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Thanks to JD for the information that Dr Dan Poulter of my last post was once a gynaecologist, before he became a politician. He was anaesthetising a lady for a gynaecology colleague of whom he was not particularly fond.

The gynaecologist had just inserted a Cusco into the oblivious lady.

“Look at that” said my colleague. “ A bent piece of steel with a cunt at each end!”. A lot of eagle-eyed readers have noticed that the cover of Aphrodite: Goddess of Love that appears on the back cover of Poseidon is different than the the cover that appears on the actual book. It's an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the creative and editorial processes.

I made this for a co-worker who was having a really tough week.

She loved it and so did I- it was so hard to give this beauty away! These scallop envelope boxes are super easy to make and have a really nice WOW factor.

All supplies are Stampin' Up!Recipe: Stamps: Pocket silhouettesPaper: Tangerine tango, haikuInk: kiwi kiss, tangerine tangoAccessories: Scallop envelope die, so saffron ribbon, breads, cello bag.

No wordy post today! Just wanted to share some views from the shop. It is Winter, and I have a bit more time on my hands these days. I figured I would take a few "close up" views of some of the work I have been doing of late. These aren't meant to be great "photographs" because I simply don't care what "technicalities" are offended or encouraged in my take on these. I simply look at this like drawing or painting, and the end look overall is what pleases me.

The Brontë Society website reports on Saturday's ceremony at Anne Brontë's grave in Scarborough: As the service started the rain stopped and though it was chilly the skies were blue.

We were very grateful to the vicar of St. A selection of readings followed including two of Anne's poems and her last letter. Flowers were set down and a moment’s silence concluded the service. By the time we gathered outside the Grand Hotel for a walk around Anne Brontë's Scarborough the sun was with us. Led by Trevor Pearson of English Heritage, we were given an outstanding tour of the town. Good Morning Augusta. This morning it is partly cloudy. Fog early. Tonight it will be partly cloudy. Fog overnight. Hodges regarding same sex marriage and King v. Burwell regarding a challenge to the health care subsidies in the Affordable Care Act. Cost: FreeMore Information And Registration. Jack Lee reveals that if the script is satisfactory and passes inspection, the production will start production at the end of the year. That film even became a classic Hong Kong film. Jack Lee said that they were not remaking the old films but a continuation of the story. It will not be only nostalgic. Lt. Good luck, and happy retirement, Ronnie!. In the constant effort to keep our streets safe, the Sheriff’s Office has a new tool. For the past month, deputies have been driving a specially equipped patrol car which can read license plates, and which gives an alert when a car has been reported stolen, or the owner of the car has a suspended license. The car looks just like a normal patrol vehicle – citizens won’t know the difference when they see it unless they notice the unobtrusive black boxes mounted beside the light bar on top. The readers can read tags in front of the patrol vehicle, and to each side of it. Once alerted, the deputy checks the actual car’s tag with the one showing on the screen to make sure the reading is correct. If it is, he can pull the vehicle over and ticket the driver if necessary. We are still collecting data on it, but as an example, we worked in the city of Key West with KWPD for a week. Eni, fotoğrafı çektiğim yerden MK'nın olduğu yere kadar. In days past Monday was wash day. I used to have the dish towels that proved it. I could count on taking Tuesday off because that is ironing day and Wednesday too as that is sewing day. Yes I wash on Mondays, but then I wash on others days too cause I don’t have to heat water and lug it to the washer or use that wringer. Without the continuation of the multiple newspaper reports featuring Samuel Bean’s young adult life, we’ll have to rely on other methods to piece together the story of Sam’s twenties and thirties. The newspapers, however, haven't left us totally bereft of information. Like the breadcrumbs sprinkled on the trail in the children's fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, the newspapers have left us some sparse hints. Following the marriage of Sam Bean and Maud Woodworth, the next logical step—at least during that era—was the arrival of any children. While Sam’s twin brother, Bill, was still a long way from his own marriage date, and while their older sister Leona evidently had no children at this point either, it looks like Sam was about to win the race to provide their mother with the first grandbaby. Perhaps his imminent arrival had been the impetus for Sam and Maud, earlier in the year, to seek permission to sell Sam’s books door-to-door. With the family size soon to expand from two to three, financial pressures were sure to increase proportionately. Fortunately, to balance this pressure, Sam and Maud were evidently living with Sam’s mother, Ella. The Countess of Wessex started out her marriage with one tiara to wear, her diamond Wedding Tiara on loan from the Queen. Six years later, we finally saw her in a second tiara. It's most likely from G. Collins and Sons jewelers, which makes sense as they are the Queen's personal jewelers and their designs have been seen on multiple royal women. Sophie has also borrowed a few pieces from them, such as the necklace and earrings she wore to the pre-wedding dinner for William and Kate. Bazu and I have been bloggy friends since way back, so I figured it'd be something similar. I say outrageous things in class. I admit it. I've often told classes that at some time during the semester they will either be insulted or embarrassed or ridiculed. It isn't personal. It will be about their ideas or thinking on a class-relevant topic. I also warn them that simply because I say something in class, do not assume that it is my core belief. For those, like myself, who find solace in the kitchen. "Nature and Nightfall" by Alicia Bock. I've also given links to the Ancestry landing page on some names / numbers below. He is buried at Worthing's Broadwater cemetery. Bognor and Bexhill enlistments. Copy ViewModelBase. Create this property on View Model. We won’t have enough drones to kill all the enemies we make using drones. Well, they did say, but not in the headlines. if anything, you're a smokestack hugger. So the environment is not your thing. I'm so looking forward to David Cameron's filibuster today. I mean, how on earth is he going to deliver an election clarion call with a dozen fence posts firmly lodged between his rear seating cushions?The Lisbon referendum issue, for example, has been well addressed elsewhere. The upshot being that the Tories will definitely maybe tackle it. perhaps.

If the treaty is ratified by the Czechs, which Cameron knows is almost certain, he will apparently wave his arms around like Kevin the teenager, crying "S'not fair, I hate you".

Hosted by Polly at. She is giving away a beautiful vintage umbrella with what else? Yellow roses of course. I so love that umbrella. Time to pick some winners. Many thanks to all those that vist our blogs. Michelle Christine Dring Deepti . Hello Ai Fans!! Today I'm sharing a graduation card that I made for my sister's college graduation last week. I just love every one of the new Graduation Sets at Art Impressions! This set is called Wow Graduate Set. My card also features some wonderful brads, eyelets and bling from Eyelet Outlet! All the links are below. My sister was a single mother for many years and had to work. of age. I think this verse says it all. I really do feel quite overwhelmed, but very grateful. Thank you. I'll make up three new categories - recipes savoury, recipes sweet and recipes drinks. This is a quick summer salad I made up last week. It's a good size for four people but you could make a smaller portion just by scaling down the ingredients - it would make an excellent lunchbox lunch too. Help me out here, would you? I’m just about ready to publish the third book in my series, entitled The Dog Prince. Chapter one begins like this: The May sunshine was already hot as it sparkled on the collection of frogs strewn across a rickety card table. I was running late and had forty miles to drive. The battery on my cell phone had died, so I couldn’t call and say I'd be late. I stopped to look at the frogs anyway. And put into motion a chain of events that included mayhem and murder. I tell you, you just never know what will turn up at a good flea market. I have several versions of the front cover that I’m considering. Of course I want it to be clear this is part of the series, so all the covers have some of the same elements as the first two books, which look like this: And here are the covers I’m considering for book three. Love the versatility of the New Pennant Parade Stamp set!Stamps: Pennant ParadePaper: Crumb cake, pretty in pink, espresso, vanilla, red glimmer Ink: espresso, Accessories: cup cake punch, pennant punch, oval punch, polka dot embossing folder. Sorry, No card today!This was yesterdays baking FUN. Traffic is about more than driving: it’s about human nature. And who knows? It may even make us better drivers. About this acrostic, well, I found it one of the more challenging of recent memory. The quotation: IN ANCIENT ROME THE TRAFFIC GREW SO INTENSE THAT CAESAR THE SELF-PROCLAIMED CURATOR VIARUM OR DIRECTOR OF THE GREAT ROADS DECLARED A DAYTIME BAN ON CARTS AND CHARIOTS EXCEPT TO TRANSPORT CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS The author’s name and the title of the work: TOM VANDERBILT TRAFFIC The defined words: THIRD WHEEL, A. a challenge. I've discovered that like with beets, the world is evenly divided into those who love orange marmalade or those who cringe at the thought of eating it. I happen to love it and in a moment of insanity decided, "Hey, how about making your own?" Well, okay then. I think there as many ways to make orange marmalade as there are oranges in the world. Some methods just slice the oranges leaving all the pith. This could make the marmalade unnecessarily bitter. + Curley's Wife Quotes in Of Mice and Men+ Background of Women in the Novel+ What does the title mean?Thesis statement:She's an antagonist in a way, powerful and weak at the same time, and also a victim. Yet, when she's found dead, Candy pours abuse on her. e. BUT she's also a victim of the tragedy.

Her own loneliness is a driving force and that's something we should pity.

How does Achebe use language to create a sense of pity in Mother in A Refugee Camp? The title of the poem starts with an indefinite article, by describing the mother in a refugee camp as "A mother in a Refugee Camp", this portrays the mother as The indefinite article 'A Mother' in the title portrays her as being non specific and generic, as a general type of motherhood, in an unnatural context: the 'refugee camp'. This creates a certain sense of distance, as if she is not an individual but also increases the pity that so many mothers and children are in this situation that it is a 'type'. + War Photographer Essay + War Photographer and Mother in a Refugee Camp + IGCSE Edexcel mainpage. Create a card or project using any Beccy's Place digital image, free or purchased, upload a photo of it to your blog and submit a direct link below. You can enter as many times as you like and you can submit your card to any other challenge you wish. At the end of the month three random winners will be chosen to receive their choice of either a full set of digital stamps or three individual digital images from my online store. document. I was reading a book " FISH! For life ". Its really worth reading. Below given are some lines taken from this book:We all long for a primary relaionship that lifts us up in a way thats not possible alone. We want to create in our lifes a two that is bigger than one plus one. there is a special form of happiness that can be experienced only as two. - A shoulder to cry on when life overwhelms us , and a voice to remind us of positive futures possible in times of doubt- A best friend- Someone who knows us, warts and all , and still loves us. .