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NoPropsal. Tv/TeamWorks_Summer from TeamWorks on Vimeo. Dope. Shout out to Todd and Neal. We hike into the Canyon just as night falls. Most of the seven mile hike after dark. Game camera footage included in this video. Sonja from Holland sent me this picture today of my Star Attraction doily that she has done in green and white. I think the colours are perfect together, don't you?. B. I. J. Credits: Heidi Williams' Going West kit by Weeds& Wildflowers. The Jaguars girls' track and field team took second-place honors at Melrose last night, edging third-place Sauk Centre in the process. More will follow later.

Labels: BBE track and field, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars track and field, belgrade-brooten-elrosa track and field.

This month's stamp of the month is wonderful. To me the stamp images seem to go so well with the trendy chalkboard signs that we see everywhere right now. On the above image I created just that, a sign. I used one of the images from the CTMH Artiste Cartridge to make a hanging sign. We need to talk about Somer's Early Retirement Quiche which Kittee posted on her blog, Cake Maker recently. I really, really hope Somer hasn't retired forever from sharing her vegan recipes with the world because she is like some sort of genie. Over the years I have made so many tofu quiches, and I liked most of them, but Mr. Vegan Eats & Treats has never liked a single one. much to my dismay. So, imagine my JOY when he declared his deep love for this quiche. Drama unfolds in a Chicago courtroom as deposed Governor Rod Blagojevich spends his fifth day on the stand testifying, somewhat ludicrously, on his own defense. Appoint Myself to Hunt Bin Laden If anyone needs any evidence that this guy is certifiably looney tunes, this must be it. Maybe the sacrifice of the pompadour was too great a sacrifice for his country. What did he think he would do? Walk the neighborhood, glad-handing mullahs and asking if anyone there has seen his old friend Osama?. No more. We should never again participate in the fiasco of political intrigue and short-pants stupidity which is the FIFA World Cup. I mentioned my disaffection with soccer a couple of days ago.

I wasn't fibbing.

I didn't watch USA vs Slovenia. How ludicrous is a tournament in which ties keep you in the running? But I couldn't miss the reporting about this episode:I do know what "off-sides" is in soccer. That is probably the only thing I remember from my attendance at Squadron Officer School decades ago. Seven beautiful new Spec-Cast models arrived this week, just in time for Christmas! Anyone who owns a Spec-Cast tractor can tell you that their attention to detail is incredible. Take a minute to peruse a few of these intrepid collector pieces. While you're there, check out our other fine farm models from Spec-Cast, ERTL, Universal Hobbies, Wiking, Bruder, and Little Buster. Merry Christmas to all!. MENAFNA new electronic ticketing system will be implemented at the Egyptian pyramids archaeological region tomorrow. I would like to acknowledge to the following for their support and help regarding with this project. To my ever-loving parents who are always there to give me courage to pursue my goals and provide financial and emotional support.

To my teachers and mentors who taught me principles that hepled me with my study.

To my friends who are always capable of giving me enough faith in doing this research at times of failures. And above all, the One who created everything, the One who gives wisdom and strength, the One who picks you up when you feel so broken, to our Almighty Father. Everyone. Today, the first post resulting from that suggestion. Reader Jan Bussey visited Yellowstone Park, and remembering my request she focused her camera on some of the stonework she encountered. It takes great courage to faithfully follow what we know to be true. Sara E. Anderson For we walk by faith, not by sight. Yes, we are of good courage. And their voices began to prevail. And Pilate pronounced sentence that their demand be granted. Pilate was the man who had the power of life and death. The Jews had delivered Jesus to Pilate so that he could be sentenced to death. It was not lawful for the Jews to crucify anyone - it had to be done by the Romans. So they brought Jesus to Pilate for the final sentencing. Survival of the fittest is when individual species prove to be best suites for their environment. This video shows survival of the fittest multiple times. The first time is when the buffalo and the lions interact, and the lions killed the baby buffalo. This proves that the lions were more fit to their environment. Next, when the lions and the crocodile were fighting over the killed buffalo, the lions proved to be stronger, being more fit to survive. But the last time, the giant herd of buffalos proved to be stronger when they split the small group of lions up. Making them the fittest to survive. I'm sure I've seen this movie. Language teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro caught by janitor having naked romp in HS classroomTwo female Romance language instructors were tossed out of their Brooklyn high school after being caught "undressed" in an empty classroom, sources told the Daily News Tuesday. "There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. When there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. E' prevista durante la giornata anche una visita al Castello. I jumped out of the car and glanced towards the distant tide line whereupon I noticed a Marsh Harrier closer in, dead ahead but already heading west. As quick as possible I grabbed the camera from a shoulder bag on the passenger seat, set it to “sport” mode, switched it on and pointed. But already the harrier was on its way towards Fluke Hall, Knott End and eventually I guess the River Wyre which it could follow south and west. On autofocus the camera picked up some clear pictures of the Isle of Man ferry far out in the bay but missed the dark dot of the receding Marsh Harrier.

They may fly quite slowly but they can certainly cover some ground, and by the time I reached Pilling Water, the harrier was over the horizon.

None of my business. interesting. . The prison at Guantanamo has represented an unspeakable abomination since the first moment the noxious idea was considered. "As you read the following, think about what you may have done during a five-year period in your own life. Think about all that. And then consider this:Shackled at the wrists and blinded by special goggles, the first captives from the U. S.

war in Afghanistan were ushered to makeshift prison cells thousands of miles from the battle, at the U.

S. For the moment, I will only note that this attack has been going on without pause for several years. It hardly began with the revelations about Bush's warrantless wiretapping. If that particularly egregious example of Bush's belief that whatever he does is legal solely because he does it serves to wake people up, fine. But in fact, they could and should have woken up much, much earlier. There are numerous other and more significant examples of this failure, and I will be discussing some of them soon. Perhaps we should take a step back and consider, in general, how a Protestant might make a case for his position. If atheism is true, then the origin of life had to have a naturalistic cause. By process of elimination, that's the default alternative. By the same token, a Protestant can operate with the negative principle that unless there's good reason to believe that certain Catholic essentials or distinctives are true, then he lacks a sufficient basis for rational assent. Furthermore, Catholicism is a package deal. It isn't necessary to systematically disprove every Catholic essential or distinctive. If you disprove even one sine qua non of Catholicism, even one dogma, then that's sufficient to discredit Catholicism in toto. It has no give in that respect. Happy Thanksgiving, darlings! Here are some of the many things for which CC is thankful today…Couture. Art. Good Hair. Papertrey's May release countdown is underway! I'm so excited about the new products! Today is the first big group post, and we are introducing Floral Sketches by Dawn McVey and Classic Calligraphy by Nichole Heady. You can see just a hint of the shimmer I added with a clear Wink of Stella brush pen. The florals are done in purples, pinks, and reds. - Anonymous wrote: You trashed four horses. Three won for fun, the other lost by a nose. Please stick to current events. Thanks for pointing that out. It's humbling enough picking losers, but singling out horses to lose and then have them win is even worse.

I added a nice glow around the outside of the lantern glass with some yellow ink that fades out softly giving the appearance of a slow burning flame.

I've posted this before but it is worth posting again for anyone that might have missed it. Drain them and reserve the liquid. Cook the wild rice. The rice will pop open when it is done. From Muscular Development:". The good news is that he is making sure the next version of his physique you will see is indeed markedly superior to what you saw last time. One of the most dramatically different areas that will draw your attention first will no doubt be Evan's legs. ". .