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 I have had it around for a while, the bike is in really good shape except it needed a new rear wheel, new tires, new front derailleur and shift lever, new seat, new rear brake cable and new handlebar grips. I started by breaking down the bike and giving it a good cleaning. Everything cleaned up nice, the frame cleaned nicely but does have the normal wear of a few scratches from use. I am laying this post out a little differently because the bike did not need a lot of work, just cleaning, lubricating and new parts. Bike Broken Down.

I cleaned and re-greased the wheel hub, it was just slightly dirty and the grease looked new.

The hub showed no wear and polished nicely. That was the main target for the last week, in addition to making arrangements with Mercia. So we're well content. There was so much sport on the radio on the way home, what with the test match as well as the Olympics. In the end I had to turn it off because of the need to concentrate on the heavy traffic. So we've been catching up tonight. Pendleton, team pursuit, Jessica Ennis, Murray, Rebecca Adlington, and those are the ones I already knew about.

Its almost if the MM's know it ain't gonna stay up too much longer.

its showing negative divergence. Modern Mini's will be here in June. Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel this morning. main topic for discussion being Tynescastle Nursery School. Main agenda for the meeting can be found here. I did mention all of this in an earlier post here. "Police say Desmond Reeder of Rochester is facing charges of domestic assault, fleeing an officer and driving under the influence. ". Josh Alan heats up the ABP Benefit, Denton, TX. I really don't know anything about Korean food, but when Chung Jung One offered to send me a jar of their Gochujang for review, I jumped at the chance to explore something new. Gochujang is a hot, thick, slightly sweet, and sticky fermented Korean chili sauce. It's not overwhelmingly spicy-hot, but definitely brings some heat. Also, it turns out, Gochujang is super delicious. my new pal Chung Jung One's sauce is gluten-free and vegan, which I gather is not always the case.

It's sweetened with cane sugar and brown rice syrup.

Last night we had a glorious feast of Middle Eastern flavors. I think Middle Eastern cuisine is one of my favorites. I love how many veggies and spices and flavors and grains there are.

and there are so many dishes that are authentically vegan.

I was sent a copy of "Modern Flavors of Arabia" to review - and as soon as I opened the package, I was already in love.

There are ample pictures, the font is beautiful, and the whole thing is just a feast for the eyes. I haven't reminded recently about the basic rule for interpreting the statements of the administration.

As a refresher, let us once again note that whatever they say, you should understand that they mean exactly the opposite.

Whatever they indicate is the course of action is precisely the opposite of what they actually will do. With that in mind, check out this performance:Once I Did, But Now I Don't, Sort Of. I really got a warm fuzzy feeling as he mumbled through that last bumbling statement about how rising gas prices could. mumble. Two tourist groups cancelled their visit to the temple due to insecure developments that may arise as a result of protests there. Y'know, last week. I just thought this one was too cute not to post. We did the overnight study again last night. Will post results as soon as I hear. Hopefully Thursday. Oops. Figurine not included!Pierce though the Mini Disc. Ha! Ha!Here's the second Mini Disc!Hey! I'm the poster boy!These Mini Discs used to really expensive on the shelves of HMV. Luckily, I found them by chance while searching 'Lodoss War' on Ebay and brought them from a local seller. The price is quite a steal for these OST. ps: Sorry for the slow postings the past few days. I'm tight up by work and I spent the remain time sleeping. Hee! Hee!Romantic scene with smoothing soundtrack. But first. a little about this past year: I graduated last May from the University of Minnesota with my bachelor's degree in el. ed. Why hi there! Yes, I am still alive. sorta. Recently I met up for a day full of fun with my friend and fellow artist Jane LaFazio. We met at Liberty Station in San Diego and visited Visions Art Museum, took lots of photos, ate a fabulous lunch and exchanged materials to create with. I gave Jane a bag full of painted canvas scraps and Jane gave me a whole bunch of denim and ribbon scraps. I knew right away I would put these scraps to use for a holiday gift tutorial- a set of fiber coasters. I started by cutting out squares from the denim. I cut up the scraps of ribbon and also added tiny scraps of my own fabric that I had on hand. I scattered the scraps onto the surface of each denim square and sewed them down to the surface with free motion stitching. I continued to sew more scraps until I was satisfied with the surface.

A couple of years ago, seeds were sown for an innovative new line of attack on obesity.

Many obese people face an increased risk of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. On average, their lives will be shortened by nine years. But some might be unwittingly putting the lives of others at risk too. These additional fatalities are occurring not in Britain's cardiac units, but on the country's roads, due to people falling asleep at the wheel of cars and lorries. If intended as an attempt to run the old 'your behaviour is harming others' routine so beloved of the anti-smoking industry, it didn't gain much traction. See, the problem of people eating what they choose is a real stumbling block for your archetypal finger-wagger. Those who spend their entire existence devising strategies on how to interfere in the lives of everyone else are, thus far, frustrated because even our absurdly bovine public are utterly unconvinced that it is an issue for anyone but the over-eater themselves. Right and WrongBack when I was a teenager, I used to get into thunderous arguments with a good friend of mine over song lyrics. He would sing along with the radio and interject the most irritatingly erroneous lyrics imaginable. I would, of course, in true feminine know it all fashion, alert him to the error of his ways. He would then proceed to disagree with my interpretation, and we were off. “No!”, I would say. ” Eleanor Rigby did NOT pick up her EYES in a church where a wedding has been! She picked up the RICE! And she LIVES IN A DREAM! Not in a TREE!!” Did it matter? Probably not so much. The culture was in no real danger, I suppose, if one sixteen year old boy thought poor Eleanor lived in a tree. But it wasn’t accurate and somehow that bothered me. photo credit: Eduardo DeboniTherefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering. Open your web. config file and add the following section inside the system. Last fall I had the pleasure of sitting down with Madeline Weinrib for Lunch and conversation in her Atelier. Madeline's brand is unique- perhaps even a bit elusive, maybe like the glamorous lady herself. There is a cool modern vibe steeped in tradition & dappled around the edges with the exotic. Recently Madeline was quoted in the New York Observer as saying: "I believe in endurance and timelessness. Things that are here today & gone tomorrow have no soul. The Showroom is a stash of Madeline's entire collection- fabrics, pillows and rugs, along with things she has found in her travels. Oggi voglio presentarvi con immenso piacere quello che mani abilissime hanno realizzato con il mio free, postato qualche settiamana fa.

Le esperte in questione sono dall'alto: Olga, Marina e Maria.

Se altre amiche di blog volessero spedire qualche loro foto di lavori relizzati con il mio free sarei ben lieta di postarle. Have a look what some stitcher friends made with my free. From the right top is Olga's, Marina's and Maria's. Spring means gardens too, and during these sunny days I've been inspired designing my latest primitive style chart. I made a cool sewing set needfull for our outside stitching. Easy and quickly to do with any kind of natural linen and DMC floss, I put everything in coffee after stitched for getting an aged look. If you're interested in having this chart please contact me at my mail address. I'm still making progress this week, but not quite at the breakneck pace of last week. Finished: Low Volume, Bright Hopes- I really enjoyed this little piece and I think it is a pattern I would like to teach at my LQS. Julia and I will be taking it to the beach today for a photo shoot. That should be interesting! In Progress: I pulled out the Mod Bento swap quilt from the UFO pile last weekend. I pieced the back and pin-basted yesterday. Now I'm trying to decide how to quilt it. I'd love to get it done by this week for the first quarter of the Finish Along. They thought FPP was unfair. So they lobbied for, and got, a system that suited them - MMP. The Police decided not to prosecute, but that didn't stop Labour from retrospectively validating it's illegality. Then came the Electoral Finance Act which was Labour's attempt at silencing their opponents absolutely. Stars of “The Breakfast Club“ and St. It celebrates a major natural occurrence: the reversing flow between the Tonle Sap and the Mekong River. For most of the year, the Tonle Sap empties into the Mekong River. However, when the rainy season arrives in June, the Mekong rises, reversing the flow to dump water into the lake, increasing its size ten-fold. When the rainy season ends in November, the Mekong drops once more, allowing the current to reverse again, emptying the excess waters of Tonle Sap back into the Mekong. This natural occurrence is celebrated in Cambodia with three days of festivals, fluvial parades, boat races, fireworks, and general merriment. An Ancient Thanks to the River Then as now, Tonle Sap is a major focus of life for many Cambodians. It's a source of livelihood for fishermen and farmers alike - it's rich in fish stocks, and the silt deposits left by the floods fertilize the fields. No wonder Cambodians have celebrated Bon Om Touk for centuries - it's a way to give back to the river that's given them so much. turned out to be the bomb I thought it would be. Let's have a contest. As most of you know, I grew up in uber-liberal St. Because of that, I have a bit of interest in the goings on up there. I also subscribe to knowing thine enemies, and the Twin Cities has more than it's fair share. Ollie Edwards for Ralph Lauren Greetings, We're going to re-visit our ongoing series "Model Behavior" today on Sunday Runway - and check in with the always chic Ollie Edwards from London. Unlike the ladies of modeling - often the guys go un-named - and thusly unknown. Let's try and fix that a bit. You might easily recognize Ollie from his years of work with Ralph Lauren. "The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. " I can remember my grandmother telling me about this verse, and she kept it marked in her Bible. Elise is in the front row on the left in this picture.

It was customary for all of the children to wear black for confirmation, but I am not sure of the reason.

They look so somber on this happy occasion! Even after they moved to the United States, my mother had to wear a dark navy dress for her Confirmation. My grandmother is holding what looks like a small branch or sprig of some plant and it appears that those in the front row are holding one as well. Mattia Cielo Rugiada five-circle wrap rainbow ring, at shopbazaar. Sophia Webster Riko suede and leather sandals, at sophiawebster. Brown rice adds whole grain goodness. oz. In conclusion, With the exception of the students for they will behaved as allowed, all the others members of the village have played a role in perpetuating the madness in education reform by playing the blame game. We all have veered away from prioritizing the needs of the children first. In education, standardization is sufficient in a few areas, but not in everything. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. In the end, the children who needs the most assistance in schools will continue to be left behind, while corruption and division will thrive in the school districts as some folks laugh their way to the bank. .