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These people deserve my dedication.

thank me later. This well groomed seemingly pleasant and content man in this photo above is the most talented musician I have ever met. Some people play instruments, some people play instruments extremely well, and a few can manage to manipulate instruments and sounds to recreate an emotion only evoked by the original recordings of a Marvin Gaye or an Aretha Franklin. It's so bright and happy!This card is for the Raspberry Suite challenge and Get Sketchy challenge. I wasn't able to get the colors to show up quite right on the camera.

” Greater artist? How much greater can you get if you have written Jane Eyre and Villette? Prose’s condescending words about Nora Ephron’s brilliant elliptical essays are similarly puzzling.

One need not agree with West’s critical opinion to admire the beauty of her essay, which derives from the force and depth of her generous sympathy for the harsh exigencies of Charlotte Brontë’s existence. interior sections of the coastal counties along the mid coast and southwest Maine. Yuck 'n Yum contributor Jonny Redding is a bit of a genius, and here is yet another example: LINK. Up close to see the finer details. My second card, I cut around the cake shape and turned it into a shaped card. Folded paper to look like ribbon and lots of orange peel glitter glue. Hiya! It is me Chance the blogging Border Collie. I have been out scouting leaves for Far Side.

even if it means giving up a game of ball with Far Guy.

See I found her some. Now it is time to go back home. One of the things news anchors like to do is to shuffle papers a lot. It tends to look good on camera. Maybe they think viewers that see paper shuffling will think the anchors are important and that their copy is official, well, anchornese. "Thanks Bob for that report. " The thanks fetish is not only provided to the field reporter, but the sports guy, the weather lady, the other anchor and generally every living entity in the studio, the news room, the rest room. Thanks to you too. This type of behavior is now in force here in San Francisco with the Giants. It's against the law, apparently, to merely read the story straight and simply provide the account, the news! Sure, a natural disaster, an earthquake, a deeply awful event, incident allows for the concerned face card. I love pillows! And I'm constantly on the lookout for pretty and unique pillows.

but sometimes, the easiest way to find a unique pillow is to make one.

So today I wanted to share a round-up of some of my favorite past pillow tutorials. Find links to all these tutorials after the break. The past few days the weather has been "brilliant" - one of my favorite colloquialisms!The village next to us has a large asparagus farm so for the last week we have had asparagus for almost every meal. Before baking add some some real butter with pepper and Old bay seasoning. So easy and so good. We have also had it blanched with Garlic dipping sauce, Stir Fried with sesame oil, stuffed in Chicken with artichokes, and - of course - asparagus soup. It inspired me to dig through the quilting books and uncover one of those "someday" projects.

There is a great asparagus block in Ruth McDowell's book that I am going to try and tackle in the next few weeks.

Saturday I went to the Spring Garden Fair at Highnam Court Gardens. It was a really nice event.

Arnaud Clement is a cute little dude.

And he is the focus of today's update on the brflines site. I added seven new pics of Arnaud to his page on the brflines site. He is a ringleader of the cult known as the Nazarenes". Observation:Paul is being tried because he was falsely accused of speaking badly of the temple and bringing Gentiles into the temple. He is dragged from one trial to another like Jesus was and ends up before a governor names Felix. The attorney says the above stated verse about Paul. He says that Paul was a troublemaker who stirred up riots and he was a ringleader. It's late at night and I should be sleeping. but couldn't resist posting this nice head and shoulders formation from Dow intraday. -You may be required to work with Sponsor material from time to time. -Exclusive to Sketchabilities - You are asked to design for our Sketch Blog Only, no other sketch blog/site is permitted. A reader has lamented the fact that his/her parish is simply driving him/her crazy. In looking at the parish website, I can see some reasons why. Yesterday morning I helped Jazz into my truck and drove the mile to our vet's office. I knew it would most likely be his last ride in the truck. After months of decline, painful spinal arthritis, infections, and being pushed around by the other dogs I knew it was time to let him go. The last three nights before his death I was woken up in the middle of the night by his yowls of pain, and the night before I stayed up with him, falling asleep on the floor by his side. I knew, that night, that the vet would be called first thing in the morning. The vet fully supported the decision. She was wonderful, telling me a story about a Buddhist and her dog and offering tissues and water. The work of ending his life did not take long. He passed peacefully on the office floor, my face buried in the rough of his neck as the vet delivered the heart-stopping syringe. The IPCC is a case study in how a UN body took a particular set of political and philosophical beliefs about humanity’s interaction with the environment – and dressed them up as science. ''We've developed a real reputation for independence and authority in this area, and we just want to continue with that job.

We haven't seen any plans from the government to provide an alternative,'' he said.

Roger Pielke Jr. World leaders demand climate action as UN General Assembly begins“The time for radical leadership on climate change is now. First, there was the wallet. It was a great pen, giving me Red, Black, and Blue.

I'm very pleased to tell you that my book The Simple Life has been reprinted and should be available very soon - either online or at your local book store.

Thank you for your patience. I have two outdoor photos for you today, taken here at home in the past couple of days. He noticed me too and looked at the camera while I took the photo. He had such beautiful colouring - green top and yellow belly. Time to dust off the ratio-rite. To me, it's much more personal to 'talk' to you through a video than to write to you. Iran rejects Kurdish rebel ceasefire by euronews-en. Well, I've decided that. The girls played no real part in that proclamation. But after a little coaxing they have decided to play along. So, I thought I would tell you some of the reasons I love Razor.

My husband.

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Details of the training are yet to be determined by the State Board of Medical Examiners.

Often the devil is in the details, but here we have enough devil by the proposal and passage of the law itself.

The N. J. legislator who proposed the bill said it "was the first step in eliminating disparities in medical care among minority groups. From the reactions of medical school representative and the Medical society's president,we get a glimpse of a town-gown gap. The VP of NJ's med school said "the new law has the potential of actually working". I don't know where to start. Surin of Thailand has to be one of the best full flavored Thai restaurants I have ever had the "joy" to enjoy! Smart interior design. .