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we have another beautiful Inspiration piece and a set of sketches.

Yep, all the hard word is done for you whether you scrap or make cards take your pick. When you walk through the breezeway and start on the little stone path headed to the potting shed, you will walk through some very high ginger. Today, after some very big thunder storms and a nearby funnel cloud roared through our town, I was able to get out and take photos of the new blossoms. Aren't they lovely? I am so pleased. The ginger is very happy again this spring after all of the rain. The plants in the front yard are blooming too. By the way, as far as I know, the funnel did not touch down, just scared us. Do you see the potting shed in the background? This is a very private area, separated from the rest of the backyard.

In the next few posts about food security I'd like to write about what we grow for our own fresh food needs, and how we grow food for storage and drying.

When you grow food in the backyard, you have to increase your skill level in several directions because everything you grow will have to be harvested at the correct time, processed in a certain way such as cooking, preserving, drying, and then stored safely, either in the fridge, freezer, in a jar, a bag or hanging in a braid/plait. Growing the food is just one part of this. You will let yourself down if you know how to grow great fruit and vegetables but don't know how to process and store it correctly. Even though we have four seasons, we generally have cold crops and warm crops. We're currently in our warm season now so let's do that first.

Food to grow in warm seasons FRESH: In the warm seasons the obvious category for fresh food is salad and all the vegetables that can go into a decent salad.

We change from year to year but usually grow: tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot, radishes, capsicums/peppers, chilli, mushrooms, green beans, snake beans, Madagascar beans, corn, eggplant and various herbs. Dilapidated facilities, dishonest airport workers - especially taxi drivers, long waiting times and rude officials apparently made the choice an easy one. The terminal at the Italian airport of Bergamo was rated second-worst followed by Calcutta which edged out Islamabad. In our part of the world Auckland Airport was rated top followed by Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide with Wellington rounding out the top five. The survey didn't pick a wooden spooner. Hello, My Friends! We now have all of my Sizzix Flip-It Dies in stock! They are flying out the door! Luckily, we just got a huge shipment in yesterday. I also have an 'update' video to share with you today. - EBAY Vu sur EBAY. Breast reconstruction surgery restores something that nature has provided but cancer has taken away. Unfortunately, most American women with breast cancer do not even realize they have the option of breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Breast reconstruction is not a cosmetic procedure. it is every woman's right: it restores something that nature has provided but cancer has taken away. I'm still alive. Just been very busy this weekend.

I'll have to talk to the hubby about that one, time is short! I've got a good start on my baby kimono, I'll post when its done.

I'm on one of the arms working my way down and then the other arm and side to go, I'm not quite sure which side is the right side and which is the wrong but I figure in garter stitch it doesnt really matter, right?!?! The girls are good, trouble but good, a bit tired from the exciting weekend of playing but good. T is good too, he's tired of cleaning though, its getting harder and garder for me to get stuff done around the house and its frustrating for the both of us. But soon life will be restored to some kind of order, I dont know how much but some I hope. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "What we are reluctant to touch often seems the very fabric of our salvation. " - Don DeLilloFoggy and soggy as a new dawn fades. Meandering remainders of a previous south have an alarming number up in these early hours. They seem bent on chasing mere ghosts, as a heavy peanut gallery takes note.

Water levels are low at present, and sliders should take note that fin and rocky sands are not friends, and do not play well together.

Far outside wranglers are finding some joy from the journey, but those with paddle in hand have the upper hand and are choosing to grandstand. Dance, dance, dance to the radio. The press is the enemy. From South America, tropical colors of the rain forest are showcased in deep greens/yellows and over-dyed prints, the coffee bean print, embellished with Swarovski crystals, was the hit of the show, and with the matching silk caftans and dresses were the epitome of beach glamour. Bali is the inspiration for a beautiful blue/white batik print, accented with real fresh water pearls which also looked stunning on a deep rich navy one piece and bikini. Elizabeth's classic cut out one pieces shine in deep shades of cobalt and poppy, amazing dramatic suits plunging to the waist with fabulous Crystal Starfish and Rose Petal jewelry pieces. A unique bandeau with crystal snake strap is amazing. Stop hunting for those matching pants and tees and switch over to these simple overalls.

These overalls are the most convenient and modest to wear.

They are also an all weather wear which can be worn plain in summer and paired with a tee in winter.

Sewn as a long or short romper, this is a unisex pattern that can stitched for both boys and girls.

Choose plain corduroys or denims for you little boy and cute polka dots or florals to make the feminine version. All you will have to do is print and cut them out. As we stepped out of Bangali Mashi's Kitchen after the bloggers lunch meet on that Saturday afternoon in April, none of us wanted to part immediately. We had broken into fits of laughter and had gone gaga over a picket fence that was in front of a closed shop. When suddenly we spotted this blue facade and went Wow! in unison. Ever since I have been wanting to take my friend Kiran there. She loves bazaars, Indian Bazaars and you must check out these interviews she has done in Mumbai's Chor Bazaar and the Bollywood posters that are now considered valued art. Well I haven't digressed, guess what's the connection? Go over to Kiran's to read about an architect's view on this coffee shop that stole my heart. I will move on to tell you about their menu instead. Anyways it did not bother us, we had gone there filled to the brim post lunch at BMK both the times, with the blogger buddies and on this day again. Frankly that makes it a perfect location, eat a Indian meal at BMK and enjoy a relaxed coffee after it at a very Amsterdamish cafe, all in a day. where the surf. Introduction So I recently saw this reaction video to Alien Isolation and I thought it showcased a few interesting problems with horror games. These are not issues that are specific to this game, but that plague horror games in general. That said, let's move on to the two hardest problems in horror. They're laughing, and feeling relief. So when a death occurs, the situation has lost its sense of fear and the unknown. The player now knows what they're up against. It's gone from tense terror to "I need to beat this gameplay section". We saw this in Penumbra Overture, where the player's experience of a chase sequence depended on the number of attempts. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. This opiniated “old order” has to leave this New Paradigm. Every time I ventured onto the OWoN I wanted to throw up last months sandwich, after reading his diatribe. ENOUGH. Hope he gets the message- “These are FUNDS FOR HUMANITY, to clean up the mess you, Sir Rantsalot, have PROFITTED FROM and helped create. .