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In the public health arena, many of us are wondering just how the public will react to these reports and the growing numbers of children who are ill or dead.

When the vaccine begins rolling out to local health departments, schools, medical providers and municipalities next week, it remains to be seen how the public will respond to well-publicized offers of mass vaccination against a novel disease. Of course, at times like these, the public can react in many ways. Meanwhile, other segments of the population worry and fret over every sneeze and cough, while others simply wait to be told what to do. Here's the entire Pep Fest/send-off ceremony held this morning at the high school. It gives more content/coverage that you won't want to miss out on. I have seen a lot of projects with gathered ribbon and even paper lately. I really like the look of ruffles, especially with paper. What an easy and affordable way to add just a little something to a project. Supplies from CTMH-chocolate CS, White Daisy CS, chocolate ink, creme brulee ink, hollyhock ink, creme brulee ribbon, hollyhock twill, Tree tops stamp set, true happiness stamp set, pattern paper from Bella, prisma glitterOther-brown ribbon, heart sticker, staples. showing well. after a heavy shower. You can find it at Forty-Two Quilts. Above is the block that I finished last week. Here are my two blocks together. I’m really excited about this quilt. I went to the Attic Window Quilt Shop this morning and found some gray fabrics that I really like. I've been collecting orange fabrics forever, waiting for just the right quilt. Disconnected from my creations, I mean. I then send them out, replete with errors, to be posted. I like them to exist in this flawed state. I write mainly for posterity, I think, which is probably why I don’t mind not getting much of a response from people, whether that be positive or negative. First is a quilt I purchased on Ebay. I love the spiderweb design and I've started one a couple times but they are languishing in the UFO pile. A very happy quilt. And yes.

Home Stretch: Before Boehner, who had called the bi-partisan Senate bill “a hand grenade” and his merry men even had a chance to explain themselves, the White House pre-empted them by calling it “a partisan attempt to appease a small group of Tea Party Republicans.

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Then I have a column to note the date my order arrived.

This lets me see what has arrived and what hasn't. Every now and then something doesn't arrive, and I have to contact the sender to ask them to track it or send it again. My daughter is in Girl Scouts and this year they've had several trips and events where I had to pay a deposit to reserve her space and the rest of the amount later. I quickly lost track of which events I'd paid what for. It's time to get geeky again. We're releasing them so that those of you who want to can tinker and tweak to get the unique layout that is perfect for you. The same ones will also produce sets for any year you care to choose. In each of the data source files, you just need to change one date - the starting date - and the file will calculate all the other dates for you. I've highlighted the cell with the date you need to look for and change in each of the files like this: These monthly layouts are set up to give you a whole year so probably don't need much tinkering with at the Excel end, although you might want to jazz up or adapt the Word base files. At south end of pumphouse pit, take muddy track to east and view flooded field from metal gate. It seems that the moorings are still under flood. Do not park at Diddington. Dark Moonlight, pixshark. Just a quick reminder that this Friday will be the first Friday of the month, which means Friday Night with Friends over at Cheryll's blog. I hope to see you there!. While they were reaching their very personal pinnacle of perfection in animation, the Fleischers all of a sudden came out with "My Pop, My Pop". Watching a few shots from it I suppose you'll share my thought that it seems like these drawings were made by non professional animators, fugitives from Van Beuren. See Youse,Duck Dodgers. interesting.

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