Description of ""Pearlized Handmade Porcelain Round Beads, OrangeRed, 6mm, Hole: 1.5mm"

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beads, cheap beads, mixed pearlized plated handmade porcelain round beads, about 6mm in diameter, hole: 1mm, handmade polymer clay beads, round, orangered, about 14mm in diameter, hole: 2mm

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I would definitely love to own a few of them to hang in our home.

The Ramesseum. History never lacks a sense of irony, does it?To be fair, the GEM is no small undertaking. Just to back from a few days down at Edisto Island which is just South of Charleston, S. C. It is a pretty quiet place so we spent lot of time walking, biking, and watching the dolphins. All new story quilts reflecting the Gullah culture of the area. One mistake does not have to rule a person's entire life. -J. I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His word I hope. So, as I was driving down to Salt Lake for my day off. As I drove past a McDonald's, I noticed that the flag was flying at half staff. I thought to my self, "Oh my! Has Bill Clinton died?". happy St. I put holes in the box and everything. I made sure he had big arms. to make up for such a small cake. Can I just say it was so good to see some of you! To squeal at the first glimpse of you across the street, to hug your neck again. Amazing. It was probably one of the most intense weekends of my life. Not only, Living Proof Live, but things going on in our home church. What a weekend it was. I'm a little disappointed to say that I did not take the first picture. Not a single one. PPA's Challenge: Clean, simple and use stars. Friend's new granddaughter: Born on Flag Day.

Don't you love it when the stars align?.

Trainers name was Philadelphia. I colored my Little Athlete with copic markers and created lots of layer to make this card pop,my base color and all designer papers are SU Bashful Blue , I inked around all my layers to keep the color palate flowing , the white background layer was embossed with SU stripes folder , when you sponge ink it the stripe really show and this creates lots of texture ,I then stitched this layer with my sewing machine. I am very behind in the blogging world and refuse to just skip over everything. Lets rewind to Christmas Eve. His two sisters also came by and we exchanged gifts. Greg bought Stefi a pink North face jacket, which she was extremely excited about. Jennifer wasn't feeling good and decided to head home. Tom, Stefi, Greg and I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday. It was a ton of fun and a delicious meal. We then proceeded over to Toms mom, Sues house. We gave her the pictures we took and she loved everything! She could wait to hang it up. Where we took a picture of Judy in a hat and then broke our hearts over the perfect-for-Judy’s-house wooden screen door – that was the wrong size. Like six inches wrong, which means you can’t fudge it to fit. Dang! Heading for our next stop through a residential neighborhood, we halted at a stop sign. A youngish man across the street immediately headed for us, carrying a fishing pole. We had the top down on my car and he came right up to the passenger side. “Hey,” he said. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day: “Poetry is a controlled refinement of sobbing. " - Nicholson BakerA rare and steady rain pulsates from the sky, and has many with quizzical looks gazing towards the heavens. Not to worry, however, as the AM crew is out in force and is currently a flurry of board bags, various states of undress, and many a lowered tailgate. They are chasing the remnants of the SSW that is providing fun, if not epic, amounts of stoke this morning. Find yourself amongst them, or don't.

CHANNEL: Rumors and scuttlebutt of the return of the Mali-Bo bar may be closer to reality than one might surmise, as a dynamic duo who are making the most can attest this fine day.

That's what this past weekend was like. I quilted this oh-so cute baby quilt for Stephanie, using Popcorn pantograph and eggshell thread. The colors are actually more subtle than my photos and it's absolutely cute-as-can-be. And the back, which is a soft lavender:Then, I quilted one of my own using the same panto and pink thread.

This one is for Kendyll, the new daughter of one of my co-workers, Bryan.

Darlings, stripes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And CC is delighted! From nautical chic looks to pretty pinstripes to rock 'n roll edge, there's sure to be a spectacular striped pair of pants for each of CC's fellow fashionistas in this pretty post! Photos via vogue.

Apparently it has not been seen since the first day.

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