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I was lucky enough to receive the Powertouch for free through bzzagent to give to one of my teens to try. The first time he used it, he used it dry just like the booklet says that you can. It gave him horrible razor burn and even caused some little scabs and bleeding. Pretty close to the same result. She was terrified, and is suing for post-traumatic stress. Here in Texas and in other states that permit their free populace to go armed, this might have gotten even more traumatic. for the robber. And, had this little incident happened in my little patch of Texas, I would have sat down with the felony intake D. Shyte. Damn him. My buddy LawDog's blog is apparently worth Zero dollars, as well, which makes me feel better, as it makes clear that this assessment is utter crap. This blog is about as apolitical as I can make it.

But you can only bite your lip for so long.

The shambolic excuse for democracy we are lumbered with is a disgrace. Despite the illusion of a democratic process the one thing we know at each election is that we are going to be governed predominantly by public school educated, oxbridge graduates, who are unlikely to have ever held down a real job. And as for the upper house, this is nothing less than an affront to the concept of democracy. This specifically tells us not to falsely accuse our neighbor nor to give him what you think are his just desserts. Rendering to any man according to his work is not Christian. It is certainly not our place to falsely accuse a neighbor and it is neither our place to give paybacks. If we received from Christ what we deserved for our own wickedness we would never stop suffering. In God’s provision of grace mercy is not found by rendering to any man according to his work.

Covingtons Customs continues to add innovative, new products to their existing line of custom Harley-Davidson accessories with the addition of their Dimpled Brake Arm Assembly and Shift Lever Assembly for all H-D Touring Models.

All products are CNC machined from the highest grade billet aluminum with a streamlined, dimpled style. Made in the USA. Available in your choice of chrome or black finish. covingtonscustoms. We have an awesome treat today! Elena has styled the sweetest Easter party with Happy Easter and Penelope's Blossoms! I just love how she added the charcoal color in to her sweet pastels. Draw a pencil line where you would like your sentiment to sit and stamp the sentiment in a black ink. Have you ever faced opposition while on your Christian walk of faith? If so, you’re not alone.

Opposition to the Christian way of doing things has existed since Christianity began.

Paul emphasizes three characteristics of love: Harmony, humility and helpfulness. The church at Philippi needed to submit to Christ’s will and serve others. Snapback hats. Symbols: Expensive sneakers. Baggy pants. Beliefs/Values The hip-hop subculture is a universal culture that promotes diversity among its audience.

There is a union of ethnicities in this subculture that allows kids from Detroit to relate to kids in Hong Kong through hip-hop music.

The hip-hop subculture has a great influence among teens of all ethnicities. This rebellion derives from teens feeling empowered and feeding off of this censorship. Teens like that the status quo and parents seek to censor this culture and they feed off of this censorship because its viewed as wrong and defies social norms. Mainstream InfluencePromotion of the hip-hop subculture is prominent among various industries. Information tables, drop-in legal clinics, websites and help lines are all models in which an attorney takes limited responsibility for a client’s case. Many of these models expand access by employing volunteer attorneys and law students to provide services on a “limited scope” basis. This program will address the ethical and practical issues and concerns arising from the diversification and expansion of this model of representation. Perkins Coie attorneys Harry Schneider and Joe McMillan will discuss issues of legal ethics presented through their representation of Salim Ahmed Hamdan, widely known as Osama bin Laden's personal driver. Rumsfeld decision on the limits of presidential power. m. m.


SeattleSpeakers:Harry Schneider, Perkins Coie Joe McMillan, Perkins Coie. This paper should be regarding the attached case study. Signs are all the rage now, but to be honest, have we ever stopped loving them? Hanging a funky sign in your kitchen, office or studio lets visitors know you do not take your surroundings quite so seriously. I do not want to explain once again who are the Bidun and what they are going through, as you can check this label "Bidun" in my blog to know more in details. My father has always described democracy in Kuwait being "as weak as a chocolate bar" referring to how this alleged "democracy" is an exclusive right for certain people/classes in Kuwait. We saw a Shiaa tweep getting arrested and banned from family visits by state security police months ago because he bashed the Saudi and Bahraini regimes, we saw Egyptians getting deported for protesting in front of their embassy in support of Al-Baradi last year, and in support of their revolution this year. We have also witnessed police brutality against hundreds of Kuwaiti youth protesting in February and March for their rights of documentation, health, education, and citizenship. Kuwaiti Human Rights association has met with those who were investigated, later released, and documented how they were tortured and harrased. When contacting one of the association's members, she told me that those agreed to speak asked to keep their cases confidental in fear of facing SS again. In Kuwait, "the country of chocolate-democracy", those who are not Kuwaitis are not allowed to protest for whatever reason. Citizens are asked to get a permission for protesting, and might not face trouble if they do not, depending on the nature of their protest. it. I am a huge fan of the blog fine little day, which depicts mom/artist Elisabeth Dunker's home life in Sweden. Every once in awhile, though, Elisabeth steps into a friend's home with her camera and takes a series of photographs, showing us the perfect little details of dreamy Scandinavian interiors. She recently photographed Maria Kristofersson's space, which made me want to go through her past home tours all over again. That lady definitely has a great eye. When I sat down in the booth with her at the meeting place she had designate, I took off my jacket, and unexpectadly, but not to my dismay, half my right tit fell out.

As I covered, I glanced around and there were quite a few gawkers.

not all male. I liked that. and I liked that Sherry had that "trying not to look but I can't help it" look in her eyes right at me and right at my breast. YouTube link. The echolalia is intense. The echolalia is intense. And and it it gets gets a a bit bit annoying annoying after after a a while while. I've been having a dry spell the last couple of days so I was digging through some things I saved and came up with a meme!! I know. It's called Random Countdown. Dear Query Shark, Neither of Susan’s parents were dentists, yet they molded their Southern belle to make a perfect impression.

Susan’s Stepford wife marriage goes to hell in a hand basket when she discovers her Rhett Butler spouse prefers Ashley Wilkes clad in leather Harley gear.

Betrayal spreads Susan’s legs wide open as she steps down from her virtuous soapbox determined to put the ‘hell’ back in the ‘hath no fury. ’ The former belle of the ball reinvents herself as the sultry redheaded Candice Collins, the in-house call girl occupying the penthouse suite at The Regal, a five star Manhattan landmark. Her alter-ego swells as her mattress grows lumpy with lavish tips for her Academy Award performances. If you frequent my blog, you will know that sketching is such a big part of my creative process. It is how I work through ideas, practice drawing and challenge myself to capture my experiences and inspiration on paper. The sketching process is also one of my favorite ways to explore the world around me. In the live classes and retreats that I teach at my studio, we spend time outside sketching and I demonstrate simple sketching techniques, ways to keep a visual journal and how to use exploration and adventure in your sketching process.

After a couple of hectic and blog stifling weeks, things are easing up here in Puddlecoteville, so it's time for some catching up as my to do list has been growing at a steady rate.

To start with, let's try to emulate our previous successes in a poll being conducted at Lib Dem Voice. They are looking to award their annual Liberal Voice of the Year prize, but include some rather illiberal options such as Obama and the Occupy Movement, for some strange reason. The stand out choice on their short list though, it seemed to me, is Mark Littlewood, a man with impeccable classical liberal credentials as regularly displayed on his Daily Mail blog and at the IEA website. Liberal Vision - always a good guide - are backing him, and their reasoning is perfectly sound. But perhaps the real reason why we here at Liberal Vision think that he deserves to win is that he has, almost single-handedly, championed the cause of personal freedom.

He has been THE VOICE for all those people out there who believe that Government meddling, nannying or nudging is insane, frequently counter-productive and too often unfair – but have no opportunity to say so.

He speaks for millions. I couldn't agree more, which is why I've cast my vote in his direction already.

Ah, yes.

The week is over.

The weekend is nigh. There is the sense of freedom, of possibility, dare I say…romance? Certainly here next to the roaring fire with a sheepskin adorned in front of it the wine glasses are clinking and two hearts are thawing near its fiery embrace. Or, you know, you're defrosting some old pig hearts to feed your hawk. No, there's no romance here these days. But there is a lot going on. Mostly animal related. Just a hundred yards away, on the opposite side of my house, the lambs are learning to be sheep.

Both species have a verve you just don’t see in their adult forms.

Just as the birds are firecrackers, the sheep are little pistols in their own right. The little Scottish Blackface lambs look nothing like the white angels most people picture when they hear the word lamb. Instead they are born into this world like Muppet monsters, all shaggy hair, tiny round horns, big eyes and hooves most people assume they are goats. A few people demand they are goats, and when I call the splotched hairy babies sheep they patiently correct me. She never married- saw every court intrigue imaginable, participated in them- of course. New paper model of Jake the Dog from the Adventure Time series, papercraft created by Poethetortoise. bdjobs. Rachel asked about making soup from scratch, so here are my thoughts on soups. I have two regulars I make frequently over winter that are made in large amounts and are either frozen to eat later or will feed Hanno and I for about five or six days. These are vegetable soup and pea soup. Both are based on bone broths and both can be made without bones, using just vegetables. I used to be a vegetarian until I read Nourishing Traditions. That book convinced me that I should eat certain types of meat and these soups are the ideal recipes for those types of meat, and bones. Samantha Shannon's The Bone Season created some waves and garnered some positive reviews when it originally came out last year. In addition, a lot of the rave reviews came from sources that don't often cover speculative fiction, which is always sort of a red flag for me. Still, I remained intrigued. So when I received the paperback edition, I decided to bring it with me on my trip to the Middle East. Sadly, as expected, it wasn't anything special. To kill time on the bus, the book was all right. But it's nowhere near as original as some of those reviews make it out to be. The Bone Season is just another dystopian near-future novel featuring numerous plotlines that we've seen many times before. Her job: to scout for information by breaking into people’s minds. It is raining the day her life changes for ever. I have argued vehemently on this blog the danger of labeling all Muslims as radical extremists just as it would be equally wrong to 'tar' Maori with the same brush. Like all sections of society some may need help and assistance along the way. I don't begrudge them that. For Islamic radicals that vision might include a society where Sharia Law rules supreme. For confirmation of this you need to look no further than Ngati Kahu, the mob of useless nobodies led by self styled Maori 'Champagne Radical' Margaret Mutu. who occupied Kaitaia airport recently in support of a Treaty Claim that's going no-where against a stated 'all or nothing' approach by Mutu.

I was supposed to go to Palm Springs & booze it up around the pool but the woman decided to stay home and work.

I spent two days finishing up this taillight/mount/lens deal and cleaning up the sub frame on this BMW. Since I'm kind of bummed on not having a camper special of my own I thought being able to strap some crap on the back would be nice so I went ahead and made some chingas and poorly weld them up or on I guess. I'm pretty hell bent on finally getting this thing out of the my garage & into Paul's where it belongs.

which reminds me.

It's time to make meatballs again.

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Crew, via nymag. Same difference. .