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Now mind you- I am taking one apart to get this one together, so it is a legit "add one, take one away" sort of situation, although the one that is being "taken away" might return again someday! Enough about that. This turned out really neat. I like it a lot. It has a sort of eggplant color in the natural light, but the camera flash brought out the purple. If it's sunny out tomorrow, there may be some glamour shots taken to see how it looks outside. The Salsa Cycles CrMoto stem got the Gun Kote treatment as well.

If you haven't been schooled up on Gun Kote, check out this post on it.

Just asking. I'd like to hear opinions and reasoning based on anything. Could be waves fundamentals, or astrology. Old-timers market opinion is wanted also. Make a prediction! Be bold. No one will laugh, particularly me. Then we can revisit it in a new post and the person who guessed the closest will be hailed!Overnight futures sideways. got to go to bed. Arzuaga. He has been illegally imprisoned and is still waiting for a date to be set for a proper trial. Rumor has it that El Critico del Arte will be given an eight year sentence for resisting arrest. He has paid dearly for exercising freedom of speech.

How cool is this thing! found here.

Talk it over with Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, author of Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption. Book signing to follow in atrium. Ms Bresch is the daughter of the governor of the state, and is also Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Mylan Laboratories, a large generic pharmaceutical manufacturer. Also,Critics of the university have long pointed to Bresch's political connections: The chairman of Mylan is a major benefactor of her father and the university. In summary,West Virginia University administrators showed 'seriously flawed' judgment in awarding Gov. Joe Manchin's daughter a master's degree she didn't earn, rushing to protect her and themselves from media scrutiny, a panel investigating the dispute says. A Stock Island man was arrested for burglarizing another man’s apartment Thursday morning. m. and found a white truck in front of his residence loaded with his belongings. He also found two men carrying his belongings to the truck from inside the residence. When he confronted the man, they fled in the truck. Further investigation revealed the suspects had damaged the door to the residence to gain entry. Garmas was located later in the day and was arrested. He was charged with burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief. Rick Grammond, owner of Youaretheresports. m. : belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball, Central Minnesota Conference. I need a little help today. sometimes things should be clear as a bell, but they are not. We stopped by a sculpture park the other day. One of the sculptures has me bugged. I can't figure out what it is supposed to be. Is it still art if no one can figure out what it is supposed to be?First I looked at it this way. I'm sure most of you have heard about the ice storm that hit the Northeast at the end of last week.

The effects were devastating for some.

Thousands lost power. We were lucky enough to only get rain during those terrible storms, but the next town over from us was not so lucky. Sunday we took a drive to see the ice. Despite the fact that it caused such trouble, it was amazing to see. Absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen anything like it. And my kiddos were spellbound. With respect to the use of stun guns to administer electro-shock trauma to small children, the State and its agents apply a sliding scale of official charges and punishments. Sure, the officer's actions will eventually be vindicated, but in the interest of good public relations the officer, his superiors, and the local media have to undergo an intricate ritual, as stylized as Kabuki theater, before announcing the official inquiry's foregone conclusion. On more than a few occasions, as I've read about or seen coverage of the use of Tasers and similar portable agonizers on young children, I've been forced to exclaim, "Do those people have children of their own?!" Well, at least some of them do, and see nothing amiss in cajoling them into receiving a couple of Pavlovian shocks. And so the public memory is refreshed with another illustration of the fact that government "service" selects for a personality type in which stupidity and sadism are unusually salient traits. In one of the "playful" incidents, children were arranged in a circle holding hands so that they could share the charge when one of them was shocked. At another prison, children were shocked individually by having a stun gun pressed against their bodies. At least two of the kids were sent "sprawling to the floor, crying out in pain and clutching at agonizing burns on their arms," and one of them ended up in the hospital. One would expect that criminal charges would ensue as a result of those incidents. One would be wrong. Russell Bourgault and Sgt. Business-wise, things are great: the Webistics scam and Scatino bust out yielded, as Junior might put it, some serious sponduliks. A current venture involving the sale of bogus telephone cards is proving to be highly profitable as well. Richie and Janice are gone and soon Livia will be, too. Tony gave her two airline tickets so that she and his aunt Quintina can go to Arizona. At last, as Tony says, "All my enemies are smoked. While in the throes of a nasty bout of food poisoning, Tony has a series of fever dreams. His E. coli influenced subconscious conjures up everything from self-immolation to a vigorous sexual encounter with Dr. Melfi. "You passed me over for promotion," the Pussy fish tells him, "You knew. The Daily News says that Little Italy is over. A lot of the famous old restaurants are about to close. The rents are going through the roof. Say goodbye to Umbertos Clam House. It will soon be a few blocks of boutique shops, condos and little hotels. I hope they don't close too. They've been there forever. Once in a while, I head over there for a sandwich. Giant wheels of cheese are stacked up everywhere. Anglers CP: The adult drake LESSER SCAUP gave brilliant views in front of the hide all day. See the above page for more. There is no indication of where this information has been sourced from. Baking this week got me wondering where folks go now for recipes? Block for a table runner I am working on but doubt I'll have ready for Christmas! It used to be they were traded on little cards. You would get them from friends or relatives. Who most likely got them from friends, relatives, coworkers, newspapers, magazines or cookbooks. I know I use Land-O'Lakes butter's site often and Pintrest occasionally. To be honest I still like to use the old recipes best. twopeasandtheirpod. Always put off until tomorrow what you shouldn't do at all. We have a new litter of four kittens. Retreat babies. This is the mother who is named Petunia. This is Mittens who wants to be the mother. For the past couple weeks, Mittens has been moving in on Petunia and her kittens. For a while, we had to watch her closely as she kept plucking them up on her mouth and moving them to the attic away from their real mom. Things have finally settled down now and both Mittens and Petunia are mothering the kittens. In both cases they immediately left what they were doing and followed Him. In this particular verse we see James and John fishing with their father and his hired workers. They immediately left the boat they were on to follow Jesus. I just got this error when trying to search my entire solution"Find was stopped in progress"You never guess what the solution is:Just press "Ctrl + Scroll Lock"And it works again. What the. author and illustrator. ​. It was fun seeing our customers at the Seaside St. Patty's Day Festival Tuesday, then at the pizza place afterwards. and then pick up a pizza. S. Late on parade this evening as I've been learning some interesting stuff. They say that travel broadens the mind but so does pulling up your sleeves and getting mired in state and local red tape and bureaucracy. Still, as Robert Kyosaki talked about in his book, the more you experience in an array of different fields, the better your knowledge and the more armed you are for the future. even if it is understanding better how authorities wish to defend their salary by making life as difficult as possible for everyone else. Anyway. BloodMoney is a documentary film narrated by Dr.

Alveda King, which exposes the truth behind the Abortion Industry from the Pro Life perspective.

The film examines the history of abortion in America. From the inception of Planned Parenthood and the profitability of abortion clinics, to Roe v. Wade, to the denial of when life begins, the fight to save the lives of innocent babies, and the devastating effects it has had on the women that have exercised this "choice". Hello Ai Fans! This week I'm giving you a view of the lake, just before we put the boat away. Here's one last view with the boat in the water. To make this card, I stamped the images onto watercolor paper, sprinkled with emboss powder, and heat set. Next, I used water based markers to watercolor each image. For the direct method, I colored directly onto the paper with the markers and then spread the color with a water brush, starting in the lightest area - and always starting with a clean brush. In very small areas, I colored just a small amount and left part of the area without color - that would be the "lightest" color that I started in.

We are so busy this time of year, rushing around, shopping, wrapping packages, going to parties, visiting loved ones.

We all need to slow down for a bit and remember the real reason for all this activity.

We are celebrating the birth of our Savior.

The greatest gift we will ever receive is the salvation that He extends to each of us. If we have accepted this gift, it is our duty to honor Him. And we can do this by loving Him and by loving our fellow man. Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. From Fluke Hall I set out towards the sea wall across the maize and wheat fields where there’s a reasonable path which avoids slushing through the soggy stubble. There are always birds to see about the shooter’s fields, ditches and pools, as long as you take care to miss the actual shoot days when there are no birds about and steel shot will fall on your head. The Red-legged Partridge still number in the hundreds, so I’m thinking there haven’t been too many shoots just yet.

From the stile I even managed to get close to one of the white ones which are as wild and wary as the normal brown ones.

Close to they are actuallly quite smart looking.

Pity they end up in a cooking pot. In the last five or six days, I have taken my seat at this very table and started various blog posts only to delete and never publish them. As every blogger knows, it is crucial to be patently honest in your blogging but there is also a little restraint that sits in the heart while typing. I want so much to be honest and encourage families in their pursuit of adoption or in their walks with Christ! Here is where my dilemma truly lies. Adoption can be so difficult.

Teen adoption is notoriously laden with land mines and many such adoptions are unsuccessful.

The huge disparity in the numbers seems to be related to the definition of "disruption" - some adoptions are considered "disrupted" when parents retain legal custody but place their child in a group home or alternate care setting. Anyway, I digress. I know the written word carries much weight. Hello, My Friends! Check out the latest new FREE VIDEO CLASS at Stephanie's Stamp Pad! See how you can make this darling card HERE. Happy Stamping!. My tattoo meeting went well. I'm getting very excited. Knitting was good, I was sneezing a lot last night every time I would smell a strong scent. Very odd. This morning I'm congested, I don't know if it's allergies or sickness, I'm hoping the former for everyone else's sake. Se also has a cold going on so it should be great times this weekend. I'm so tired right now, I don't even want to knit. As such, I won't be responding to emails or social media queries, or following up on news tips and the like. Poster children in more ways than one. They surprised me with it on my birthday. And from this day this recipe has a special memory in my heart. For this reason, I am sharing my family's recipe & my present with you all. Adopted from Kiri. Thank goodness for Carol! Hopefully, it will be a Nashville release in February. .