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Well my days are getting brighter! The sun came out yesterday but due to fact that the big guy is still up in the mountains I was totally snowed in. Gee whiz that meant a whole 'nother day in my craft room eating emergency rations! But the big guy is very resourceful. The dogs are very happy now to walk down the block again instead of stepping off the porch into the one tiny citcle I kept shoveling every two hours. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski has been in my tbr stack for what seems like years. It can't have been that long. I enjoyed the book and found it a good and fascinating read, but I admit I'm not planning on a re-read very soon. publisher overview:Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life on his family's farm in remote northern Wisconsin where they raise and train an extraordinary breed of dog. As promised, it rained. On the basis of the pictures on the BBC weather website we waited until a lull around midday before starting out. Time for a nice, fortifying cup of coffee. Didn't really want to move, but it wasn't too bad once we got going.

No photos today – no surprise.

Fuel in bikes going into winter storage needs to be stabilized. However, in order to ensure peak performance when it’s time to ride in the spring, you need to do much more than just stabilize the fuel. In addition to preventing gum and debris formation, fuel must also be protected against moisture and octane loss. But it does much more, actually improving fuel quality and engine performance. to wish you a super weekend! Images: Morten Holtum. The Design Team is sharing samples using some new products being released by Serendipity Stamps. Today we are sharing the new Pear Die and Stamp set. If you are following along with the hop, you should have arrived here from Jenny's blog. Miriam is the first stop if you'd like to join along. Here is the card that I created using the beautifully detailed Pear Die: I die cut the pear from Oatmeal cardstock and backed it with patterned paper. Using a post-it note to mask the word 'team', I inked up the remainder of the sentiment. A few months back I found these burlap pencil bags in the dollar section at Target. I bought a couple not really knowing what I would do with them. I decided to make a couple of gift bags, of a sort, out of them. I decorated the front with some paper flowers and the Quick cards-Bumble Bee stamp set. I added some extra touches with the Buzz and Bumble embellishment Assortment. I filled the little bags with some Burt's Bee's Lotions and they make a perfect gift!.

A cracking adult, and an unpredictable first reserve record.

' DJR. It's that time of the year. the night air is cooling down. It's also time for them to look for a way into some of my outbuildings to escape the cool air. Time for tall boots and a watchful eye. lolThis fellow was not happy to see me. Last month we told you the National Marine Fisheries Service had published regulations for a potential buyback of Southeast Alaska salmon seine permits. Naturally, Deckboss was wondering how many permits we might retire, and at what cost. We've heard the old idiom 'the early bird gets the worm' a lot, and we thought we would reward all our early bird shoppers this holiday season! We have Black Friday deals for you through Thanksgiving day to help alleviate some of that holiday shopping stress. I know I haven't posted in a while. I am now in the mood for some incessant ramblings about nothing in particular.

I blame superstition for absolutely everything that goes wrong in my life – so why not? Hot eyes are to blame for most of my car problems.

For real. Hot eyes make me get in arguments when things are going perfectly well with perfectly good relationships. The damn hot eyes are everywhere. Western countries don’t have the evil eye problems we do here. Why? Because people in other parts of the world are actually busy doing other things besides having the time to be envious of whatever whoever has. That's why. That is my hot eye philosophy in a nutshell. Oh, and if a black cat crosses in the street in front of me – I don't care how far I have to reverse down the street to go around it. If I don't, all Hell will surely break loose. Friend birthday, so we went Crystal Jade Golden Palace to celebrate, friend has requested for suckling pig and peking duck. crystaljade. swissbake. Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now, and make a brand new ending. -Anonymous Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Fr. These are the wonderful people who are giving ICEL a kick in the rear and ensuring that the English speaking world will finally get decent liturgical translations. One of my teachers from Mt. at Royal Porthcawl. A Favourite ChairThis photo is on my desk at all times, within an easy gaze of my eye. To me it is a therapeutic talisman.

I simply stop, put down my work, and stare.

Slowly, softly, I begin to remember the smell of the moist, salty air rising up the hill from the sea, on the wind I hear the bleating of the ewes just past the fence and I sit down for a moment in that little chair, tilt back my head and let the sun shine its golden light onto my face while that remarkable wind blows every care I could ever have far, far away. If I have the time, I just might venture inside. Oh, I know the magical interior of this modest stone building isn’t visible in the photograph, but it is there in technicolour in my memory. Like walking inside a fluffy kaleidoscope, I see the wooden shelves, floor to ceiling, stuffed with rainbows and colour wheels of hand-dyed yarns. . Jacqueline de Ribes recalled'I worked on my costume for three months, I cut up three couture dresses and a sable coat.

She was no good with fancy dress.

She had no sense of theatre. 'de Ribes above r. and center figure below, by Serebriakoff Is it just me or does that amuse You? The Duchess was theatre. & Never would she have cut up couture- Sell them maybe, but never cut them up. We are readers. It's nice to turn off the TV and turn on some classical music and curl up with a good book. To us it is a great way to relax and let go of the stress our fast paced lives present us each day. Books seem to live in every room of our home. I love to decorate with them and around them. The back wall of our paneled family room has a good amount of built in bookcases and we are making good use of the space. They give us a spot to reflect our interests and passions. The shelves are filled with leather bound classics and some old college text books too. Some of David's golf books and the antique sextant along with a photo of David as a baby held in his father's arms. My own Daddy loved wood carvings and these are two of his favorites. Daddy was very interested in the ancient world as am I. It sucked. I never understood why other people didn't "get it". It's also International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a fact I'll remind him of over lunch. LOL! We have made plans to have lunch at a restaurant up in the mountains, we'll meet a friend there and, no doubt, have a lovely time. I have to tell you, he is getting better with age. The days we spend together here now are the best days of our lives - we have the freedom to do whatever we want and each day is full of interest as, piece by piece, we work towards our plans. I have fond memories of holidaying and birding in the wonderful, beautiful and unique India, a country where as a western birdwatcher trying to silently and unobtrusively observe unfamiliar species, I came to understand the meaning of the phrase “You are never alone in India”. It didn’t matter where I ventured, a walk across seemingly deserted paddyfield paths, checking the quietly flowing river bank for waders or wandering along an empty tideline, I quickly gathered an entourage of previously hidden ragamuffin children and adults eager to join in my strange pursuit, or better still look through binoculars that in a lifetime’s work they could never hope to own. How nice then that today I received a parcel from my friends at Princeton University Press containing a book I’d been so looking forward to seeing, the second edition of Birds of India by Richerd Grimmett and Tim & Carol Inskipp. Following this came a number of regional field guides such as Birds of Nepal, Birds of Northern India, Birds of Southern India and Birds of Sri Lanka. Bush given the.

Darlings, CC is super smitten with this trend in haute hairstyles! All images via couturecarrie on Pinterest.

or chic curls. If you want something a bit more edgy, go for an asymmetric style. or zany zig-zags! Swirly twirls are fun, too! Which beautiful braid do you find most bodacious? xoxox, CC. "The Haunted Book Shop"! Hey, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove feels this is the place to let ya know that Paul's brother, Alan, is battling cancer. If you want to know more, and/or would like to help with financial support, follow this link: Kupperberg Clobbering Cancer !. And yeah, it's extremely hypocritical. DCM 'Xmas Card' ChallengeThe challenge at DCM this week is to make an Xmas card. As soon as I saw the challenge I went upstairs and finished it off. I have wanted this cute duck stamp since last year and think I will be using it a lot this Xmas. Supplies Stamps: Penny Black Duck, Hero Arts SentimentTools: Prismacolors, Sansador, Glamour Dust, Papermaina Gems, Cuttlebug, NestabilitiesCardstock: Creative Smooth, White Hammer, Lilac Glitter Check. One of the ideas that has been proposed by Democrats as a means to raise revenues, as part of the ongoing negotiations over raising the federal debt limit, is to eliminate favorable tax treatment, in the form of accelerated depreciation, for racehorses. The idea is being framed as closing a tax loophole for the wealthy. Senator Jeff Merkely, Democrat from Oregon: “It’s a sport for the best-off. The thing is though that none of the owners or breeders that I know are particularly rich. Tricia did a great job simplifying the shapes and using texture in the bow to make it work for collage. She also added a cord to the edges of the bow when she was finished papering, and this really gives it a flowing effect of ribbon. That's resourceful! I love the definitive values in this piece as well, she has her darks, in the blue on the right, her lights in the green on the left in the green and the purple, and her mediums in the bow and box. It's important to establish and simplify values in figurative collage, so that each section stands out. I had an excellent meal of black beans and rice recently and realized it had been too long since I made this dish. I had a friend that lived in Costa Rica and we spent a lot of time there and I fell in love with beans and rice. Remove the smoked turkey and discard them, taste for seasoning and add some salt if needed. Raking leaves. Amish and English transportation. Fall colors are gone. The town below. Broken pumpkins. Hi friends. Today I have a new faux bow tutorial to share. This bow is easy and it's perfect for your autumn projects because it has a bit of a rustic-type feel with the burlap string used to tie the center. Each monthly assortment is a color or holiday themed mix of ribbons. More scans of Lionel for Thursday. Who Am I? My name is Samuel Justice. I became audio lead here at Frictional Games in February of this year. I work from home in a place called Worthing in England - a small seaside town that’s fairly sleepy. My mother played piano and my father the bass guitar and both enjoyed listening to a lot of music, so I was always surrounded by that as well. During high school the obsession with games shifted from playing them to developing them. .