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I've not been able to find a picture of Lisa Elisabeth Smith. She it is who found Dr Christian Solomonides guilty of professional misconduct, and suspended him for two months. The sheer wrongness of this verdict can't be overstated. I have no doubt that had the victim of this kangaroo court stood up and challenged the GMC in the high court he would have won, but the GMC works by intimidation and fear, designed to break down the victim's will to fight. Not only is this verdict a breach of the Human Rights act, it is also contradictory to the GMC's own policy. It was their view that the GMC should not attempt to curtail doctors' rights to express their personal opinions.

The DOW briefly recently captured above the purple channel line.

Its pretty simple. Unless the price of agricultural goods goes up a lot, we are not going to have any farmers at any price. Something has to attract people into the agricultural business and the only thing that will is higher profitability and that means higher prices whether we like it or not. I cannot tell you how optimistic I am about agriculture going forward. e.

There was nowhere to share our unique beauty, experiences and stories, more importantly there was nowhere except these publications that celebrated us.

The direct link is here: LINK. The Warriors lost an epic battle on the court and have been steadily losing on the legal court too. Indeed the presence of a building housing basketball, entertainment and other sports events will cause massive traffic jams and gridlock, chaos actually in a neighborhood already congested without such a facility. That target date is now doubtful. David Miller-Thomas, a resident and venue for, hopes it's never. Mission Stardust is the only film to be based on the long running and voluminous series of German pulp novels featuring the science fiction hero Perry Rhodan. It is universally hated by Perry Rhodan fans for the very good reason that it is quite terrible. In other words, having never read any of the Perry Rhodan books, and thus being free from having to judge Mission Stardust in terms of its faithfulness to them, I found it to be flirting with perfection. In fact, it borrows as much or more of its tone from the Eurospy films of its era as it does from contemporary space travel yarns. Trident Seafoods Corp. Seattle-based Trident, in a filing yesterday in U. S. The plant is known mainly as a cod processor, but Trident indicates it might process pollock there, too. As we've previously noted here on Deckboss, however, Trident is not alone in pursuing the plant. In papers filed this week in the bankruptcy court, Aleut Enterprise, landlord for Adak Fisheries, opposes the sale to Adak Seafood in part because the processor's former owner, Kjetil Solberg, appears to be involved with the prospective buyer. Aleut Enterprise said it "does not believe that Mr. Many of the issues or challenges facing today's leaders are simply symptoms of larger shifts that are taking place throughout the western world. We find ourselves at a stage where traditional practices, technologies and paradigms have been found wanting or have simply been replaced by new, emerging patterns. We live and work in a period of significant transition, of adaptation to new realities, and of creative invention of ‘new ways’ that better serve society and ecology. The current generation of leaders and managers were raised in a unique era in Canadian history, one that is in all probability over. We are not alone on this journey. The main elements of the transition are summarized in the table below. Each element of the transition is inevitable, is proceeding or evolving at its own pace, and is championed by many, resisted by some.

Those in key positions focus on the immediate and the tangible, often only vaguely aware of the fundamental values, beliefs, attitudes and social behaviours that underlie the debate about how we will use new technologies and opportunities and how we will shape future society.

Just a short one, about a week. I have things piling up around the house and a trip to get ready for, so I am going to take time for "real" life. I will still be updating Bread & Honey every couple of days. See you in a bit!. drhawass. He says that one of his priorities is the get the Giza plateau open to the public shortly. He also says that at Saqqara the tombs of May, Nefer and the Two Brothers are safe, as are the Imhotep Museum and storage magazines. I got really irritated and threw Cameo across the room last night. Wait. Ahem. Except for an alarming lack of raw materials. Well.

Last night I decided to bind off the first sleeve with a bit less ribbing than I liked, what with that lack of yarn thing going on.

YouTube link. Readers of TYWKIWDBI tend to be web-savvy, sophisticated, intelligent people who for the most part are probably tired of seeing "fail" videos in which people embarrass or hurt themselves. Normally, a falling-down-on-the-ice video wouldn't be of any interest to you - but I think you should make an exception for this one. So she finally does.

As they were riding, they passed a garden full of flowers.

Jim says "Do you see those flowers?" "Yes," she says.

"Do you think that when someone steps on those flowers that they lie there and feel sorry for themselves?" Jim says.


""No, they immediately start to mend their wounds so they can heal, and grow strong and healthy!"They ride a little further and Jim points up in a tree, "You see those squirrels up there? Do you think that when people shoot at them they go hide forever?""No," she says. Jim says "You see that ocean out there? Do you think that when there's a hurricane out there that the ocean doesn't go back out because it's afraid to face the storm?""No," she says. golf. de/esltcScotland are through to the final of the European senior women's amateur team golf championship at Sporting Club Berlin. To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website.

Much as it pains me that a mathematical error should have remained in prime blog location since Sunday, that thing called 'real life' has been getting in the way of clandestine Puddlecote activities.

Talking of which. ”You see, the EU don't want parents in the UK to be in authority in the home. Kids should be able to run wild, run free, and be without a care in the world. With interest in the British DIY "Messthetic," kiwi pop of Flying Nun, and the history of rural American protopunk and weirdpunk through the ages, it's no wonder more people are finding their way to new bands like Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit. Much of what's played on this AFS is what you might call "damaged pop. P. P. Graduations are just around the corner and what cute little favor to make up for your graduation parties.

Once you open the cap inside you'll find some chocolate kisses and a stamped message for the graduate! How do you make these? I used the plastic container leftover from our button collections.

I punched a hole in the top and used a black brad and baker's twine to make the tassel. Fluff the end up a bit and attach to the top of the cap with the brad. The Legend of Zelda series' Skull Kid as seen in Majora's Mask, paper model from Sabidiet. WarGreymon is a Mega-level Dragon Man Digimon that is the ultimate form of the Greymon-species from the Digimon series.

The Cook went down to the supermarket the other day.

So, she bought the pork roast and and Adolf sliced it up. Recently it came to my attention that a guy named Edward Wihnan had been stealing my artwork.

In fact he'd pretty much used every drawing I'd ever posted on my blog.

In some cases he'd used the same image multiple times. He'd cut and pasted parts of my drawings together to form his "new" images. He put different heads on my drawings, reversed, re-scaled figures and called it all his own. They're all gone now. He goes by the name "Uncle Deadward" on most of those sites.

Over the last couple of years, we have been treated to a feast of apologies from people who had initially supported the invasion of Iraq.

Unhappily, these apologies have been of the kind that makes you violently ill shortly after being consumed. With no exception that I can recall at the moment, the food we've been offered has been variously impure, spoiled, moldy, rancid and rotten. If I have, it's hardly surprising they've gotten lost amid the surfeit of putrid fare. I criticize and reject all such apologies for several reasons. The most important of them is the following. To those of you who are waiting to hear from me, please be patient. I think Art worked you too hard! Take care of yourself. Hello everyone. Cheryl here with some wedding favors and a little card. I decided to go with some favors as they are sooo much fun to make. The ribbon for the bows is satin and there are sooo many Beautiful Satins to choose from here. On the little heart shaped tin I used some lace found here. My flowers were made using a SU! punch and then I added black velvet brads to the centers. Yet more images by Per Bernal from the Muscular Development interview with Dennis. "Bodybuilding is, always has been, and always will be about the personal preferences of whoever is looking at the physiques. Some people like my type of physique: taller, big and with good symmetry. Other people care more about size and don't really care about the shape and proportions so much. " Dennis Wolf. The author, Dr. .