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Glorious boogy boarding, time for our kids to play with their cousins, and lots of lovely walks and jogs along the beach. Yep, I've started jogging. Much to my surprise, I'm loving it - and discovering muscles in places where I've had no muscles for years. Can you believe this was Ingawanis Woodlands? Ten years ago on the blog I wrote about my experience at what is now Ingawanis Woodlands with Mike Reimer and Jason Boucher then both of Salsa Cycles. I wrote last week that it was the "second big honor" of that week back then. It was only second because of the time when it occurred, not because it was in some way less than the other thing. Anyway, check out this image. Those of you who now ride Ingawanis Woodlands may not recognize this at all. This was a service road that ran near to the perimeter of the parcel of land which then was known as the South Side of Camp Ingawanis, and before that, it was the Girl Scouts of America camp portion of Camp Ingawanis. All that is left of this service road is a portion that runs straight back off of the gravel road to the South end of the property. If you really pay attention, you can see where this was yet today. Legislation to re-establish a coastal management program in Alaska is back before the state House in Juneau. , with eight House members, from both parties, co-sponsoring the legislation offered by Majority Leader Alan Austerman, R- Kodiak. Meanwhile it appears that an initiative to establish a coastal management program for Alaska will qualify for a place on this year’s general election ballot. Should legislators pass substantially similar legislation, the ballot measure could be pre-empted. Co-sponsors of the legislation to date include Representatives Paul Seaton, R-Homer, Peggy Wilson, R-Wrangell, Bob Herron, D-Bethel, Bryce Edgmon, D-Dilingham, Reggie Joule, D-Kotzebue, and Beth Kertulla, D-Juneau. With the initiative, he said, there would just be an up-down vote. legis. state.

Long time no see - thank you again for all your sparkling words while I've been gone.

It's been busy but thankfully in a good way - things are gradually mellowing out and it's good to be back. These pictures by Hans Blomquist seem rather befitting this dark, soft May evening. Photos: Hans Blomquist. Read the article here. Sometimes I feel like I don't have an original thought of my own and I simply capitalize on the thoughts of others, but when I saw this quote on Instagram, it resonated with me.

I was a happy child and I am a happy old lady.

I attribute that happiness to my daily celebration of the "ordinary". Each day in our garden brings a smile to my face. The sight of fortnight lilies in full bloom this morning was the perfect opening for another ordinary day. Steve and I get quite giddy when we spot more tomatoes on the vine and can't wait until they ripen. These pretty yellow flowers, or maybe they are weeds, are part of the ordinary view on our morning walks. I enjoy an ordinary day on the beach as much as a spectacular one.

I was talking to a friend recently about everyday life and I told her I was content to simply watch my flowers bloom.

This conference – alongside the Postcard Project and blog – explores questions of what visitors to literary graves, houses and landscapes were seeking, and how these engagements were mediated by the spaces themselves.

It is particularly interested in how writers’ houses ‘place’ the author: canonically, within a particular space and time, and in the promotion of a carefully curated image of the author.

Ruth has created a darling little chick in the grass. Her Peep bookmark looks like it would be quick to do. She has done it in a very pretty variegated thread with a green border that makes it look like a flower. She has also posted a picture of some beautiful blackwork done by a friend. She has also done some bead work, but hasn't been tatting very much recently. Marty and her sister have teamed up. Her sister has dyed some onsies and Marti created some lace to match for their niece's baby. She hasn't been following a pattern, just letting the lace go where it wants. "LARGO, Fla. It was subsequently determined that the crime occurred in unincorporated Largo and detectives assigned to the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division began investigating the case. ". Please check out our new school website. Please sign up for email notifications if you want to get school reminders and announcements. However, Kimball Area is very, very good. They have developed a very strong resume so far this season. I look forward to the rematch later this season at the B-B-E high school!Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball, Central Minnesota Conference. Becca Gruber won the Miss Belgrade crown tonight. About six minutes into the clip, the coronation part of the program begins. Thank you to everyone who attended the program. It's very important to keep these parts of the town celebrations going. Also, a huge thank you to the four families who had their daughter enter the Miss Belgrade program. Hats off to you. This contemporary residence is designed to seamlessly open unto the panoramic coastal ridge-top site via expansive operable glazed walls. via. strawberries are back! I'm in love!. Did you know I get lots of my FABULOUS ideas from you guys? Yep. I am loving these new prints by Sandra Juto. Her work is inspiring beyond words. Isn’t this little guy precious! Mama and PaPa Cardinal built a nest in the Bittersweet vine that climbs up the trellis on my front porch. They are the proud parents of two babies. I kept a close eye on them and got this shot the very first day that they left the nest. I was so excited I had to show it to you.

They have flown the coop and I haven’t seen them since.

Have you signed up for the Shop Swap? The Attic Window Quilt Shop is swapping with Quilted Memories in Montague. This is how it works: You register at one of the shops to participate. They would also earn him the undying enmity of his successors in a field that only later acquired the polish of a professional discipline — archaeology. While granting that Belzoni may be what a colleague has called “the most notorious tomb robber Egypt has ever known,” Ivor Noël Hume, the former director of Colonial Williamsburg’s archaeological research program, also admits to a fondness for this indefatigable entrepreneur.

New Lesbian Sensations of my Symbiotic SoulmateWe are in an awkward position on the bed.

facing each other. she wants in on my boobs and because she is so tall, she has to twist her body downward to get her full mouthful.

I am loving the sensation.

I've been meaning to do an update about Holland's eyes. Probably a good thing I waited, because now I need to update on Eden's eyes as well!Less than a month after Holland's last eye muscle surgery we started noticing that her left eye seemed like it was turning out instead of in. After totally obsessing and over-analyzing it for a couple of days I called her opthamologist office and asked what we should do. She told me to start patching her again for two hours a day and to bring her in for an earlier appointment two days later. I kind of freaked out a little after that appointment, because not only did the doc confirm that the left eye was turning out, but also that Holland was not using her left eye well, and definitely not seeing as well with both eyes. The doc did think that Holland was able to pull the eye in, and feels that we should be able to correct the problem with a new prescription and more patching, rather than needing another surgery. So, that's what we're doing. again. The first impression that people get about a party is by the invitations. I wanted to have something that would really reflect the fun and adventure of the Wilderness Explorer party. I went online and found a lot of great ideas but my favorite was a ticket. I can't remember where I found it but I knew I had to use it for the invitations. I went through a couple of different incarnations of an invitation. First, I thought I would use the ticket like a postcard. Filling out the party information and having the recipient and the address on the back. I didn't really like it. I also made a plain invitation and thought about using the ticket as an insert that the girls would have to bring to the party and redeem for a prize. I didn't like that either and the chances of the girls remembering to bring it were slim. Finally, I came up with a card that incorporated the ticket on the front of the card. I used one to cut up for the front of the invitations and I used the other for decoration at the party. dogemask thisiswhyimbroke. But like I said, you can never have enough plaid ! Recently, this runner at Homegoods caught my eye. And of course I had to buy it to add to my plaid collection! A black watch plaid like this one would be pretty for fall as well. I haven't created a table setting with the runner yet, but I thought it would be fun to look back at some table settings where I have used plaid or checks in the past. A Corner of my kitchen that has a bit of Christmas cheer. It is spreading through out the house. Most pieces were found at garage sales or second-hand stores. I collect the holly berry motif that Target had a few years back. The funny part is the only pieces I got from Target are the plates you see stacked. The other pieces were found here and there. If you think that I bought that candle because of the polka dot ribbon. YOU would be right. I am a sucker for polka dots. Dirty weather in the Andes. Vi mostro le pagine che la rivista Ricamo Italiano Speciale Natale ha voluto dedicare ai miei ricami. E' una foto ripresa alla mostra che ho tenuto a Milano qualche anno fa. Le altre due foto si riferiscono ad una magnifica mostra che sono andata a visitare con un gruppo di amiche a Bassano del Grappa. Le signore di Bassano hanno allestito in modo eccellente con buon gusto ed estrema acuratezza. This picture is taken from a personal show that I made two years ago in Milan. It has been published on Ricamo Italiano magazine. The others two pictures are from a show in Bassano Del Grappa where I've been with friends last saturday. The ladies from Bassano made a wonderfull work, good taste and sophisticated stitches. Yet again Sunday’s weather forecast looked likely to sabotage any chance of a birding or ringing session in the week ahead as tightly packed isobars drew ever decreasing circles on the charts. Then late on Sunday afternoon a window of light winds and zero rain opened up in the centre of the low pressure system sitting directly over Oakenclough. Andy was game. The single Siskin caught was an adult female in fine condition.

After last night’s rain and hail storm the morning was bright if still cold and windy.

I set out for Knott End hoping to see a few storm driven strays, maybe a Little Gull or a sea bird or two. As often happens when birding, it’s the unpredictable which steals the show, if only briefly. In the car park I’d hardly stopped the car, warming my gloves on the dash for my impending walk when the gulls near the jetty rose up to see off a raptor. It was a male Hen Harrier arriving from the north and heading directly and quickly up river, leaving me with fleeting views before it disappeared out of sight. There was no point walking up river into the teeth of the gale as there is nowhere for a harrier to stop for a mile or more. Perhaps this was the same male which spent last winter on the mosses of Pilling and Rawcliffe, just a few miles from Knott End, the bird returning to a locality where it managed to survive a brutal winter? Time will tell as no doubt this post will now prompt others to look elsewhere for this or additional Hen Harriers. Here's one of the many superb plates from the recent Crossley ID Guide: Britain & Ireland published by Princeton University Press.

I have a copy of this book in my car both to show others and to browse through during rainy intervals of birding.

Ok, so does any one else travel for a few days and get slammed when they get home? well I have been super busy with scrap club, card kits, classes and a few other stampin related items. Plus my husband is installing hardwood in my Living room, dining room and foyer. here are a few shots from Convention and some Highlights for me. NBC dutifully reports on Lyin' Ted's crocodile tears: Ted Cruz: Trump is a 'Sniveling Coward'Ted Cruz called Donald Trump a "sniveling coward" and told him to leave his wife "the hell alone" on Thursday after Trump retweeted an unflattering photo of his spouse, Heidi Cruz. "It's not easy to tick me off. I don't get angry often," Cruz told reporters while campaigning in Wisconsin. "But you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that'll do it every time. Donald you are a sniveling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone. " "Our spouses and our children are off bounds," Cruz warned. "It is not acceptable for a big loud New York bully to attack my wife. " The Texas senator said Trump is scared by "strong women" and that "real men don't try to bully women. We have identified that audit log reports link not available for SharePoint Online OneDrive for business and mysite. The same link as in the screenshot is available for other SharePoint Online sites. This seems to be an issue since we can enable the audit logs but could not view the logs. This is my first tutorial of a boy's wear and my detailed instructions and color photographs will make sewing these shorts a cakewalk for any beginner seamstress. You will need more or less depending upon the age. Doi Patol or Parwar in Dahi is a dish my mother cooked whenever Parwar as we Maharashtrians call it was in season. Yes there was a season for it and it was mostly available in winter months. Now however Parwar or Patol is available all the year round. It is a keeper try it out. cut off the two ends. Scoop out the seeds if the gourds are mature however no need to remove if tender. Chop onions lenghtwise. Hello everyone! Today's card was designed for Really Reasonable Ribbon using the Beautiful Double Ruffled Edge Ribbon in brown. For my card I made a double bow using the Beautiful Ribbon that Bonnie Carries. It's perfect for making bows. Next I used CottageCutz Blossom Branch die for my flowers and branch. The Beautiful frame is a new CottageCutz Elites, and I absolutely LOVE this frame. Thank you for looking and have a lovely day!! Hugs to all, Cheryl. Today is a very important day. It is Mass Observation Day in the UK. I am somewhat obsessed with mass observation diaries and have learnt much from the often seemingly innocuous, almost throw-away mentions of what someone was wearing or what they were knitting, sewing or repairing. One of the most famous mass observation diarists is of course, Nella Last. Rest and relaxation. Living life to its fullest before we get deployed. You know the one, Mary Bobby Jean who's gonna write you every day you're gone and send pictures. And the last thing you want to think about while on R&R is being stuffed in a sardine can with a thousand soldiers once we get our call. "Smell the flowers while you can. " David Wojnarowicz And guys, I'm with you. U. S. Treasury got sworn in. .