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If you have been following the blog you already know that I made my decision on which forklift I wanted. The Toyota had a few too many problems for me up front. I spent a day at the guys house trying to get it fired up without any luck. It seemed within reach of a corroded condenser but in the end the Hyster was the best deal for me. In retrospect it really worked out for the best all around. My friend did end up selling the Toyota lift to somebody else that I helped connect to him. No, really. We shamelessly pay for results. But they need to tone it down, or I'm going to need to get a second job. Healthy and trim, modestly-dressed, wearing the tooled belt that her granddad had bought her in her jeans and long-sleeved T shirt, with her hair pulled back, my senior in high school looked self-assured but friendly. I think that I would have wanted to be her friend, at her age. While I found them, she looked through the mail that she had brought in, and laughed at the hoity-toity colleges sending invitations for her applications. She gets that we don't want her saddled with education debt. I have posted before on the continuing battles between the Federicci ice cream manufactures and the advertising standards authority. So far the ASA have consistently ruled against Federicci on the basis that they have upset some religious people with their irreverent piss takes of catholicism. Also despite the fact that it is perfectly legal to criticise and satirise religions. Well there is some sign that the ASA are starting to lighten up over this. About time too. When I began to look at this verse, on the surface it simply seemed to be about an honest measure. After all, we have government agencies that make sure that what the gas pump says you are pumping into your car is accurate and truthful. These agencies have the power to call into account businesses that deceive and lie about the amount of almost anything you buy and its contents. It is clear that God does not approve of a merchant deceiving someone with regard to weights and balances. But there is more to it than that. God approves of fairness, a level playing field, where everyone has the same opportunity. Undoubtedly, we’ve gone too far and perverted the concept of what’s fair and reasonable but the point is that God’s delight is in honest measurements, notice I didn’t say even measurements, because that’s a different argument entirely. This is the first ever rock 'n' roll record. Baby will ride in style, Movin' all along. Blow your horn, Raymond, blow! Step in my Rocket and don't be late, Baby, we're pullin' out about half past eight. I'm aiming to follow the prototype image as much as possible and the tender is going to need some special treatment - but more of that later. Incidentally, the weathering on this model is being done with a new Harder & Steenbeck airbrush that I have received for review.

Last week, several of us artistic types got together and went sketching down by the St.

Lawrence River in Cornwall. There is a nice waterfront park there. We had lunch, then set to work. My friend Ronna did a nice post on our day out. Before sketching, I wandered off with my macro lens and found a thistle plant loaded with butterflies. Want to sit down before the fire place with a good book and a glass of vintage port? Well, maybe this isn't the one for you. How Much Memoir Can You Generate In Diapers? Seriously? At sixteen, you've spent half your life in cribs and kindergartens, upchucking and filling your Pampers. You've been coifed into an androgynous toy then packaged and re-mastered until you've got just the vibe for a nine-year old girl to swoon over. We bring these up because while so many are focused about the top picks that few are saying much about these items. The first rule change is regarding the first first faceoff starting a power play. We view it as an extra incentive to avoid not thinking which is at times badly needed. It is a start to what we hope to seeing teams realize that playing undisciplined hockey will have a second price. Drawing inspiration from their time recording the album in Hong Kong, the single was released during the Chinese New Year weekend recently, and even the lyric video is very much, um. Chinese inspired. Check out the new single below! . Howard Vernon despatches an assassin to Dr. Orloff's lair. Dr. Orloff receives one final order from Dr. Mabuse - to destroy the towers, releasing Black Matter. Who will survive the disaster?. Brothers Jaime Jesus and Alfonso Balcazar also directed and wrote a number of films, including Spanish Westerns, crime and erotica. They produced/coproduced a lot of interesting movies in their time. The book is not for the very little ones, but hopefully will be a tool for reflection for tweens and teens in your life. You can get your copy at your local library or favorite book shop. It's been a long hard winter but at last the first sign of spring is here with the almond trees being in blossom. Let's hope the weather keeps improving. CHANEL HANDBAGLATEST SEASONAL COLOUR!!LOUIS VUITTON GALLIERA PMDIOR LARGE GRANVILLELOUIS VUITTON LIMITED EDITION FLEUR DE JAIS SPEEDYJOIN OUR FB FANPAGE FOR MORE PICTURES. !!. I love making Edouard Roger Vasselin updates. He’s so dreamy. I added three new pics of him to his page in the brieflines archive. Bipartisan US Senators Introduce New Illegal Sanctions on Iran by Stephen Lendman A rogue’s gallery of bipartisan Zionist neocons infesting Congress want hardened adversarial relations with Iran - inching toward direct confrontation, wanting the Islamic Republic toppled, pro-Western puppet rule replacing it. Washington’s contempt for rule of law principles no longer surprises. Both right wings of its duopoly governance share blame. It targets legitimate Iranian ballistic missile tests and development, along with falsely accusing its government of supporting terrorism. We are two nights into a long weekend minus three of our best employees. David, Claire and Colby took a road trip to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It is a much deserved vacation for these hard workers. We just hope they don't decide to stay in Texas permanently!!!. ”. “If climate change continues it will increase the risk of droughts and also lead to higher temperatures which may mean we’re going to see more wildfires,” notes Sandra Gonzalez, executive of Emerging Risks & Research on Lloyd’s Exposure Management team. In September, Lloyd’s Emerging Risks team published the report, Wildfires: A Burning Issue for Insurers?. I have been v-e-r-y busy working on a back to school pack that your students will love! The high-interest theme alone will excite your little learners as they head back to school. Other activities focus on what it means to be a good friend, and how to get along with other classmates. Oh Dear. That bog hole you are looking at is a big hole in my Big Shot Pro Crease Mat. I thought this post should bring all that knowledge together so you have a hub to start from with links off to other posts to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. However there is some extra information in this post so do read on.

I've written here before about how that's not right, that this way of living would suit anyone living in the country, suburbs or city, whether single or married, straight or gay, young or older.

It's here for all of us, there is no doubt about that. My regret is that I didn't start sooner. I wish I hadn't waited so long to change. My right time came when I was burnt out and miserable and I doubt I could have done anything else. I can't help but think about Hanno and I living as we do now but at a much younger age. There would have been different choices made, no doubt, maybe we would have ended up in a different area, but we would have spent much more time outside the mainstream celebrating life and being who we really are.

Here's the blurb: Quentin Coldwater is a brilliant but unhappy young man growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

One day, returning home from a college interview gone awry, he finds himself whisked to Brakebills, an exclusive college for wizards hidden in upstate New York.

And so begins THE MAGICIANS, the thrilling and original novel of fantasy and disenchantment by Lev Grossman, author of the international bestseller Codex and book critic for TIME magazine. At Brakebills, Quentin learns to cast spells. He makes friends and falls in love. He transforms into animals and gains powers of which he never dreamed.

We had a very low key Labor Day weekend.

Friday night, Tom observed in the jail while I babysat. Saturday, Tom golfed in the morning and I went to get my hair done. We went to our friends, Anthony and Whitney's, wedding Saturday evening. My brother came to pick up Trevor and drive him up to the cottage where my Mom and family took care of him. We really enjoyed the night out as adults. The wedding was quick and hilarious.

Anyway, we mingled before the reception started and had an absolute blast.

They are one of the first couples of our friends to tie the knot, ya know, other than me and Tom forever ago, an I cant wait to attend more in the future!Jill and JoeJamie and KoryI LOVED my dress and appreciated Jill taking this picture to display it. My sister has started to blog! She’s putting together tours of some of the vintage items she has to sell, very fun stuff. Stop by—you remember what it was like when you first started your blog! And tell her I said hello. She’s over at Midcentury Marilyn. Hey, remember that cute vintage tablecloth I picked up last Saturday, the one with all the stains? I soaked it all week in oxy cleaner stuff. Took it out this morning, and all the spots were gone! Woo hoo! It's even cuter now that it's clean. Turn out there’s even some pale pink in the design, which I had no idea was there. What period do you think? Late fifties, early sixties maybe?And here’s the maiden voyage for the mini-bundt pans I found Saturday. I concocted some little almond-raspberry cakes this morning. God could always make a murderer’s bullet disappear mid-flight. He didn’t have to allow the killer to succeed. I tried to find the conversation, but was unable to locate it given how frequently those subjects are talked about over here. But as I recall, the person I was debating with responded along the lines that if God stopped us every time there would be a victim to our sin, then we wouldn’t really be “free” because we’d never face the consequences of our evil, and we’d have to be free in order to have genuine love toward God. That is, that somehow it is necessary for God to allow bad things to happen if He wants us to have freedom to choose Him. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. J. W. Saint Laurent Sac De Jour mini leather tote. Nicholas Kirkwood studded cutout leather sandals. Gucci Ruthenium-plated crystal necklace. Most of the time the art on the contents page was some cut and paste job featuring older, reworked art from random sources. I received a letter in the mail a couple of days ago from a dear, dear friend and my former college roommate. She has nearly indecipherable handwriting, so I was relieved to see it all typed up and printed out - so much better for these tired eyes of mine! Anyway, I thought how much easier it would have been for her to send it as an email, but how much nicer for me to receive it by mail. So I whipped up this little homemade paper treat just for her. I hope she likes it!The lovely teapot image is from CreativiTEA by Taylored Expressions. I went for a shabby, super soft, ultra-feminine look here, using papers from Memory Box's Gossamer collection, some Melissa Frances lace trim, pearls, and even a lace doily to go along with the tea theme. Lots of texture and dimension here. The Lost and Found page is permanently located beneath this current post. Old Connections Abound can be accessed via the date or subject archives listed on the sidebar. Check the submissions page, FAQ, and ways to get involved for additional information. I don’t know about you, but I’m all “halloweened” out! I know that’s not really a word, but it accurately describes the Halloween oversaturation I am experiencing! So, I was aching for a quick project that had nothing to do with Halloween, or Fall, or Thanksgiving. Try and make the corners align as perfectly as possible. Fold it in half again by folding the right side over to the left. Then, measure out your lines. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. He admitted that he is being paid to do so. .