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It's Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey's in the oven. Stuffing's ready to start. Pecan pies are waiting to be sliced and enjoyed. The guys are in the front yard playing touch-football.

Kids are still well behaved.

All ready. And you have a couple of minutes to sit and relax, maybe read a few blogs before the hectic food frenzy begins. So from me.

To you and your entire family.

Happy Thanksgiving. I stamped on watercolor paper, watercolored with Tombow markers, and trimmed out the image. The middle daffodil is stamped and colored a second time and popped up over the first one. The sentiment is from Whiff of Joy's General Sayings set, and the patterned papers are from Basic Grey's Origins paper collection. Last, but not least, the layout is Jen's Sketch For You To Try from yesterday. Enjoy tasty Middle Eastern food and learn how to make Hummus Dip with Whole Chickpeas. Mix canned chickpeas or crunchy sprouted chickpeas with extra-virgin olive oil, diced tomato, smoked paprika, and freshly ground black pepper. Spoon chickpea mixture over hummus and garnish with cilantro and lemon slices. Serve with crisp pita triangles. But after watching the replay of his last race, I'm a little less enthusiastic. He never looked a winner, lagging far behind while saving ground on the turn before finding a handy seam and finishing well. Nothing wrong with the effort, just looked less inspiring than on paper. We were at the Francis Bacon exhibit at the Met last week, and I noted a quote from the artist to the effect that nine-tenths of everything is inessential. And I've often wondered on this blog how much of all the incredible handicapping resources currently easily available online is really essential to the job. It's not that it's a bad idea to watch a replay of a race, or look up detailed trainer stats in Formulator. But this being such an inexact science - indeed, one with a high degree of randomness - that any bit of mind-changing information could, perhaps, be just as likely to lead one astray as not. Liz and I had another wonderful day. I am exhausted once again, but I'm a happy, exhausted girl! We found out yesterday that our flight home has been canceled due to the British Airways strike.

So, we're thinking of taking the chunnel from Paris to London and trying to get home that way, but that doesn't seem to be helping.

We're hoping Expedia can work something out for us. We'll get home eventually, I'm sure.

And if you want to get stuck in a city far from home, Paris is a great place to choose! I'll keep you posted.

So, today we started at Notre Dame.

My latest post is out of synch and my blog techs are nowhere to be found!!! I have a predicament.

Please scroll down to see the most recent post. It is right below the first and starts with a big red building. I am hopeless!. .