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I have had some problems with the floor on the front passenger side of my van being very wet at times. After it rains I could sometimes even hear water sloshing around. The passenger side seat was even starting to rust around the base from all of the water. The problem is that the windshield wiper assembly has a tray under it to collect water. Then a drain hose connects to the bottom of the tray to drain the water out.

However that hose can get so clogged that the water cannot get out.

Eventually it spills into the passanger side floor. Family traditions can be helpful things. They draw a family together with ties of familiarity and fun. Year after year, they create happy memories. They give children the rare experience of their parents' undivided and extended attention. They help define a family culture, a sense that this is my family and this is how we do things. They bind a family together, provide a feeling of stability and belonging, and are a wonderful opportunity for joy. I wouldn't elevate family traditions to any great place in the eternal scheme of things, or place burdens on parents to create certain kinds of annual celebrations, as I feel Christians are sometimes prone to do, but I do think they can be a great blessing. Spent the day with Beth and the cats. I can only hope the professors feel better about them than I do. Going back to work tomorrow. Meekah lay across my arm for a long time. I can't believe my three day weekend is over. Looking forward to work tomorrow, with a lot of God's word on the drive. "If you are buying numismatic coins, chances are you're making a fast-talking salesman very rich at your expense. Here is a mix from last spring. Lykke Li. I haven't seen it again until today. Alex received two major items for his birthday last month and both were made in America by Little Tikes. S. "MUSKEGON, Mich. The Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office says that Jaylan Deshawn Traviss was arraigned Tuesday. ". m. When he confronted Guevara, Guevara jumped out of the truck with the victim’s toolbox and ran to a waiting vehicle – a dark colored Mustang.

The Mustang then fled the scene.

Deputy Kerns and other deputies searched the surrounding area for the vehicle and found it parked on Hibiscus Lane. I'll introduce myself first because if there is a right time to do it I guess it would be the first post. My name is Amanda. Currently I am a senior in college at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater majoring in marketing and will graduate in December. I travel quite a bit because I live in a couple of cities- I am from Appleton, WI, go to school in Whitewater, WI, and currently live in San Antonio, TX.

I am hoping to move to San Antonio after graduation.

I enjoy going out to eat, experimenting in Erik's kitchen, wine tasting, working, traveling, and shopping for shoes. via. A couple weeks before baby River was born, I wanted to take care of the Cupcakes' Easter baskets and egg hunt candy. The birth of little River was perfect in its timing since we were able to spend the one night in the hospital and be home with our children on Easter Sunday. Whenever I have had a baby, I want to leave the hospital as quickly as possible and just be home with my children, hubby and the new baby. Mondays always start out a bit more dressed up than the rest of the week. By about Wednesday, my outfits get farther and farther away from the professional dressy look that I start the week out in. I took advantage of this Monday dress day by wearing my gray pencil skirt, rusched button up shirt, mary jane pumps, white & silver belt, and silver and black jewelry. I first posted this video several years ago, but I find it to be endlessly fascinating. Addendum: And a hat tip to several readers for pointing out that this diving skill has some intriguing scientific roots, nicely summarized at one of my favorite science blogs, Not Exactly Rocket Science: Jaroslav Červený has found that when red foxes pounce, they mostly jump in a north-easterly direction. To a lot of people Marbella means the beach. However, we discovered another side to the town. Only a few minutes from the beach and the hordes of tourists lies the old quarter. Be patient and wait for the PDF page to load. I'll be starting a Flickr group in the next few weeks so you can post pictures of your blocks as you work along with me. This should be a fun, fun year! If you signed up for my newsletter it should be arriving in your email anytime now. In it you'll find another little surprise with a code to save you some money. Happy New Year everyone! Hugs,Anne. Observation: At this point in time, there was only one language on the earth and the people had big plans. God literally had to confuse the languages and separate the people because, if they remained in this unity, nothing would be impossible for them. Application: What is impossible when a group gets in unity? In this passage, even God said nothing would be impossible for the people when they were of one language and going one direction. Unity is powerful and we need to harness it in our lives and relationships. Prayer: Father, let my life be used to bring unity to the body of Christ and to bridge gaps that have separated for years. Let my life bring about oneness in God's people. Yours Forever, Jeff. I heard a great story the other day that involved a stunned bobcat, a suitcase, and a get-rich-quick scheme via christmas trees, and it got me thinking about how despite all the science and religion and all that other stuff out there, most people choose to be really clueless and just like to go out and have fun without hurting others. Or really, be ridiculous. My two votes for the now equivalent of that fun little video:Sure, there's probably imbedded meanings about youth culture and oppression and all that, but it's way too much fun to analyze this stuff. You will also notice that Deborah Arnott is asked for her opinion. Very odd, really, considering she is head of Action on Smoking and Health, whereas e-cigs are not smoking - just like they are included in the Tobacco Products Directive despite their containing no tobacco. In case you're curious, it's because ASH altered their "objectives for the public benefit" a few years ago. Nothing in there about e-cigs or any other device which doesn't contain tobacco. P. M. P. M. This time I. P. The platform manages I. Izithakazelo zakwa-Msibi Ndlondlo, Mabuya, Guliwe Ndlondl'eyadl'ubulongwe yalibala, Siwela, Gasa!. Some weeks are good. Some weeks are great. Received my copy of Cynjon's new zine, Varietist Muse. I was lucky enough to have a number of pieces of my artwork published in this issue, including the artwork pictured below. This inaugural volume is the "You Say You Want a Change" issue.

They played the Cardinals who also wore unis from the same era.

Ketel Marte singled to lead off the second and scored on a throwing error by Jhonny Peralta. A career. Weymouth is a very old seaside resort, which has not quite stood the test of time, but still very popular, mainly with families, due to the large and safe and clean beach, which slopes very gently to the sea and the water is shallow for long way out. You can also take a day trip from Weymouth to the islands of Jersey or Guernsey. After a lot of fun in the water and on the beach, and an ice cream of course, we walked to the harbour area, for the a meal of fish and chips, which were the best we had for some time. Unfortunately we were too late to visit the Brewers Quay, with it's selection of very individual shops, and which is also a home to Pauline's Patchwork. Next time. I have decided to start feeding B-man a little bit of rice cereal. Let me just say, he is not a fan of this stuff!! Do not let this first photo fool ya. it looks as if it might be a success-Spoonful in the mouth. This raises various issues, which I've discussed before. For instance, "in the day" is a Hebrew idiom for "when". So it doesn't mean you'd die on the same day you eat it. Take a statement like, "When you have kids of your own, you'll understand!" That doesn't mean the instant they have a child, they'll understand. Rather, it refers to insight that results from the process of childrearing.

It can take years for that to sink in.

But here's another issue I haven't discussed: If Adam and Eve had no experience of death, how could they grasp the threat, much less appreciate the gravity of the threat? Admittedly, there's a distinction between knowledge by description and knowledge by acquaintance. Even so, what would death connote to them, what would be the force of that threat, if that was just an abstract idea? Was there death in the Garden? I don't think human death antedated the Fall. And I don't believe in pre-Adamites.

But what about animal death? Could there be animal death in the Garden? If so, what kind? Of course, young-earth creationists deny that possibility.

Atheist Keith Parsons did a long post on the problem of evil:. Last weekend while the kids were enjoying the water park, I was sitting in a beach chair making yo-yos. lots and lots of yo-yos. I finished this little guy yesterday, just in time to take him to show and tell at Rossville Quilts last night. Dan took him outside today to hang out in the bushes and got a couple great shots. Darlings, the color blocking trend is here to stay, it seems. Rebecca Minkoff colorblock Leo clutch, at shopbop. Tip all the dressing ingredients into a food processor with a pinch of salt and blitz to a dressing. Serve the fish with the rest of the dressing and steamed couscous or rice. KNOW HOW: HOW TO COOK IT: Cooking barramundi on the bone, as we have done here, has its advantages – it will stay more moist during cooking, and some would say that the flavour is enhanced, too. If you want to take out the bones they are easy to locate and less likely to be lodged in the fillet if the fish is cooked whole. Fillets can be simply pan-fried or grilled. If you like trout, you will really enjoy the flavour of barramundi, which lends itself to similar ingredients and cooking methods – citrus flavours are particularly good, as are garlic and wild mushrooms. I'd rate her fair chance for third at half to three-quarters that. Her best race was in the slop, and I think she's questionable value at her morning line here. I sure have been making a lot of this lately while I try to perfect my technique. I've made so much that I sent a quart of this to the after school program yesterday. The Blog Tech said that when the kids ran out of apples, they drank the sauce from cups. Ha ha, I don't blame them. Don Cronin aboard his Morini V-twin based custom, the Medaza. Sources of my rant as you called it.

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