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Going way back to T. I. I have been also wowed by images taken by the riders themselves at times, with some of these being my all time favorites from over the years. That said, I don't think anyone has done a front to back coverage of a Trans Iowa version as well as Wally Kilburg has done this year. I think the way Spring has aligned with Trans Iowa this year was showing Iowa at one of its most beautiful stages. Wally literally got in the ditch to get this great low angle shot. Back in the day, you could adjust, rebuild, and make it last. The type that has circlips and a precisely machined bearing interface. Okay, I'm getting derailed here. Sally will be in conversation with Barry Foster and we will be showing some of her work, hopefully including some footage from To Walk Invisible. Sally will be answering questions from the audience. If you have one in advance for Sally please let us know what it is on the form below. Sally has recently had a very busy schedule filming To Walk Invisible on Main St, Penistone Hill and other locations. She is taking part in an up close and personal event that will explore her writing career. Sally grew up in Yorkshire and visits the area on a regular basis. Howard Stern's proxy somehow makes it through the CNN wilderness. Again. Indeed. There is NO excuse. Still cannot fathom how that sheet made it past the desk, to the anchor chair. I plan on adding some behind the scenes pics there sometime though. Anyway, it's right here. There's a period when i saw quite a number of bloggers friends eating crepe, but so far i have not try before. Catherine and her daughter pick me up at City Sqaure and we went to KSL City. Was quite worried when i saw the news that i gave her a call, but she did not answer and send her sms, but also no reply. But was happy to receive a reply sms from her yesterday morning that they are doing fine. There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. self-control….


Godliness, …. And with love. It is far too quiet in the house. Nine months ago, Barco took up residence here. Since then, nothing has been very tranquil. You know the stories. Torn furniture. Punctured screen doors.

Clever escapes through the automatic garage doors.

He was a one-dog story mill. Other than one night when I left him with friends so I could go to Puerto Vallarta, I have spent all of my days with him. Our four walks a day were always an adventure. This a game on Playstation format which I bought from Ebay. About the gameStart with China and conquer the entire world in this amazing turn-based strategy game. As with its predecessors, this sixth installment sets it sights on world domination via actual history. fever, chills, vertigo and coughing a plague of sorts I sleep as if I will never wake, and rarely do. phone messages heard faintly through a fog a trash can piled with tissues dragging myself to shower later. the illness ooozes through one's pores I was bragging last week that my annual winter crud was tardy in arriving. Tiny Toons - Particle Man. The word vindicate means, "to clear of blame or suspicion". He loves us and will always be there for us. He is touched by the feelings we have according to the book of Hebrews. He also vindicates us from all offenses. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our Sponsor Giveaway from ScrapShotz. Africa slaps you around like not too many other things in life. Worst is the barrage of suffering and grief you witness: abandoned babies, young boys sleeping on the street, beggars, countless AIDS funerals, injustice, corruption, and desperate poverty.

And Africa brings out things in yourself and your marriage that you never knew were there, things you don't have to face if you always stay in Harrisburg.

But here I am, going back. Only for two weeks this time, and a lot better prepared on every front. Reggie Darling. Sometimes I love Him, sometimes He drives Me crazy.

Sometimes I love Him, sometimes He drives Me crazy, & that is why I can not stay away.

& by the way Reggie Darling is a dear. Some people took Reggie to task for this, in some cases quite vehemently, but the majority agreed with him. by Dan Phillips There's a world of difference between practicality, and pragmatism.

PracticalityOne of my least-favorite classes in seminary gave me an excellent mental image which I may have shared before.

The prof asked us preachers to envision a really extraordinary individual in our audience. He said we should make him unmissable — huge, orange-skinned, green suit, hat with a flower in it. He sits in the front row, squarely in front of us. He only knows three words in English. He repeats them over and over again. The words?"Tell me how. As places are allocated you will receive an email back again confirming your place on the meet up. High resolution Fresh and latest images of Imran and Kareena of the movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. Gori Tere Pyaar Mein HD posters. Imran and Kareena Looking very hot in the movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mein . परंतु प्रयत्‍न केल्यास मराठी टाईपिंग करणे सोईचे जाते. नेहमी प्राक्टीस केल्याने टाईपिंग करणे सोपे जाते. मग वाटले जर इंग्रजी टाईपिंग ट्युटर साँफ्टवेअर प्रमाणे मराठीसाठी पण एखादे साँफ्टवेअर असते तर बरे झाले असते. गुगलवर भरपुर शोध घेतल्या नंतर देवनागरी टाईपिंग शिकण्यासाठी एक साँफ्टवेअर सापडलेच. यामध्ये स्टेप बाय स्टेप टाईपिंग शिकण्याची सोय आहे. This trader's Easter perspective. Please note my reference to "Friday's post" meant "Thursday's post". . Well not much really happening in the house, puppy's not really growing up, she's super cute. Kids are crazy as normal, always getting their fingers where they dont belong, aka the cornbread that was on the rolling cart, the turkeys. Hubby is hunting, hopefully he'll get a deer this weekend.

I watch the Sex and the City Movie again tonight, still love it, it made me laugh and cry and laugh some more.

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Today I want to show you how to make this no sew cuff.

First, you will want to find a shirt that has a cuff. I chose this sweater that has french cuffs, but you can use any type you would like. Next, you want to cut the cuff from the shirt. I chose some ribbons to match. I wanted to make a few flowers and some leaves.

I chose Double Ruffle White ribbon first to go across the whole cuff.

Then I took some Pink Grosgrain and made some twisty fabric flowers. You can find a tutorial here for the flowers if you have never made them before.

I tucked some Green Double Ruffle Ribbon under the pink flowers to look like leaves and add some color.

Let's get the weekend off to an early start with probably everyone's favorite Dan Decker. .