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Still running behind on the blog. Thank goodness for notes on my iPhone!Sleep: You have been adjusting to a new schedule. Each Kit contains all the necessary parts to rebuild one carburetor like new again. Parts like gaskets, seals, and O-rings, plus specialty parts that may wear out or clog up with old fuel over time, including the float needle valve with seats and pivot pin, air and fuel screws with springs, and jets. MikuniPower.


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Purple is so difficult to photograph! Even after editing, this is close, but not quite right.

Anyway, the top of the magenta crayon challenge is done. I'm trying to decide if it needs a border. Darn. I guess I'll need to shop! Does anyone know if this block has a name? It is similar to, and inspired by, a quilt in Camille's new book that is not available yet. My triangles are all the same size, but hers are not. So here we are back to the original picture of the crayon and cut fabrics. Morning light creates the truest colors. This week my schedule got mixed up a bit. Normally I run intervals on Tuesday, tempo on Friday, and my long run on Sunday. No real intro. Let's just get into them.

And if you point this out to them, they stutter and stammer.

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She took lots of pictures at the fair including this one that shows a delightful display of tatted snowflakes.

What a great waay to show off your tatting. Fox finished Ring A Ring O'Roses and while it looks lovely, it was a challenge to tat. Umintsuru created a lovely dragonfly pattern and Fox was priveledged to test tat it. The Mary Konior borders help her to focus on following a pattern, since not following it brings disasterous results. Nami has decorated another container with tatting. Shirley turned all of the leftover butterflies into bookmarks and gave them to the ladies that worked on the quilt. Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau courtesy of mingpao. Ting Fung played a detective and Ching Wan played criminal psychology professor. While working together on the mysterious serial murders of the rich, they began a series of battles of brains and brawls. They both said that the film script attracted them, as it peeled away layer by layer to discover the unfathomable depth of the other side of humanity. Sil-Metropole used the HEARTFALL ARISES battle of wits as blue print to turn their Hong Kong Film and Television Market display into a set in the film for visitors to experience the atmosphere in the film first hand. O sirada American Studies alaninda, Unassisted Birth/Yardimcisiz, tek basina dogum uzerine doktora yapmaktadir. The last few months of this year seemed to crawl by as the hubby recuperated from his car accident and I wondered if life would ever get back to normal. But as things started to gain some semblance of normalcy, this year sped up and now it's virtually sprinting to the finish line. The Pretty Pleated PillowThe Snowblossom PillowFurniture redo's. Read With Me Quilt. This is the stall and this is not the first time that i have patron the stall. The final straw was when Google Reader closed and Feedly lost all my newly imported feeds. Life's just too short, sometimes. Thanks to everyone. Best Andie. Just over a week ago we were able to pack up our things and head out for the first camping trip this year. We bought a different camper this Spring so we were very excited to try it out! We headed out with some friends of ours and had a blast, in spite of rain one day. We enjoyed the boat, the kids loved sleeping in the bunks, and there were very few mosquitoes! Everyone excited to leave! It was the first time on a boat for any of our kids. They loved it!! After Josh got the trolling motor going we did some fishing.

A new decorated blog for Sarah!I love the simplicity and clean lines in Sarah's New blog.

and a fun banner to bring it all together.

My family camped a lot when we were kids, and some of my best childhood memories are from our camping trips to Ludington State Park.

John and I camped quite a bit before we had kids as well, and we always enjoyed it. I know it's not for everyone, but it's for me. I just love the laid back feeling of it all. I love the smell of the outdoors, campfires, tents and sleeping bags.

I love eating meals cooked over the fire or cooked in a single skillet on the little propane stove.

I love s'mores, dough boys, and pies cooked over the fire. I love going a few days without a shower and not worrying about who cares! I even love brushing my teeth out of a plastic water jug and squatting in the brush to pee. It was an idea that stuck in my head. After a year with Eden's power wheelchair, I just knew that it was time! The wheelchair didn't necessarily make this trip possible, but it certainly made it more fun and a hecka lot more convenient. She was able to get around on her own, and spent a lot of time rolling around the campground with Holland on her bike. New Victims It's a chilly day and I'm watching our new tenants move into the rental house next door. We gave them a hand with some of the heavy stuff earlier and now I'm just sitting up in my writing room snooping out the window. The last folks to move in, I found myself popping over there every few minutes to see if they needed anything. I was being nice, I thought. But genuine human interest and warmth can skid into sketchy territory pretty fast. The brown truck arrived on Friday, bringing a large box. The arrival of any box is exciting, but when we saw the the name Lecien on the side of the box we knew it was going to be fun! Inside was the most beautiful colors of Cosmo embroidery floss. I love them so much I don’t know if I can part with any! Of course I’ve ordered so many this would be really silly, so yes I’m going to share. I hope you’ll be able to find it soon in one of your local shops. It’s an embroidery floss we should all be able to enjoy. When I first received my samples of Cosmo floss I was convinced I wouldn’t change. The samples sat on the self, still in the package, and it wasn’t until I was working on A Vintage Christmas that I decided to give them a try. I was delightfully surprised. It is very flexible, with a clean & crisp design and is suitable for any kind of business. It features a premium Page Builder which will make your life a lot easier when creating new Pages for your Site. It is one of the most advanced and highly customizable slideshows ever created. See the heaps of custom transitions/animations for each object on the page! Customize this slider with our convenient drag&drop backend to your very needs. by Phil Johnson"The relentless neo-evangelical campaign to eliminate doctrinal boundaries has caused division rather than true unity. If you want proof of that, just look at all the broken relationships and ill will left in the wake of the recent Elephant Room fiasco. " —Phil JohnsonHere's another in our series of reposts and retrospectives from Phil Johnson. The current generation is reaping the bitter consequences of that dual failure. Phil is critical of evangelicalism's quixotic quest for admiration and stature in the secular academic world. He also has harsh words for the profound ignorance of so many fundamentalists regarding the true fundamentals of biblical Christianity. And he decries both movements' preference for showmanship rather than substance. He also warns that all the current talk about "gospel unity" is wasted breath if we're not actually willing to stand together in defense of the gospel. I was recently asked why I'm so fond of Famous and Paramount cartoons. Then they started to make more formulaic but still enjoable shorts. One of the reasons that I always use to justify my love for these Studio's cartoons is the presence of extreme violence and mayhem in them. But the rest of Famous/Paramount productions, expecially the ones with Baby Huey or Herman and Katnip and Buzzy, are a festival of violence!Mmm. donuts and your truly Duck Dodgers shared their forces and selected for your pure enjoyment some of their favorite Famous/Paramount violent moments. That's not the adjective I'd use. You can always, if you have nothing better to do, see exactly how business is at Resorts World, or at any of the state's racinos, by checking the New York Lottery's Video Gaming Reports, located here. At least before Resorts World opened. Throw out that first weekend, when the surprise snowstorm shut down the Empire City casino. Olympia winAt last, some pictures of Phil to post. although the Rover in the photograph is a Veteran in the VMCC system of 'eras'. and things start to get fuzzy in the 'modern' era. .