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I fell in love at first sight. I don't know what about it delighted me, but I have always loved it. I've had a framed postcard of it on my wall as long as I can remember. The museum staff took it off display years ago, and I mourned.

I never got a satisfactory explanation for why I could no longer visit with it.

When I heard the Brooks was bringing it back out as a part of a retrospective of Marisol's work, I was in heaven! I've been to visit several times during the exhibition. Marisol is a fascinating artist. My opinion is that having a somewhat "neutral" outlook is the wrong stance to have at this key juncture. The other day I posted this chart on BIDU that, it too, will make an all-time high on an earnings run for Monday. Well, it did. It almost hit the upper wedgeline. Will it break over after earnings in a bullish final spasm or "sell the news" immediately?Maybe it disappoints seriously. Either way, the structure is almost too freaking perfect of an EW pattern. Its one that I will be looking to play Monday. I mean really?Either way, the stock is seriously bid high. I can't ever get enough of Akif Hakan Celebi. Shared the first time six years ago!!. I received a wonderful package in the mail yesterday! It was from my dear friend Mary of Sew Dear To Me Among her many talents - Mary is a wonderful Quilter! She is also Kind, Witty and extremely Generous! Always giving so generously from her heart - of her time, her experience, her knowledge. and as you can see - her quilting fabrics!Mary sent these to me for my DJ quilt. With great joy - I will use each & every one of these along my Jane Journey. Lee Min-Ho and Wallace Chung's loving stare gets a little awkward courtesy of singtao. cc Korean star Lee Min-Ho, Wallace Chung Han Leung, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Tiffany Tang Yan and Jeremy Tsui Ching Hei starred summer film BOUNTY HUNGERS yesterday held a Beijing press conference. BOUNTY HUNTERS is not only Lee Min-Ho's first Chinese movie but also his first collaboration with Chinese actors. Lee Min-Ho stated that this film was his promise to Chinese fans. The press conference debuted the film trailer. Ng Chin Yu, Tsui Ching Hei and Tang Yan participated in a challenge.

Ng Chin Yu had to challenge her quick wit with sarcasm.

Tsui Ching Hei had to perform "wayward wealthy" in a funny way and cracked up the crowd. Tang Yan had to put everyone under her spell with a look that killed.

But if you have already lost your motivation, that’s okay- because there is no time like the present to start anew and declare a brand new start.

The theme of the workshop will be “New Year, New You” and I’ll be announcing more details shortly including the location and guest panelists. This workshop is just the thing to help you get started with your resolutions AND stick to them. And for those of you who are already working hard to move your art to the next level we’ll have lots of tips for you too. The last workshop had a great turn out and I received lots of great feedback. via. This is the kitty from book, Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. I really like this book a lot. The patterns are simple, yet elegant. The kitty was a pretty fast knit. I'm looking forward to making another one, except I think I'm going to reverse the colors for the striping since I still have plenty of the yarn left over from this kitty. There are more details on my blog. I'm casting on for a teddy bear sometime this weekend. The third stage will include construction of the museum’s main building and inner galleries. That means, more time for you guys who hope to join in later, to get joining! So, the swatch. I don't always knit a swatch. Particularly not in a case where I'm using yarns I've used before. It's not unheard of for me to measure gauge off a sweater I've worn for a year, or even measure gauge off a sweater I gave to someone else as a gift.

And don't measure the gauge in a place that stretches a lot, like across the shoulders or elbows.

Chest or belly area is best for measuring gauge in old garments. For this knit along, I'm going to assume it's a yarn you've never met before and cover the gory details. Adjust to your own situation as you will. Thanks to Nzoog for tentatively ID-ing the actor in the pic below as "Tibi Costa", the Portuguese gymnast Jess Franco discusses in the bonus interview on Severin's previous DEVIL HUNTER DVD. It was the usual hectic operation getting our friends Scott and K. C. We should've known the city couldn't contain them. They already had a burgeoning collection of vehicles including a bulldozer and they had a dog and cats and a freaking horse and a herd of quail chicks and no one thought it would stop there. C. tried to introduce to her cat, in the interest of interspecies harmony. Maybe the kits are just old and stained. I got these loose kits on Ebay that were already built. I thought about running the picture then, but the giant is well anatomically accurate. Well, the redheaded cowboy of orthodox apologetics, Jim Akins did a little editing with Photoshop and presto its family friendly. FROM THE LADIES EUROPEAN TOUR WEBSITEThe Ladies European Tour’s Henderson Money List leader Lee-Anne Pace from South Africa seized a three-stroke lead heading into Sunday's final round of the Finnair Masters. Pace is well placed to collect her third Ladies European Tour trophy of the season after her second round, containing seven birdies and no bogeys. Kylie is sharing third place with Mollie Fankhauser of the United States and Frenchwoman Jade Schaeffer. I came across this wonderful quote by Mae West. I thought I should share it with everyone. It captures the spirit of not shortchanging yourself and living a life to the highest potential. What is considered 'right' is different for everyone, but I think the best way to find out if something is 'right' is to consider whether you'll regret how you live your life and the decisions that you've made. If you find that you are regretting less and less, you're probably going towards the right path. Interestingly, if I replace the word 'right' by 'wrongly', it'll stick make perfect sense, though the meaning is changed entirely. "You only live once, if you do it wrongly, once is enough".

That line has a quality more akin to a warning, rather than the original one which is more encouraging and uplifting.

I was reading up on typography recently and I wanted to try out some ideas on some arrangements of words, so I designed up this picture and selected the colours and all.

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parking on the Cambrian apron.

parking on the Cambrian apron. by Phil Johnsonou know how we joke that evangelicals always lag a decade or two behind in their desperate striving to be cool? Check this out: Now that evangelicals have made hippie chic standard attire for church, war protestors have started dressing as if they were going to church. bdjobs. prothom-alojobs. After Friday night's fiasco, things settled down for the most part. Saturday was spent slowly getting Blake re-hydrated with just an IV drip and then IV/pedialyte and then IV/formula, until it was just formula. Thank goodness he tolerated it. Can I just say that hospital sleeping sucks?! Oy. I was not a happy camper. Over the last ten years, I have written about a fairly wide number of subjects. For example, the beauty of the town hall meeting. stand up for your right. We originally connected on craigslist - I answered an ad he posted looking for head. I've been sucking him off once a month or so for the better part of a year now. Generally my place or his office bathroom. Once in his car behind a construction site. WINTER HOURS are now in effect. Source: blog. That effort began with a surprise night attack into Muthanna that was quickly surrounded. Army brigades also moved into the Hadbaa housing district, which is farther north. In the southeast the Federal Police finally took the Salam Hospital in Wahda. Next to it the Jund al-Khalifah headquarters of the Islamic State was also seized. The ISF had been targeting the facility since the start of December. Hopefully this meant that the Wahda district in general was cleared of IS elements as well. The next day the Hashd took three towns. The insurgents launched a large assault upon the Tal Afar Airport, but were repulsed. The Hashd claimed they secured the Tal Keif road a few days ago, but they continue to shell IS checkpoints along it. ATeacherWrites. Prospero is instrumental in the start of the play, literally creating the Tempest that brings characters onto the island location where the drama will be played out - where time stops and starts again - under his magical control. Prospero’s aim, like the author of the play, is to use the chaos of the storm to restore order and justice by the last act. Prospero: Power and Civilization The Tempest can be read as a critique of what we think of as civliization. The buffoonery of Stephano and Trinculo is a parody of government, as they plot to take over the island. More sinister is the murderous intent of Antonio and Sebastian, planning to kill the King of Naples, just as they unseated Prospero from his rightful place as ‘the Duke of Milan. ’ Chaos is symbolised by the Tempest, which Prospero controls. Ironically, he will use this chaos, and his control over it to restore order. Miranda has a higher judgement, referring to his ‘art’ and power to ‘put the wild waters in this roar’. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Veal with Paprika. - Mix half the paprika with the flour. - Add the rest of the paprika to the meat stirring frequently until it is cooked half way. We also hear from the other, aggrieved bidders. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority even hired former NYC Mayor Ed Koch to do some radio ads for a planned bond offering this week, and it had to be postponed. GOP State Senator Serph Maltese, who received a key union endorsement in his desperate battle against the Democratic Councilman Joseph Addabbo Jr. -. This according to a report on the Albany Times Union's Capitol Confidential blog. From the top: Dan Hill Darrell Holloman Derek Duszynski Eduardo Correa Hidetada Yamagishi.