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Makes card making a breeze!! So my card today is VERY CAS. Let it snow. well not quite. but that is the theme of this months Fun Friday at YNS. My card isn't really a "let it snow" I don't have many of "those" types of stamps because to be honest, it depresses me.

Artmann TNI.

It's like a conspiracy, a tinfoil hat thing, ya know. Eastman's classic, big, thin line. Some of the best vintage sounding pickups made. My back was killing me last night, even after a Neuromuscular Therapy appointment, an hour on the TENS unit, and a little more bodywork by Mary in the evening. So, I took a muscle relaxant to decrease the muscle spasms in my lower and mid back, and hoped that I perhaps might sleep through the night, something I haven't done for weeks now. Sometimes, based upon my relationship with a patient, I might decide to share with them my own struggles with chronic pain if I feel that my personal disclosure would be of some benefit. Last night, I was doing a per diem shift in the health center for the evening session. These evening shifts are generally low-key: a vaccination here and there, faxing prescriptions to pharmacies, joking around with the docs and medical assistants. However, one never knows when one's circumstance will be altered from its usual trajectory, and just such a situation arose last evening. Suffice it to say that the detailed circumstances of the initial situation catalyzing this event are superfluous to the story as a whole. Needing further inquiry, the social worker had been called into the exam room, and the father was left in the waiting room to fume and pace. Unfortunately, all of this occurred without my having a shred of knowledge of what was transpiring. A wild-eyed medical assistant calmly asked him to remain where he was as she took me around a corner to explain the situation in detail. While we were talking and my grasp of the situation grew, her gaze fixed over my shoulder and I turned around to see the man in question making his way quickly towards us up the hallway. As you may have noticed, I will be posting here again. So I am back again ^_^ I cannot promise I will be posting regularly, but it will happen significantly more frequently. I am also going to start up my Prayer Beads analysis again, so watch for that on Sundays!. I hope everyone takes a look at this list of found property. We have exhausted all other avenues for finding the owners, so thank you to all of you for taking a look at this current list to see if you know who these items might belong to. If you know, please contact them, or contact one of our Property offices. As you all know Far Guy has Trigeminal Neuralgia, if you don’t then let me just say that is is the most horrid disorder that has a mind of it’s own. Far Guys pain is always present. but then he gets a “spell”of excruciating pain. Anything can trigger a spell. eating crunchy food, brushing his teeth, someone touching his face, a hug, the wind, and stress. Dana Hahn is the News Director at chaotic-central KTVU where no one knows the direction, the immediate future and overall point of the station, its missive is totally unclear. Very calculating. This just in from the U. S. m. that the crewman fell overboard while trying to remove fishing gear from the propeller. Both Coast Guard assets are on scene. In Cambodia, everything costs a dollar. They pretty much all speak some English and they take US money. The arts and crafts, bags, spices, carvings and silver are incredible. How much is that? One dollar. Well how much is that? One dollar. The room above is pulled together with a great mix of styles: Modern cow hide chaise with chrome, Renaissance chair with tattered upholstery, primitive chippy paint pedestal, antique illustrations, leather books, raw-wood door. In this day and age of collecting, junking, and re-purposing, it is easy for all of us to call our interiors "eclectic", but what is eclectic really? And how can we pull an eclectic interior together to be something more than just a glorified hodge-podge?! In the words of my mentor Carol Bolton, "It takes a lot of work to make something look undecorated. " Amen sister. I found some images that I feel kick eclectic into a true decorator style. Modern desk, retro style sofa, Asian table, Persian rug,traditional painting. Al Masry Al YoumAuthorities in Alexandria are preparing plans for the restoration of the city’s only Jewish monument. The synagogue on Nabi Daniel street is one of Egypt’s most important Jewish historical sites. The scheme will be carried out by Cairo University’s Center for Antiquities and Environment Studies, with the assistance of various experts. Ali Hilal, project manager at the Supreme Council for Antiquities, said it is among the most notable current preservation plans for Egyptian monuments. Israel National NewsEgypt plans to restore Alexandria's lone remaining active synagogue, the Eliahou Hanabi Synagogue – the city's “only Jewish monument,” according to a report published in the Al Masry Al Youm newspaper. Located on Nebi Daniel Street, the synagogue was hailed in the report as “one of Egypt's most important Jewish historical sites. ”The renovations are to be carried out by Cairo University's Center for Antiquities and Environment Studies, according to the report, which noted that “all Egyptian Jewish monuments” are to be renovated. A U. S. Named the “Birch Cent” after its designer, the coin is one of the first pieces of U. S. currency ever minted, and it's one of just seven of this particular design that remain. everlastingblort. Here in "Hollywood South", we have top of the line ads. just imagine. In spite of these successes, HCV still remains a serious threat, both domestically and abroad. Recent therapeutic advances hold the potential to halt the progression of HCV infection and disease. While HCV-infected persons can be effectively treated, more effort is needed to screen, diagnosis, treat and provide continuity of care. I'm also introducing a new technique I want to call "Controlled Color Bleeding". I put together a tutorial so you can give it a try, too! You can also watch the video right on my YouTube channel HERE. The 'Lassiter' is a priceless antique pistol featured in the Firefly tv series, life-size paper model created by RocketmanTan. Say it ain't so. Over and over again, I hear about the closing of brick and mortar, mom and pop shops. It's still going strong. I've mulched plants with shredded paper but you have to sprinkle on some blood and bone, or some form or nitrogen fertiliser, to stop the nitrogen lock down in the soil as the paper breaks down. Happy Halloween everyone! We did our trick-or-treating last night, so that's why we already have pictures in our costumes. Not only that, it was really windy too! To top things off, Aaron had his basketball coaches' clinic last night, so I had to go by myself. Here are a lot of pictures of the kids.

It was kind of a fiasco and it was hard to get them to both cooperate at the same time.

Enjoy!This was her "giddy up" look! Brody did great with the hat - kept it on all night! The best pic of the kids together - and I'm in it. I'm home for a doctor's appointment so I thought I'd throw a jar of gold in a pan for a little 'show & tell'. We're pulling a lot of quartz / gold pieces this year. One piece has quartz, a manganese coating and hole through the middle. Some others have an iron oxide tint.

I'll do a further update on the gold when we pull out of camp.

Due to the extremely low water levels, I had to retire my Bazooka Gold Trap Sluice in favor of my Rockin' Gold Grabber. This is Olivia Newton-John. I'd like to thank you all very much for voting me two Golden Hammers. Ok, is was nice enough to win one, but two is extra nice. Danke schön!". Sitting in my kitchen this morning, children have been fed,changed. I am on my second coffee and already the golden tones of my lovely daughter whining Maaaaaaaawmy, are gently starting to wear me down.

It's a big day today as we have HUUUUUGE park plans.

Listening to Limbaugh this morning. Shut up. " And he went on: "Frankly, I wish I had more of an ego. "Allrighty then. This constitutes ironclad, conclusive proof of what I've long suspected. We're all dead. First things first, darlings! The winner of CC's StockinGirl.


Boulee Parker dress. Gryphon Glitter dress. Tucker long flowy skirt. Stella McCartney one-shoulder satin dress. I needed to keep it quick, so I pulled out Sweet Shapes for its simple, but fun images. I also kept the stamping to a minimum. " I didn't set out with that size in mind. It just happened that my elements looked a little better on a sligthly smaller canvas. On a different note, does anyone have a paper cutter they absolutely love? I feel like I've been around the world looking for just the right cutter. e. Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus is very different and so much tastier than it's American counterpart. This authentic middle eastern hummus recipe is creamy and delicate in taste rather than overpowered with garlic or thick and pasty. It is eaten warm, fresh, and as a whole meal spread out in a dish and drizzled with fresh olive oil. It is scooped up with pita, raw onion slices, or just a fork. Add baking soda, if using. Its been a busy week since getting back from Goodwood, some good reasons some not so good. We are trying the ferry for the first time as we have a heap of stuff to take with us. We have a nine hour drive to Aberdeen and then a fourteen hour ferry trip! Overnight, so hopefully I will sleep through most of it. I'm not really a boat person so this is a big test for me. The reason we are going is that on Thursday morning I am the opening keynote speaker at the In The Loop Two conference being held at the Shetland Museum. I will report back with a longer post on our return, but in the meantime wish me luck for my boat ride. for now Ruby xx. Again h/t to DrRick. The phrase "greatly enhanced" does not begin to capture the enormity of what that change could be. The initials changes to IPAB or the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

The authors,Wallace Simpson and Kimball Atwood iv,discuss how something as absurd as much of CAM has gained an alarming degree of respectability in medical schools.

They speak of :"The guardians that usually keep the institution of medicine from reeling off into irrationality are social contracts built into medical science and ethical behavior. For the Absurd to have advanced, there must have been some breakdown of these social guardians. It used to be about teaching the science and art of medicine not the science, pseudoscience and art of medicine. .