "maaaaay-be. I couldn't stop smiling. Her thrill, excitement and pure joy sent me to the moon and back. At ten her doll playing days are numbered and I don't care how much the doll costs anymore. Is my most favorite spicy dal. Especially if my ex-neighbor Rani has made it. The dal is cooked to creaminess with the gongura leaves in it and the single way to enjoy it is drizzle ghee and mix it with the fingers. I have seen thinner version of gongura pappu but this is how Rani makes it, thick and creaminess characteristic of gongura. The thick dal mixed with rice and made into a mudda is how Rani would love to enjoy but since we always teased her she would go to the kitchen and eat her muddas but never in front of us. We would tease Anu, my pilloo that she would have eaten rice balls on the day gongura dal was made and she would go, "Noooo". Today if I have to thoroughly enjoy gongura pappu I must make muddas with rice! Two years ago when I did my Andhra Pradesh Road Trip I was in search of a good gongura pappu but found none. Which only means that this recipe is priceless and good recipes are the ones that are made at home. co. uk. YOUR TURN: Mask something. go on, you can do it! Upload your creations here. Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Today it's my turn to bring you some inspiration here at Really Reasonable Ribbon.

I decided to share a Christmas card I created with some of my favorite ribbons.

I know we still have a few more months for Christmas but I thought this would be a great time to start on my Christmas cards.

So to get started I used the DCWV Merry Memories Stack.

I know you probably recognize this ribbon from past projects, but I just couldn't help using it again. I think I need to order some more. lol I only have a little strand left. I also used the White Sheer with Stitched Center Ribbon which a beautiful ribbon and perfect for Christmas. Here is a close up photo of the ribbon. Hey there Paper Peeps! It's Ginny and I'm just dropping in this morning to share a fun birthday card I created that is very very purply! I used Lavender Wrinkle Ribbon to create those sweet little bows that hold up the button and rose banner. .