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winter keeps trying to screw with our training.

Of course, the weather we're dealing with in the mid-Atlantic is NOTHING like what people in the upper midwest and northeast are suffering through, but it's still somewhat challenging.

Despite the weather, I managed to have a decent week. I wore my Mizuno Hitogamis for the workout, which turned out to be a poor choice - I never was able to get a good grip on the track. From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search: Bryan tells his Sasquatch encounters plus a few more stories he heard. Bigfoot laughs in the woods a scares a family while cutting fire wood. Robert Pattinson has terrible, rotted teeth and is caked in dirt for his leading role in The Rover. The star could not be happier with the transformation after years of being a heart throb in the Twilight films. "I am trying to eliminate any bit of vanity," says Pattinson of his grimed up role. Or whatever. Because if you get that opportunity to pose, you will probably take it. " The results have been impressive. Hello!! It's Fawny Flickr Friday! We love seeing all of the cards popping up in the Lawn Fawn Flickr group. I'm back from painting in a new Adidas store with Leyp in Hasselt Belgium. Sgt. They covered it over using paint and supplies donated by Public Works. Working on the project was Deputies Ignacio Molina, Jean Gonzalez and Dave Campbell. Cocuklugumda da ramazanlar yaz aylarina denk gelmisti. Boyumca ust iste dizilen bu hamurlar, sahur vakti islatilip, aralarina peynir koyularak ocak ustunde pisirilir ve yaninda ayran ya da cacikla yenilirdi. Anneanne, babaanneler, komsuanneler ve komsu teyzeler sabahtan bahceye kurulur, bir yandan hamur acar, muhabbet eder, bir yandan yemek yer, cay icer ve eglenirlerdi. Birlikte bir is yapmanin bereketini ve lezzetini yasarlardi. Biz cocuklar icinse bayram oncesi bayram provasi olurdu bu hamur acma gunleri. Bir yandan merakla hamur acmaya calisir, bir yandan ordan oraya kosturur, bir yandan cayin yanina firinda yapilan, tadi damagimda taze pismis hamurlara margarini surer surer yerdik. So I tallied up the number of animals we have now. It's ridiculous. It came to EIGHTY-TWO!!!! That includes ducks, chickens, quail, guinea fowl, turkeys, pot-bellied pigs, cats, ponies and a geriatric dog. The rest are ducks, chickens and guinea fowl. Five chickens, two quail, and two turkeys were adopted through the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA. alfalfalfa itsfunnyto. me. theclearlydope. My New DIY craft tutorial for Handmade Charlotte is this Blue Suede Kitty Bag! follow the link to get the full directions and pattern, scale it to get adult or kid size. Scott Parker is the Captain for England and a player for my beloved Spurs. He's also the focus of today's update. I added a page for Scott Parker to the brieflines site this morning. I hope you'll all take a moment to browse over to his page to check out the wares. Cheers!. Then I will bring them up and restore them to this place". Observation:Jeremiah has been speaking powerful words to Judah and all the surrounding nations because they had forsaken Him. God says that they will be taken to Babylon and will stay there until He restores them to their proper place.

Finally, the IPCC has toned down its climate change alarm.

Can rational discussion now begin? » The SpectatorNext week, those who made dire predictions of ruinous climate change face their own inconvenient truth. It is difficult to over-emphasise the significance of this reportGermany industry in revolt as green dream causes cost spiral - TelegraphGermany’s top economic adviser has called for a radical rethink of the country’s energy policies, warning that the green dream is going badly wrong as costs spiral out of control. Happy Tuesday, Angie Blom here today with a project for DT Tuesday I am featuring some of the stamps from this month's SMAK kit. Added some epoxy hearts from Doodle Bug Designs I also randomly colored the image with copics. Hope your day is full of love and inspiration. . I have been gathering up decorative and fun items for my potting shed. I found a reprint of a vintage Burpee's poster on eBay. On Saturday I was in Hobby Lobby to pick up "just" glass beads for a vase when I stumbled upon two cute wooden signs. There is one for Thyme and another for Rosemary. I have to repaint it and then beat it up with some chains to distress it quite a bit. It's going to be a wonderful way to let out my anger about whatever is bugging me at the time. I love this zinc mounting board with the distressed black frame. My needs and ambitions are simple though and all my current plans involve home projects and fluffing our nest. I'm so grateful to be at this point and I'm happy to be able to share it with you. The evolution of our bathroom. The story continues. Skills in using spreadsheet and standard accounting software are essential requirements. bdjobs.

I gave the Fluke Hall and Ridge Farm area a decent going over without finding anything spectacular, least of all an early Wheatear in such unpromising conditions.

A number of Pied Wagtails were searching the recently ploughed fields and the roadside midden where more than one local family dump their horse manure, the resulting gunk as good a place as any to look for feeding birds. All the geese took flight a little later when a light aeroplane flew over sending the birds in the air for a few minutes before they settled back to feeding on the marsh again. From Lane Ends car park Pilling Marsh was a mass of distant grey geese, too far out to make anything of in the murky light. We are always CLOSED on Sundays! We will be OPEN on Monday. This morning the shiny suits, socialists and moronic armchair spurts are kicking Gerry Brownlie for questioning the response to what is now a disastrous fire event south west of Christchurch. Finally today there is a state of emergency in place and a total fire ban from Timaru to the Conway River to reduce the risks as Fire crews are gathered to the Port Hills leaving a much reduced response capability across the provinces. I am guessing that experience had Local Government head honcho and Hastings district mayor, Lawrence Yuile declaring a SoE very early as Hawkes Bay became endangered by at least three fires at the end of last weekend. All now virtually extinguished. Some background as to one simple step that the SoE empowers. I've been loving these track days, probably more than I should. Okay girls. I need some help. I've been on a huge Leeway kick the past few weeks, so i figured i'd share some rare recordings i recently aquired. He was a great front-man with an incredible voice, and the band was always tight and intense. Anyway, on to the collection. BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS!As we get closer to this autumn’s municipal election, in Gravenhurst, we can expect a goodly amount of political friendships we didn’t ask for, want, or need.

The citizens, who really only have a " friendship window" of about six or so months, when candidates for local council make themselves appear "taxpayer friendly," are bombarded with "vote for me" diatribes from new and present council members.

About two minutes after their acceptance handshakes, on election night, councillors and the new mayor, go back to being the aloof folks who take the victory as proof of their own superiority, to the rest of human-kind.

They huddle around the council table and manifest their own force-field, that will keep them strong, by number and officialdom, until the next election. Some get away, that’s true. If I let them off that is! I’ve only opted for the mercy rule a few times in the past several years. I might be an objectionable bastard but I know how to deal with those who wish to trod on my citizen rights. Hello, my name is Collin Gray. I grew up here in Santa Cruz, and have lived here my whole life. I have been very interested in the paranormal and unexplained ever since was young, but only recently have been interested in investigating the paranormal seriously. Santa Cruz has a long and rich history, making it a great place to study and explore the paranormal. Recent encounters, as well as research into paranormal happenings in the area has led me to the creation of a research group to study the paranormal in this area and beyond. I am looking for people to perform my research with, from all academic, scientific, or spiritual fields of study. I, personally have a background in psychology, and have a bachelors degree in the subject from UCSC. Greetings,Some days you just need to giggle. Today is just such a day. Cheers, Scot. Darlings, here are just a few of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with!Atopalm Moisturizing Body Lotion. Lovely and lightweight, and leaves CC's skin supple and soft! Davines Love shampoo and conditioner.

So aptly named! CC has this duo and absolutely adores it.

The Face-to-Face Lost and Found page is permanently located beneath this current post. Old Connections Abound can be accessed via the date or subject archives listed on the sidebar. Check the submissions page, FAQ, and ways to get involved for additional information. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Dan DeckerAnthony PrescianoRobert Burneika. We are off Friday, so tomorrow is it. Be nice to have an extended weekend. Go to the club Friday and help set up for the kid's Easter party. Want to get some target practice in any way, so I may as well help set up for the Easter egg hunt and party they have for the little ones on Saturday. I didn't have much luck with the savage when I had it out. It was suppose to be sighted in at the factory. I couldn't even see where it was hitting on the paper so I could adjust scope. The short ranges were busy when I was there, so this weekend, I will try to get it sighted in. My laser bore sighter is too big for the. .