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Tweet On firm non-cohesive subsoils and rocks such as sand, gravel and sound rock beds which are near the surface, under vegetable top soil and are well drained or dry it is satisfactory to lay the concrete oversite directly on a bed of hardcore or broken rock rubble as there is little likelihood of any appreciable amount of moisture rising and being absorbed by the concrete. On much of the low lying land that is most suitable for building, the subsoil such as clay retains moisture which will tend to rise through a hardcore bed to concrete oversite. The damp concrete will be cold underfoot and require additional energy from heating systems to maintain an equable indoor temperature. It is practice today to form a continuous layer of some material that is impervious to water under, in or over the concrete oversite as a damp-proof membrane on the site of all inhabited buildings where there is a likelihood of moisture rising to the concrete. When I first tried to print it I had fingers flying all over the place. I even tried gluing them down to no avail! Here is what you can do to make printing small parts possible. Clean the glass with a razor blade. Treat the glass with acetone and/or hair spray. As I've delved more deeply into Pilgrim's Progress, I've been fascinated to find that the Puritans had very different views to us about conversion and assurance. This made the opening scenes of Pilgrim's Progress hard for me to understand at first.

Here's some highlights from my article on conversion and assurance in Pilgrim's Progress today at EQUIP book club: So I saw in my dream that the man began to run.

If you're anything like me, the opening scenes of Pilgrim’s Progress left you with lots of questions. Conversion was generally a slow process, following certain stages, and it was often necessary to humbly wait on God for his gift of assurance. The girl is protecting a large egg in an abandoned decaying city, and the young man finds her and stays with her. She keeps asking him who he is, but he never responds. There's very little dialog. It looks like a triumph of metaphor and symbolism without sacrificing plot. S.

This webinar will address the importance of sodium reduction as a public health goal in the U.

S. C. ". I've been putting my new scanner to some use by uploading old photos of artworks I've made over the years. Marathon – A Marathon man who broke into a trailer while the owner was gone, and appears to have lived there for several months was arrested Tuesday. The victim has another residence in Naples. Deputy Anthony O’Dea responded to the trailer to take a burglary report. He found evidence someone broke in through a back window. Inside, the owner said she found CDs and DVDs that weren’t hers, bottles of liquor in the freezer that weren’t hers, used condoms in the trash and numerous other items belonging to someone else. She said when she got her water and electric bills, they were much higher than they would normally be. A couple of days after making the initial report of burglary, the victim called again. ph: Just JaredGet Ashley's look. + Linda Farrow X The Row Tortoiseshell and Leather Sunglasses + Elizabeth and James Charlton Sunglasses + Tory Burch Striped Rabbit Fur Coat + ASOS Claw Cuff Bracelet + Brahmin 'Anywhere' Weekend Bag + Current/Elliott Super Loved Boyfriend Jeans + ShopRuche Exquisite Authority Cap Toe Flats + Vaneli Serene FlatsGet MK's look. + ASOS Metal Bridge Detail Retro Sunglasses + Lulu Frost Hestia Stud Earrings + ASOS Hood Swing Fur Coat With Pom Poms + Susan B. Crocodile Embossed Black Tote + Alexander Wang Black Croc Embossed Leather Wallie Backpack + KARL Pacey Faux Leather Skinny Pants + Coclico Shoes Tieg Pull On Boots. This afternoon I have quite a few Easter-themed freebies to print out and have fun with over the weekend. I received an email last week from Rachel of Benign Objects, telling me she would love to share this wonderful Easter card with my readers. I love the illustration on this one so much. And of course, it wouldn't be a holiday without free Martha Stewart goodies.

Shown above are: Crepe Paper Easter Creations, Easter Bunny Box, Bunny Garland, and Easter Animal Menagerie Centerpiece.

More ideas and templates can be found right here. I stopped in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop this weekend to see how the Stitch-In was going. I wish I could have joined them as they looked like they were having so much fun. They also had lots to share. First I want to show you this adorable bag. m. Note the cute little green posy on the side of the bag. Call the shop if you are interested. Rosa showed me her most recent finish, this large Scrap Sack Bag by Scrap Therapy. The head of the lion is carefully molded, and the structure of the mane incised. Lions were connected to the king, and were also a manifestation of the horizon. via Francesco Lagnese PhotographyJames Nares. So far I've been presenting our designers more or less in chronological order, but for Poiret we're going to have to flip back our mental calendars. So shuffle this into your mental files in the proper time, and let's look at some great clothing. His father was a cloth merchant in Les Halles, which at the time was a pretty rough neighbourhood. As a teen he drew fantastical ideas for clothing and occasionally sold them to fashion houses of the day. R. I. P. I Love Scrapbooking Halloween! Supplies: Jillibean Soup Patterned Paper: Witches Brew Pea Pods: Witches Brew Mini Placemats: Halloween Enamel Stars: Green Wood Veneers: Pumpkins, Trick or Treat Other: Cardstock, Twine, Silhouette Cameo, Black Ink, Enamel Dots, Black Pen. It's cold, rainy and blowing a gale here - I just realised how much I'm looking forward to warmer spring days when we can throw open the doors and enjoy the beautiful weather!. In what way does this depict the Immaculate Conception? See note below! There is frequently confusion about what we are celebrating today. I am determined to correct this mistake every chance I get. Today we recall when Mary was conceived in the womb of her mother, Ann. So, again, the Immaculate Conception is about how Mary began her life. The mistake is understandable, in part because the Gospel reading talks mostly about Jesus being conceived. Even so, this Gospel reading is still the right one, because it is the place where the Bible most clearly points to Mary’s Immaculate Conception. When people tell me to slow down to smell the roses, they usually do not have this photograph in mind. Darrel and Christy have made my life a lot more enjoyable this past month. Starting with my morning walk. When I walk, I walk for time and distance. I am almost unconscious of the people and scenery I pass. I think it was Charles Emerson Winchester III who said: "I do one thing at a time. So people. what are you waiting for. The idea that any person who can create great art, in whatever medium, must have an essential goodnessto their nature is a seductive one. Both an alleged rapist and definite author, his name is now that of a charity which encourages the creative urges within prisoners, awarding prizes, selling art and holding an annual exhibition. I can only applaud their efforts. The depth and breadth of artistic ability amongst my peers has always astonished and delighted me, and I encourage you to visit the Koestler website. Even the most rotten of lives may be transformed by the nurturing of a nascent creative ability and who knows what effect your support may have?. Here is a short snippet of what God and I are working out right now. I have been fixated on this thought recently. If I am in control, then I am not allowing the Holy Spirit to fill me and operate through me. I know that as a Christian the Holy spirit is alive in me. God sealed him there and there he stays. parking on the GA apron. Good day to all my bloggy friends! Happy Monday! I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend. Thank you Mary! The summery design papers are from the Sun Kiss collection from Prima Marketing. Here is the card at a different angle. Next, I stamped "Coffee makes every day possible" fromthe Need Coffee! Planner Stamp Set from Annie's Paper Boutique. ART June Linky Party ChallengePretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons Linky Party: Anything Goes Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop Thanks for stopping by. It has been truly fascinating to see both the variety of answers to the questions as well as the artwork created in response to the prompts. My hope is to create a book that is honest, authentic and raw, and the submissions so far fit the bill. There have been a number of questions being asked and I thought I would use this post to outline and clarify some issues. This is an international call and there are no geographical limitations to submitting artists. Every Ian McDonald adult title I've read since the creation of the Hotlist ended up in my top reads for that year. Hence, you can understand my excitement when I learned that he was taking a break from his foray into the YA market to return to the more hardcore science fiction works that made him an award-winning author. Luna: New Moon is the first installment in a two-book cycle that promises to be memorable. Not sure exactly what is going to happen with the Everness YA series. A few years back, McDonald told me that he was under contract for three books and that Lou Anders had plans for more.

But with three novels published and now that Lou has left Pyr, I don't know if there are future volumes in the works, or if the author will concentrate on adult material for the time being.

I can't remember exactly when it was but I do recall the great enjoyment to be had from reading the blog of one Gordon King - a truly delightful and adventurous character with a healthy disdain for socialists and their hangers on. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of his blog but never mind. As far as I can see, the threshold for banning is pretty high. These are guaranteed to result in a lifetime on holiday. Lesser sins such as persistent trolling or thread jacking might result in short holidays depending on the state of Adolf's liver at the time. Britt Burns and Richard Dotson were the only pitchers on the White Sox staff with double digit victories. What in the world is going on here. and now this! In case you didn't know, I'm a California girl living in the midwest now, and still getting used to this kind of weather. It's just like they say. So unless you want the clothing in this particular set, then you'll have to think about whether or not you want the Gold or Standard. If you are NOT a numbers person, then please skip on to Part Three.

The conundrum of personal identity is one of the perennial issues in philosophy.

Even though you change over the course of a lifetime, changing in a multitude of little ways and big ways, are you the same person throughout it all? It's difficult to give a clearcut answer to this question because it boils down to degrees of continuity, similarity, and dissimilarity. To questions of what is intrinsic or extrinsic to what, if anything, makes you the unique individual that you are. Let's take some concrete examples. On his deathbed, there's a sense in which Paul was the same man responsible for the death of many Christians. Paul did it in a way that, say, Matthew Henry did not. And, indeed, Paul himself was always haunted by his preconversion misconduct. On the other hand, there's a sense in which Paul could honestly say, "I'm a changed man. We kicked around the idea of logistically how we would do it- get the mug from her to whoever agrees to buy it, get the money from them to Cherie's family and who pays for the shipping? It got a little confusing. She said that so many people were so good to her sister in her time of need, that she wanted to pay it forward by making it a little easier on people who have experienced heartache as a little way to honor her niece. After some discussion, Missy has decided to donate the mug to someone in need this Christmas, and to donate the cost of the mug to Cherie's family. She and I agreed, it's a "win-win" scenario. Won't you take a moment to visit Missy's Etsy store and consider thanking her for reaching out to Cherie? You might find something special for someone on your list. If you are an artist and you are willing to facilitate a sale/donation of art on behalf of Cherie's family, contact me and we can work something out!. I put lots of fresh vegetables in it because they usually only get canned soup. Yesterday was a cold, damp, bone chilling day. And this is said by someone who rarely gets cold. I got up really early and made a bunch of loves of french bread. I look like this quite often these days. Check out my war wound on the base of my thumb. The wonky thumb is still not back to normal after the carnage of almost cutting it off last year. .