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Jakob has been one of this site staunchest supporters since it began. As I've gotten to know him, I've discovered he's also one of the most knowledgeable people I've encountered, online or off, on the subject of Greek mythology. In fact, Jakob runs a blog, The Classical Club with his own spotlights and ruminations on all things classical. Please check it out:As you can see from the above picture, the illustrious Mr. PBS has a dedicated page on Monk. NPR has a profile and an audio program.

All About Jazz has a biography and links.

There's a biography at the official web site. It has an official website.

All of these programs are offered free of charge to the students and schools.

You can see lesson plans and other resources here.

Pair of NCB shunters get the weathering treatment. Eagle-eyed readers may have seen an NCB blue Sentinel being used to help plan my gas works diorama a week or so back - I've been titivating a pair of Sentinels for my colliery fleet. However, after making a start, they've been sat for a few weeks awaiting final touches. Standing out like the proverbial sore thumb, I thought it high time to muck it up a bit. modelrailoffers. co. Smiles all round, except for the Sharapova camp, of course. Me, I’d go for the non-grunter most days. So what's with missing the start of the match? We’d been at the wedding of Ruth, a friend and colleague, to Joe, who I just managed to beat once at skittles. Certainly, for these two, that was there in abundance. The church was packed, the singing was enthusiastic, the sun shone, and two people’s lives will never be the same. Disc Brakes getting roached? I've written in the past that disc brakes on gravel road/road bikes is silly, unnecessary, and probably is a marketing driven phenomenon. I've posted here about how disc brakes on road bikes are not the panacea that many think they are and I have cited examples of where disc brakes have let folks down. Not to mention the heat management issues for long road descents, but anyway. I'm not entirely against disc brakes for gravel riding, but I just don't think it is all that necessary either. It seems that someone at BikeRadar. Last time I posted concerning the training I was nursing a bruised knee back to health. Well, that has not been an issue again, thankfully, so the riding continues unabated. Since that last entry we also have finally received some snow. Well. That got me to look at AA's chart.

It makes for a nice EW pattern with some long-winded positive divergence on the RSI and MACD.

I'd say that recent gap down is certainly doable price target on an earnings pop. Maybe the JPM thing has a final AA washout tomorrow in premarket or whatever. So we'll see. Yesterday I was touched by the beautiful thoughts of Anna-Malin of Helt Enkelt. so recognizable about to blog your dreams. wondering how. a photoshoot. Pair them up and sew from corner to corner like this. Rise and Shine cute people. For some people in Colorado, seeing bigfoot is no big deal they say. Apparently they see them all the time. So where's the videos?. Tattabugg has decided to join the challenge and for her first entry she shows us a bracelet she created using pearls and amethyst beads, which just happen to be the birthstones for both of her children, so this is one piece of tatting that she is keeping. Justyna was enchanted with the intertwined flower created by Orsi and had to do her own version in pink and violet. It'll be pretty when it's done. Jessica shows the second sample of the coin purse she will be teaching at Shuttlebirds. The green wasn't as much contrast as she was looking for, but I like the effect. Barbara is still working on Easter Eggs. It seems like business schools have taught managers to sign on to whatever the latest management fashions are. So what are the latest fashions in hospital management? Here are a few hot items. So it should be no surprise that now hospitals are using "hospital representatives" to market referrals to their institutions to doctors.

From last week's USA Today:n northwest Indiana, Carrie Sota visits five or six doctors' offices every workday as part of her new sales job.

But Sota isn't selling the physicians on a prescription drug or a medical device. This is somewhat off-topic from my standard posting, but the message should be spread far and wide to anyone who reads this in the US: Do Not Talk To The Police. It cannot help you, and can very seriously hurt you. If you are innocent it can lead to you being convicted, and even if you are guilty you still have the right to proper legal counsel. BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters from the Flex Your Rights Foundation. A Marathon man is under arrest, charged with stealing fishing gear from friends of his who live in a Marathon trailer park. They said they’d been gone for two weeks and had returned to their home at Galway Bay RV Park to find all their rods and reels stolen from their living room, along with two fishing belts and three fishing lures.

Deputy Jamie Hughes Buxton responded to take a report.

The victims had cameras installed on their property. Sgt. Nick Whiteman and Deputy Seth Hopp went to Tizani’s home the following day.

They confronted Tiziani with the information they had.

He admitted to taking the fishing equipment. He handed over all the stolen items, which were returned to the owners. A warrant was issued for Tiziani’s arrest. How was your Thanksgiving? I had a very nice time with my family, my parents and grandma. It felt so good to take a break and just spend good quality time with loved ones! I just finished filming an online class with Craftsy this month, which will be available early January, so I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when that was finished. I'm excited to share more info about the class soon! Popping in quick to share the amazing December kits that are now available at Gossamer Blue.

I simply used the preprinted tags and added Ephemera and such over the top, popping up the elements with pop dots for dimension and some twine from my stash.

It was so nice to take a break, but I do miss creating and can't wait to get back into my groove.

Far Guy and I had a little trip planned. just a few days away. Strike One: My Dad was hospitalized last Wednesday with a bowel obstruction, he has had that problem before and it usually resolves all by itself after he gets that terrible NG tube and proper hydration in a hospital setting. We waited until we were certain that he was going to be okay. And he is. however he is a tad cranky from not eating since last Tuesday.

He will get out of the hospital today.

You've got a lot more games ahead of you. Don't think that you're just going to win every one of them by showing up on the field. Winning takes focus, it takes a good effort every night, it takes teamwork. It ain't no kid's game:. Too bad can't take picture of the place so only took this picture from the outside. Nearby is a 薯片 shop in which they 现做现卖 the productsWantan SoupYong Tau Foo soupAfter that is makan time at a nearby coffeeshop. We had wantan mee. After makan, head back to Catherine house. I really love it when 'Roid Week rolls around each year. The amount of truly stunning instant photographs never fails to greatly inspire me. Check it out for yourself. Mouffette, mokochen, moxiee, H a n n a h_, milkysoldier, moucri, katlightner, and revivify. Some of the students have picked up the main aspects of archaeological drawing very quickly and there have been a number of excellent drawings of the burials in addition to the coffins. " The "uraeus" serpent has been broken away. As was typical for the period, the "uraeus" had two coils, one to each side and the tail extended back over the top of the rounded "nemes. " Beneath the edge of the band of the "nemes" the natural hairline of the figure may be seen. The eyes are naturally outlined and the brow delicately follows the contour of the eye.

Time is free, but it’s priceless.

You can’t own it, but you can use it.

You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back. I was thinking about that woman I read about in the paper, Gisela Marrero. She petitioned a judge for permission to harvest her dead boyfriend's sperm. She was interested in having a nice fatherless baby to remember him by, and who could blame her? A lot of women would have made do with a flannel shirt as a memento, but not Miss Marrero. "May it please the court," she said, "I would like to do a little nut-mining. " I may be old-school, but this strikes me as creepy. I wouldn't deign to interfere, though. I hadn't given it much thought before, but I'm sure that it's possible a man's sperm can be viable longer than he is. Of course I am hardly unique in having a perspective on prison life. Each prisoner has his views and those views are shaped by his experience. And the way that imprisonment is felt by each person is different. In that sense, perhaps, my voice is unique. That I was the only one to have the gumption to blog adds another layer of uniqueness. That along the way I developed an academic bent, yet another. But my voice may, because of this history, be unique but that should never imply that it has some special standing. As I said, each person who passes through the Gates develops his or her own view. Service matter - promotion to D. S. And the Lord made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden". Observation:The story of Joseph is my favorite story in the Bible. It is a story of God's faithfulness and His favor when someone has a right attitude in their service of Him. Joseph has been sold into slavery by his brothers, falsely accused of sexual misconduct, and now is in prison. While in prison it said that the Lord was with Joseph and showed him His faithful love. Good Morning ladies, I can't believe it is Tue.


Well, this is one of my new stamps. got to love those girlfriends. Now that I'm not working at writing every day, my days have turned into splendid waves of sewing, waves of family, waves of cooking. It's wonderful to be absorbed with the fundamentals of simple life. There's not much thinking to be done, it's all repetition, routine and reaction. Tasks are carried out according to the way I did them last week and will do them next week. And through it all I try to react to whatever happens with grace and enthusiasm. We had our visiting German relatives here for abend brot on Thursday evening.

Martina is the daughter of Hanno's late sister, Angelika.

Thanks to the folks at Blue Rider Press, I have a copy of Jon Steele's Angel City up for grabs. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Here's the blurb:It 's been almost three years since we left Detective Jay Harper and high-priced escort Katherine Taylor on the esplanade of Lausanne Cathedral, bruised and battered from a biblical showdown with the Nephilim. Katherine has retreated to small-town life in the woods of Washington State with her son, Max and a close protection detail of heavily-armed, elite members of the Swiss Guard. Harper is living in Paris, haunted by voices in his head and bone-tired after what turns out to be two and a half million years on Earth. Meanwhile, from the shadows steps a defrocked priest named Astruc, whose face looks as if it has been clawed by some terrible beast and who hides his eyes behind blue lenses. So as David Letterman used to say before Stupid Pet Tricks, "This is only an exhibition. Please, no wagering. Minnie played a significant role in the integration of Major League Baseball. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep at night. or, those of you that just love to glide. Paris apartment pictured via architecturaldigest. Yves Saint Laurent Tribute leather sandals. Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti leather jacket. Darlings, what do you think of this apartment and the look it inspired?xoxox,CC. Three recipes for best Falafel Sauce. Falafel sauce can be drizzled into a falafel pita sandwich or used for dipping. Pick your favorite falafel sauce recipe. Adjust the seasoning and allow to cool. .