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I saw photos of this sparkly dress earlier when she picked it out.

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I think I need to take a photography class… How much fun would that be?!? Either that or I need a photographer instead of this damn tri-pod.

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The KDP, PUK and Change List are at loggerheads over President Barzani.

Even though his term expired the KDP insists that he is still the president, especially now as the region faces the dual threat of the Islamic State and a financial crisis. This has led to two dilemmas. First, the KRG like the rest of Iraq has weak rule of law, so what it says on the books is often ignored, which is why Mohammed will unlikely be recognized as the interim president.

Second, the two sides can’t agree on what to do next.

The PUK and Change want a new presidency law passed, which would dramatically curtail the powers of the office and make the president elected by parliament instead of the public. Adding this to the challenge of no more black art papers, we are in for some creative solutions to our feathered friends in the next couple of collages. Bring it on!. This is a Moll Pitcher witch spoon in sterling. Moll pitcher was a famous fortune teller who lived in Lynn, Massachusetts. She was originally from Marblehead. Her predictions were so respected that sailors refused to sail on voyages that she predicted would be disastrous. People traveled from all over the world to have an audience with her. And the name Lynn spelled out in bones. From the top: Frank McGrath James Lewis Hidetada Yamagishi Jay Cutler. .