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For most people their idea of a vacation is to travel to a different place with friends, relax and take in some sights, and eat a few good meals.

If that is the definition of a vacation then I guess this week long trip to southern California qualifies.

I have a good friend named Don who asked me to help him with an installation job in southern California.

Don is one of those friends that is always there when you need him. I could call him right now and say I really needed his help and he would drop what he was doing and load up and be here in a few hours. He is one of those friends that you cant let down. He would never hold it against you if you couldn't make it but you better be almost dead if you wimp out or you will never hear the end of it. A couple of months ago Don helped me move the engine lathe I bought using his heavy duty truck and trailer. The scales had definitely tipped in his favor so I was really on the owing side of the fence. When he asked for my help with this project I jumped at the chance to help out. Actually I would have helped him regardless. The installation was interesting to me technically and a great opportunity get out of town for a while with some friends.


at the Gerald C.

Wilson Auditorium in Kodiak candidates for Alaska’s U. S. Candidates that will attend are: Lisa Murkowski, Joe Miller, Ray Metcalfe, Margaret Stock, and Breck Craig.

Hello and Happy Friday! This December was the second annual Waltzingmouse Stamps Secret Santa Card Exchange.

Supplied with the contact information for a Secret Santa, you make a holiday card and send it - its that simple! This year, Charmaine Stack was my Secret Santa, and I received this stunning card from her! I love the rich hues of blue that she used on this! The shading adds so much dimension to the design, and I particularly love the shaded label. She also included the sweetest little note and tucked a little gift inside that will soon find a home in my studio. Melissa Ladd was my Secret Santa, and this is the card that I sent to her: I have seen lots of pretty lanterns around the holidays, but particularly loved this one. As you can see, this really provided a lot of inspiration for my card. I used the Bright Season set along with Festive Foliage and the Cabin Plaid Backgrounder. I loved putting this together for Melissa. bubble mail: "I'm a big fan of your blog. thought you may like this. I painted last week. thanks Donavon! check his nice blog here. They've been succesfully active since last year in Brussels and gather people from the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora to share their experiences. Three entrepeneurs from the diaspora get the chance to present their project and there is some music, culture, art, dance and/or fashion.

There is lot of space for chatting with some finger food and drinks.

Ah yes, I have been remiss in posting, as lately I have spent much of my personal time in close contact with boxes, packing tape and xylene markers. Yesterday I sat down to this:Voila: bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, multi-grain toast, and fried tomatoes, fried orange peppers, and sauteed mushrooms. My arteries have yet to recover. The Casa Del Cabo is on a plot with north orientation and surrounded by a lake on both sides, giving amazing views. via. Blake Marvin is an amazing architecture photographer. Check out his site here. On this card I tried to make a card that could double as a card for anytime-The circles at the bottom are rub ons from CTMH. I am learning to like these, you just have to learn the tricks for using them. FIRST TIMER feat. The cast puts everything they have into it, and it really really works. Met up with Alice and family on Sun and we went to 四马路观音庙 at Bugis, then we went to have our lunch at nearby Ramen & Bento. Con questa vittoria lo Scaletta sorpassa la Ludica in testa alla classifica.

Le due formazioni sono adesso separate da un punto Ingresso in campo.

and stay here. Russia says it is open to coordinating the war against ISIS with the US, but the US says it will not cooperate with them, and demands the Russians stop interfering with US efforts to destroy ISIS. So here it is! YOUR invitation to join a small group of us online as we work through Tammie Head's Duty or Delight. Excited is not even close to what I am feeling as we begin this journey. I believe with all my heart God is going to do something massive in each of our hearts. My prayer is that we will have courage to stick with it, even when it is hard. " So. A List For A Hot JulyThey say it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. I’ll take their word for it. To actually conduct the experiment myself seems to require too much effort for too small a return. Besides, the air feels like chicken broth and no doubt I would falter just carrying my sacrificial egg down the drive to conduct the experiment. No, I planned to just stay inside counting the days until fall. But then I looked at poor Edward’s sad furry face - too long had he been bored by the heat, too long trapped inside the cool house.

So I grabbed one Songwriter and two furry dogs, two large sun hats and one ukulele and we all headed off to more salubrious climes.

Here I shall stay for awhile, working my way through this stack of new books. Wolf HallHistory, although perhaps a dusty, dreaded subject when one is young, does serve a paramount purpose for those who pay attention in life. History provides us with signposts which, though sometimes difficult to read, often warped and charred by time, warn of all the dark pitfalls that have so often claimed the breath and spirit of those gone before. Surely, it is the intent of history to bequeath knowledge, in the hope that we as human beings may not follow the rutted pathways of the ignorant, but climb, century by century, bit by bit, ever higher, till we manage to reach a nobler, more enlightened hill from which to view the world. For should we not learn from the mistakes of others, as well as the mistakes of our own?It is, no doubt, a result of my Scottish DNA, but I have always been captivated by the history of Britain. As a child, I knew all the wives of Henry VIII long before I could recite the names of my own First Ladies. Somehow, although she was an interesting woman to be sure, the travails of Dolley Madison just never seemed to equal those of the ill-fated, black-eyed Anne Boleyn. Recently, I have found myself mentally wandering the palaces of the Tudors once again, my torch held high in order to decipher all the brilliantly written pages of Hillary Mantel’s Booker Prize winning novel, Wolf Hall. Set during the reign of Henry VIII, Wolf Hall shines its light on Thomas Cromwell, a figure usually found just outside the frame, a bit on the periphery, where one is forever likely to find the most powerful figures of any government. The three kit options will include coordinating fabrics for the body, accent, and cuff of the pillow. Here is a closer look at each of the options: The first kit is aptly named "Frozen" and features cute cameos of Anna, Else, and Olaf bordered by snowflakes and swirls. The accent fabric in this kit is the same mottled magenta that is featured in the "Frozen" kit. Last, but most certainly not least is the "Olaf" Magic Pillowcase kit which features this happy snowman tossed on a blue snowflake background. . at little augury here. I've done a bit of that too here and on style. I don't remember thinking I couldn't wear my mother's dress or that I didn't want to.

It was right to look exactly like her.

b/c my real life is so polar opposite. my youngest is going through a stage.

Yesterday was such a sad day.

Progress is being made, but no finishes to report this week. I like how the directional prints played so nicely on the Hovering blocks. Jackknife is one of my favorite blocks so far. I threw in a little fussy cutting on Morning and Mother's Dream. I don't have a design wall big enough for all of them, so I had to create a mosaic.

They are arranged in numerical order, but I will probably move them all around in the final layout.

There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf.


are you prepared? Stuff happens.

Stuff happens more often than you may think. And stuff can happen to you. Rational people are prepared to the best of their abilities. Can you go one week without a source of water? How about two, three, or four weeks without water? You can survive three or four weeks without food, but only about three or four days without water. So what happens when the diet soda is gone from the fridge? If it's winter you could melt snow. Not very clean and a whole bunch of work. Live within walking distance to flowing water such as a river? Not much fun either. We're not hardcore "preppers. " But we have set aside a small area in our barn for dehydrated food and have acquired long term water storage. This morning we have patchy skies with partial overcast, some sun and blue skies as well. Looks like it will clear early and be a nice day at the coast. Temps are cool as there is a bit of Fall in the air but there is no wind and the ocean is smooth. Surf is glassy and smooth. Rideable on a longboard.

Patch is about knee high and breaking intermittently with longer waits between waves.

Everyone is on a longboard of SUP today. Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.

Respect the Beach.

Charlotte made this adorable baby quilt for a friend who is expecting a new grandson. The pattern is a simple Trip Around The World and it's made in flannels so it will be snuggly soft for that new baby boy.

We chose Popcorn panto and Lite Blue PermaCore thread, and I used a cotton batting which she provided.

The backing is a light blue minkee fabric.

Are you ready for a new Deconstructed Sketch? Did this past week fly by for you, too? Since it's the first week of the month, we have a sponsor, Country Bumpkin Stamps. Good luck! Here's what we're playing with:I chose to work with the super adorableGracee Goose. Through some mishap or another, Esmerelda's head once broke off. We glued her back together and tied a bow around her neck to cover the break. - Pretty pedestrian card at Gulfstream on Thursday. Maybe Frank doesn't get that special tingly feeling on opening day. The feature is an ungraded grass stakes for older fillies and mares. Kent and his father's Velo MAC, obscured by ? A hot, sunny July day is an atypical setting for a creepy ghost story, and the thought never occurred to us that we'd been haunted until our work was finished. We shot several portraits of Blaise in front of the assay office, and never could put a head on him. but you can see his eye! Wet plate photographers concerned with perfect image quality go to great lengths to control all known variables afflicting the final image, like heat, chemical contamination, and even uncontrolled movement while pouring chemistry onto the plate. As a result, some wet-platers are fussy creatures, - control freaks - who disdain the messy images obtained by less-careful photographers, like me. This Bizarro cartoon made possible by an imaginary grant from the crazy old woman who hangs out in front of my building. I'm not particularly fond of this cartoon, to be honest. It's a fairly simple play on words but I often find that this sort of cartoon is popular with a lot of readers, especially those trapped in a cubicle laboring at a dead-end job. I hope some of you like it. .