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This big bore, stock stroke “square” engine kit develops an excellent balance of torque and horsepower that delivers lots of arm stretching fun. Special hardware and a full gasket set are included. Rounding out this powerful package are high flow injectors and air filter element and a pre-mapped ThunderMax EFI management module for simple plug-and-ride tuning. Zipper’s Performance Products offers two versions of this kit. Over the last few weeks we've been seeing our adult peregrines spending more time together, and certainly more time nearer to their nest site half way up the tower of Derby Cathedral. A view of Jury's Inn from the traffic lights by Queen Street in Derby. On many occasions in recent days I've had to stop at traffic lights by Queen Street on Derby's inner ring road. From there the birds have a clear view of their nest site, as well as the ability to bask in the warm sunshine from the south. With courtship displays and heightened nest activity nearly upon us, the Project Team have turn on 'movement detection' on our wide angle nest camera. This can be set to look at different areas of the field of view and to automatically save a short video to a memory card within the camera. It can take a lot of bad experiences to get to one you actually like. There are a lot of factors in picking out the perfect salon: price, atmosphere, treatments, services, ect. Nadia is owned and operated by a very creative and talented group of men who are hip to all the newest and coolest style and color trends. They offer services such as Keratin treatments, facial waxing, Balyage highlighting. Make your next appointment with Nadia Salon HERE. This is a great salon to go to if you have curly hair or are in desperate need of some hair R&R. You can bookmark this page URL. I've loved Oriental Trading for as long as I can remember, so when they offered to send me some products to review, I jumped at the opportunity! Since my focus has been on creating an engaging playground, I chose Oriental Trading Products that would add value and color to this space. I was like a little kid on Christmas when the box arrived, it included unfinished wood bird houses, bird feeders, wind chimes, blank plastic sun catchers and paint pens, and blank kites. I love all of the unfinished wood because it really gives my students the opportunity to be creative. Each of the children in the preschool and pre-k classes at my school decorated a bird feeder, and they all look different! The infants, toddlers and preschoolers helped me with the wind chimes. We were surprised with a May Day basket! What a great basket these two delivered! We gave them their baskets. Chance helped deliver to these three. So we hung their baskets high on the light fixture so the dog would not eat the candy. I still have to deliver Teddy’s May Basket. I didn’t get it to a drop off point today. It is his first May Day! I hope where ever you live. you got a bit of a May Day surprise. ph: jakethemovieguy. This camera is one. I used one of the large Zoe emblishments in the center with a few metal studs from my stash. Target is really close to my house and so it is my store of choice because of convenience. The problem is the dollar section at the front of the store, well I am weak. Like I said I am weak. I couldn't pass up this bottle of lotion, manicure set and body spritz in the yummy limeade color. I used a modified template from Papertrey ink to hold all the goodies. Supplies from CTMH-Key lime CS, Key lime ink, white daisy CS, white daisy ribbon, white Daisy floss, sparkleFrom Papertrey ink-green thumb stamp set, template. I know I need to socialize him with other big dogs. She's small. She's an easy target. He wrestles with Paco and if he gets too rough, Paco gives him one good head-butt and it's done. Now & Then : Health clubs in Kuwait & Membership chargesThanks to DA of ChillNite for posting the following updated health club information. To disguise his theft from the museum, which is located on the university's C. W. Post campus in Brookville, L. I.

i love the month of May for many reasons.

a major one being. It's important to choose a spouse carefully, it seems.

According to the book that I'm reading, "The Millionaire Next Door", it mentioned that for a large proportion of the millionaires that they had interviewed, their spouse are more frugal than them.

One of the couple, usually the male, would play good offense. The spouse, usually the wife, would stay at home and play quality defense. That's the kind of tag team playing that I found it interesting. It's hard to say who is more frugal - me or my wife. A funny thing happened on the way to a traditional Christmas card with a Santa Claus tag. There is a Nutcracker Soldier in the Santa Stache set along with Santa and I decided to stamp him just for fun. He proved to be so irresistible that Santa went back in the box and the solider was colored and "tagged" before I knew it! Then the Christmas paper went back into the drawer and out came the fun yellow polka dot page from Flower Pot DSP. Celebrating Fall. Greenness entered the body. The grasses shivered with presences, and sunlight stayed like a halo on hair and heather and hills. Walking into town, I saw, in a radiant raincoat, the woman from the fish-shop. 'What a day it is!' cried I, like a sunstruck madman. Needless to say, I am in my favorite land at present. Manuel Canovas fabric -Marie Amelie-from the little augury post Curtain Call HERE. Hi Stampers! Today's post is just so cute! I received this pattern from Jenny Moors over at. There is something about January that always sends me a bit nutty. It's kind of a non-month for me. Even though I have no children at school, when the school holidays are on, it changes the amount of traffic on the roads and the sounds I hear during the day. I've written about this before here, but just to recap, I generally withdraw an amount of money in cash that we use for petrol, food, doctor's bills, chook food etc. This money is put into plastic bags marked for their purpose and as I go through the month, I take cash from the bags as I need it. On Saturday evening we BBQ'd a couple beer can chickens one of my simple new favorites and the left overs made for amazing chicken tacos last night. The BMW received a rear fender mock up, finished the headlight & seat pan mounting then got the front end back together. Enjoy some random photos. This week I found some long lost goodies.


Stonehenge, Salisbury, England, ca. So I am able to continue on with my day, here are a few things that must be discussed. Happy Birthday to my Uncle Robert. And a big shout out and a thank you to Mr and Mrs Robitussin.

My cough and I appreciate you.

Have a nice day!. Jeff Lowder debated me at Victor Reppert's blog. That his dignity is important. This is one of Jeff's intellectual problems. He's never allowed himself to appreciate the reductionistic consequences of atheism for human significance. If atheism is true, then Jeff is worthless. Architectural inspiration via elledecor. Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Nano Baby mini leather tote.

Jason Wu embellished leather ankle boots.

Givenchy Large Shark earring in stone and plexiglass. Darlings, what do you think of this beautiful, beachy bedroom and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Charlotte Olympia Dolly suede platform pumps. Dara Ettinger Bonnie earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this beautiful bedroom and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Architectural inspiration via modize. Alexander McQueen satin T-bar sandals. Elizabeth and James thorn hoops. Darlings, what do you think of this pretty purple space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Good luck, darlings!xoxox,CC. Congratulations to Sewes, Viv and Cass! You are the randomly chosen winners of the May challenge.

Please visit my online store and select either a full digital stamp set or three individual images.

Thank you to everyone who played along last month, I hope you'll join in again for the next challenge. of Big Ramy. In my Application. cfc, in the onRequestStart method, there was a. I had put it there thinking that while I was doing some development it would be nice to have the ORM reloading all of time as I make changes. However, it looks like it was interfering with the ORM's sequencing, and on Ajax page loads it was causing ColdFusion to erroneously report back that the ORM was not loaded. I simply moved the ormReload to onApplicationStart, and the problem seems fixed. .