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Disclaimer: I did not get too graphic with the story, but it may not be something you want to read. Early Sunday morning I began to lose the mucous plug. Monday came and went without a baby. For Wednesday and Thursday I was able to work from home because it was our staff retreat. I was also convinced that I would be having the baby that Wednesday. Demand for offshore drilling units continues to be strong, particularly for floaters. No, not the cricket lot this time! It's our friends Iain and Glenys from Edinburgh days. Glenys was doing the world tour, captured Iain's heart and ran with him back to Australia. We've seen them about once since. It's great to have them on Erin Mae for a couple of days. Iain's done boating of a different sort, so took to Erin Mae's tiller very easily. Hard to summon up the energy to cook tea. Cubans arbitrarily detained in Ecuador and deported back to Cuba. C. The IACHR calls on the Ecuadorian State to adopt any measures that may be necessary to guarantee that all rights of migrant persons are respected, in particular their right to liberty, personal integrity, due process, and judicial protection, the right to seek and receive asylum, the principle of non-refoulement, and the right to family unity. The eviction was reportedly carried out without warning, and a number of individuals said that they had been victims of acts of physical and psychological aggression and that their belongings had been confiscated.

According to Ecuador’s Interior Ministry, “of the first group of citizens of Cuban origin who attended the hearings, eight were released because they were part of a family unit, in other words, because they have Ecuadorian children.

However, they should fix their immigration situation in order to obtain legal status in the country. Twenty-two individuals were released because they provided justification for their lawful stay in Ecuador. Van bubble visorI really like the blog El Corra Motorsa small selection from the blogVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visor. It doesn't stop there: the writers, the assignment editors, the producers, the people behind the scenes very few of you get to know. Change is inevitable. Ready to cold smoke my bacon. I am using the cold smoke to add flavor, not cook the meat. Only properly CURED meats can be cold smoked. When cold smoking, the internal temperature of the meat is not monitored. the temperature of the smoke is kept at or under the desired temperature. I'm not sure what to put on the CD player. I got rid of all my CDs. Biertijd. I'm up for a long run of these:. In disposing the security, the mortgagor usually has the option to either sell the security by private treaty or by public auction. Odonata: A Large Red Damselfly was seen in Haw Park Gully. There it will be juxtaposed for a time with the majestic Statue of Liberty. We could tell you were doing a poo because you stood still and your eyes went all red. When you were finished you put your hands on your head and said 'Oh Geez. ' Or at least it sounded Exactly like that to us. We both started laughing SO hard that we scared you and you started to cry - opps! But oh my gosh it was funny.

All of the sudden you seem to be going through a growth spurt - you grew out of your shoes, your longer trousers fit and we had to cut the feet out of your pajamas until I can find a bigger size! I guess it helps that you are finally eating again this week.

The antibiotics you were on for so long gave you an upset tummy last week and you barely ate. MyLittleBitofWhimsy. Charles Borromeo, and when I saw it yesterday, there was a sad reminder. It mentioned that today is the feast day of our holy father, Pope John Paul II.

Since then, we reluctantly allowed him to go to the Father's House.

As happy as I am with our present pope, I remain sad at the loss of Pope John Paul, truly great in my estimation. I miss him, and feel a great personal debt to him. Economic news is bad all over.

Mexico is certainly no exception.

But the worst news came last week when, for the first time on record, the amount of money immigrants from Mexico sent home, dropped. Many developing nations rely on their citizens to find jobs in wealthier countries and remit the money to their families at home. Mexicans send more money home than is siphoned out of the trousers and purses of oil-slathered Brits and Yanks on vacation. This year, they dropped by about one billion dollars. In developed countries, the loss of a billion dollars in one year is chump change. About half way through the first day I was feeling a little left out when no one had contacted me about meeting up between classes or at lunch - and no one was answering my texts. I wandered the dining room for a while at lunch until I finally found my group. They were all worried about me since I didn't answer any of their messages. I pulled out my phone and showed them that no one had contacted me. And then my phone rang - it was my son. Here we go again, 'public health' using children to mask their disgusting ongoing efforts to bully law-abiding smokers who choose to use a legal product where no-one can be harmed. Many others have registered their disgust at this already, but it is worth adding my own thoughts because this kind of evil needs kicking very hard. Smoking should be banned in all parks and playgrounds to reduce the chances of children growing up thinking that using cigarettes is normal, environmental health officers have told ministers. The reasoning behind, and the issues with these proposed 'voluntary' bans is the same. It isn't and it doesn't. Precisely. Surfing arund the spanking scene you get to know all the actresses and actors, the scenarios and the costumes. Some are as simple as this one. It is from northern spanking. They are doing an awful good job. well. from time to time. I mean, it is awesome, but I don't wanna overstate that, y'know. And believe me. Summer Smooches Designer Series paper and fabric is now available to order! not to mention this cute new Big Shot Petite Purse die! Aren't they adorable! I used the Summer Smooches paper to make them. Well. Halloween will be here before you know it! So we have some awesome treats for all of your Halloween tricks. Here is what the DT came up with. Dawn Anne Anne Barbara Deloris Kirsi Renee Soili-Maria Inside How is that for a TREAT!!! Now. here are the deets for the contest. by Frank Turk There's this guy I used to work with. It's because, as he says, church is too full of pretty people. That's his phrase: "pretty people". Now, if you ask him what that means, he'll tell you that he's a pretty messed-up guy with a lot of spiritual problems, and a church full of pretty people with no problems doesn't do anything for him but frustrate him. Their lives don't encourage him or make him a better person or turn him toward God: their lives actually discourage him because he knows, frankly, that he'll never get there. He's also a guy who doesn't really like the idea of hell and wants to qualify it as separation only, and he's ultimately not into a church that is going to make demands on him. But I bring this up for a couple of reasons. So I hope you have had a good Christmas. So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment. and on the evidence published so far, very much in love. An Iowa State politician Henry Rayons visited his wife in a dementia unit and is charged with having sexual relations with a woman incapable of granting consent. Two widowed sixty somethings met at their church choir, fell in love and married. Some eight years later Donna Lou fell under the bastard mind destroying disease Alzheimer's, and eventually was admitted to a nursing home. Henry was a regular visitor and no problems until the home moved Donna Lou into a shared room.

Next time Henry called he closed the privacy curtains and the other resident called the nurse.

Well of course Donna's daughter didn't like Henry and immediately took her mother to hospital where a full medical indicated sexual contact had occurred, there was zero indication of force or injury but because the matter of consent from a person of diminished mental ability was in question, Henry Donna Lou's lawful husband was arrested and charged. My life skills have indicated to me that humans with diminishing mental capacity have a serious need for contact, verbal, physical and emotional and a response from a hug with emphasis on cuddle can bring some to tears very quickly. Now as to sexual contact my knowledge is somewhat limited but not to the point of knowing nothing, I can read observe and listen. It was his arm that earned him the MVP. as you can see, I took a few more liberties this time deviating a bit from the original design. Below is a horizontal card I had previously posted for John Castino's Rookie of the Year season. - Neat Beats - Give Your Love. Reading a few of the mysteries by these illustrious authors will give the reader an indication of the quality associated with Soho Crime: James Benn, Cara Black, Jassy Mackenzie, Leighton Gage, Timothy Hallinan, Martin Limon, Peter Lovesay, Qiu Xiaolong, Helene Tursten, Akimitsu Takagi, Matt Benyon Rees. Invisible Murder is the story of a young gypsy Hungarian boy seeking to gain some control over the fates of his family by looting an old hospital left to rot by departing Russian occupiers. He intends to sell leftover X-ray equipment to the highest bidders in Europe, leaving himself and his family exposed to the most rabid and calculating bottom-dwellers in the criminal syndicate. No wind this morning and expecting a high pressure system with offshore flow. Patch: Relatively flat with occasional outside waves about calf to knee high.

NEWS: Mini Simmons Surfboards - Next batch of Mini Simmons are here.

Amy Chua's survey of current trends in foreign policy analysis and prescriptions for future action unintentionally reveals the terminal fatigue and intellectual inertia that have all but extinguished any faint, remaining signs of vitality and originality. After twelve good-sized paragraphs that describe the terrain in broad outline, Chua concludes:It may not be a bad thing that almost no one in foreign policy circles is proposing anything new. Still, in today’s world, marked by unparalleled threats and characterized by a striking division between elite ideas and broad public opinion, it’s hard to believe that America’s way forward is a return to the past. Let us first take the measure of Chua's predictable deployment of one of the hoariest of cliches: that our world today is one "marked by unparalleled threats. History suggests that every generation since apes first grunted has been encouraged to tremble before the same spectres. How many times can people hear such drivel before they understand it to be malignantly malodorous manure? Every threat is unparalleled, and no morning is like any other. This moment is unlike all the moments that preceded it. One way to study early Christianity is to look at it through the eyes of its opponents. I've often noted that the early opponents of Christianity describe the religion in a manner that contradicts Roman Catholic claims about church history. It's instructive to observe what men like Trypho, Celsus, and Caecilius tell us about early Christianity and what arguments they bring against the religion. It's also important to notice how individuals like Justin Martyr, Origen, and Minucius Felix respond on behalf of Christianity. One of the most substantial problems for Catholicism in the early responses to Christianity is the absence of any reference to a papacy. Remember, Catholics often tell us how important the papacy allegedly is. Wishing you and your family a blessedand Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.

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David Dorsey doing incline flyes in photos by Irvin Gelb. I am typically in an aisle seat when flying. This particular week a mother asked me if I would move to her seat a few rows in front so that she could sit with her daughter. Was this a slight inconvenience for me? I suppose it was a little bit as my carry on bag would be farther back on the plane. However, I didn’t think twice about my decision.

Not only was it the right thing to do, but also if the roles were reversed I would want someone to do the same for me.

It amazes me though how often I see this same situation unfold in the opposite way. .