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The Blue Moon ladies dealt with it calmly and professionally and to my knowledge are up and running again with a new bank less than a week later.

What's interesting, though, is how other knitters are responding to the situation. First, of course, were the calls for retribution. The brands… suit & blouse: white house black market. shoes: nine west. I recently enlisted your help in choosing a suit to purchase for work. Since it was still a split pot I decided to go through my closet one more time just to make sure I wasn’t missing any other suit options that I currently had. Lo and behold I found a very classic conservative suit jacket and skirt ensemble. The reason I hadn’t been wearing it was because the skirt was too long. Simple fix – off to the seamstress it goes! In light of my conservative suit find, I decided to return suit A as well as the pants from suit B. C. Fortunately, I had my camera in my hand when we passed by this photogenic—I think—power grid. We stand to lose yet another man tomorrow. All rights reserved. The Kingdom is a cheap purchase, Whatever the cost. Unknown "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it. Washing up may not be the most popular chore but it would certainly be better at one of these beautiful sinks!. Every year. Yep, I'm still trading things. Just not really keeping a website about it. Trading things is fun, and maintaining a website about it was fun, but I figure I kinda peaked on the awesomeness level with that, so I just trade low pro these days. GINGHAM CHRISTMAS GREETINGS. They are falsehoods," Chuck Todd tells Pres. Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway this morning. WATCH: pic. At the Democratic debate, both candidates fought hard and like grownups over real issues that matter to real people. And rather than taking that long and lethal Al Gore walk away from the record of the man who they are fighting to succeed, to different degrees the both hugged the Obama Legacy tight. So if I had to pick a "winner", it say it was Bernie Sanders, but not because Hillary Clinton screwed up in any fatal way. Democrats who don't remember him. don't remember him and Democrats who do remember him look forward to the day when we can piss on his grave. Enjoy. Sunday is turning out to be a tough night for folks, so I've closed the lounge for tonight and we'll reevaluate whether there's enough sustained interest going forward. Enjoy the evening. I was trying to be clever with today's entry, but o-well. I think it is actually the cheese stands alone! Well, last night was very big for me. I set up the baby monitor in Sophia's bedroom, and I actually put her in her baby bed to sleep. This was terribly traumatic. The poor baby cried. I walked away, thinking that she would cry herself to sleep. So, I walked to her room, peaked over her bed, and I saw the tears on her face. It totally broke my heart. Hello, My Friends! WOW! What a weekend! We had an amazing time at the Scrapbook Expo in Orange County, CA. THAT was super cool! Here are some photos from the Expo. Fayleen showing off the Make n' Take Melanie, Tiffany, Me and Katie. we make a great team! Oh, and if you were at the convention, we handed out flyers for our Make n' Take day at our facility in Irvine. no, really! An amendment was proposed at the Democratic convention to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and also the addition of God back into the platform of the Democratic party. To the amazement of chairman of the convention, Antonio Villaraigoso, fully half of the people booed when the ayes and nays were called for. He called three times for a vote and finally just deemed it passed. Unbelievable. CC has and absolutely adores! Perfect for the beach, for toting groceries, or as a chic carry-all! Brocade Matea Weekender. FrenchSentiments. Etsy. Now, I am familiar with Carla, having taken her online class "The Art of Silliness. " Carla's "Giraffe Creativity Experiment" class began yesterday, but you might still be able to get in on the fun. The more I read about this class on her blog, the more I like it! Carla says that giraffes are a bit absurd looking and that she just can't get them off her mind. I had the very BEST time creating Gustav, playing with the patterns on his neck. I could see myself revisiting this theme. No prices so far, and I'll relate the story as I learn it. Are there enough paying customers for so many new Crockers? It's an interesting question, and certainly depends on the final sale price. Michael Schacht of the LA-based Crocker Motorcycle Co.

Looks like Crocker fans will soon be spoiled for choice, if the choices aren't spoiled by litigation.