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That's actually pretty late, for us. PEE kan sounds like what you put under the bed at night. SPX count intact. Wilshire count is damaged. The policies of the two Presidents could not be farther apart. This is not a question of Mr. Obama falling short, but actively going in the opposite direction from the policies of Mr. Reagan. Lastly, President Reagan went to Russia in the midst of Perestroika and Glasnost which meant improving human rights standards and greater freedoms along with dissidents empowered. by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World – Scholarship in Action The Bakersfield Police Department has confirmed that four men were arrested in a hazing incident involving students at California State University. As of Saturday, police were investigating an alleged felonious assault involving members of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. The assaults included beatings and being shot at close range with a BB gun. The members of the fraternity involved in the alleged incident are not officially sanctioned by the university. They do, however, recruit students from the CSUB campus through a club they’ve established. I posted a press release of the European Union regarding the Sakharov Prize which was given to Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas. But as always there are of two sides of a story. Main critique about the press release regarding Cuban Guillermo Fariñas was that is was misinformation in both North America and Europe. From the Cuban point of view the press release ignored and distorted the truth on purpose to bring up these individuals as advocates of alleged human rights violations, when they are actually paid agents of a foreign power to subvert the Constitution of a sovereign country. Clean up in the Lower Keys next week! Join us in cleaning up our highway!. Monroe County – This week marks the anniversary of the line-of-duty death of Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Alexander. He had just left roll call at the Plantation Key Substation and was on the way to his duty station at the Ocean Reef Resort. For some reason, he pulled off of the highway and onto Val Jean Way, in Tavernier. He was stopped at a stop sign at Val Jean Way and Highway U. S. Deputy Alexander had worked for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office for just less than a year. He worked for the Sheriff’s Office on the midnight shift as a deputy at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. Will do so once I get a handle on it. " after he was photographed with his new girlfriend, Harriet Tomlinson. Embed from Getty Images The young couple were photographed during a "romantic getaway abroad," according to the Daily Telegraph.

" A spokesman for the Duke of Westminster said: "She's a really lovely girl and very much the love of his life.

" They met as young children when both were pupils at Ellesmere College, a private school in Shropshire. The couple recently spent time in California at the "exclusive" Ventana resort in Big Sur, overlooking the Pacific. "He is happiest when he is enjoying time with Harriet and their close circle," said a source close to the Duke. "He was left crushed when his father died but Harriet has been a huge ­support and is helping him to get used to his new responsibilities. " "They're a lovely couple and ­deserve all the happiness in the world.

How about in your house?.

Wishing you all the loveliest of Easters. xoxo Wendy. A few weeks ago, I did a post about Restoration Hardware and their fabulous line of "green" furniture. Photo from Restoration HardwareWell, this last week, I received an email from one of my readers, Ana of Knock Off Wood. The subject line read "Look how you inspired me! Many thanks!". One of my favorite things about writing my blog, is sharing inspiration with others, so I hurried to see what Ana wrote. Here's what she had to say. Maybe the clearest statement yet seen of where this is all going:Leveling the Playing FieldThat item is simply frightening. e. Things like:change is through global governance and global agreements. wealthy nations like the U. S. would bear the biggest burden based on the “polluters pay principle. ” A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources,” “a global burden sharing system, fair, with solidarity, and legally binding to all nations. One of the first things Jasper says when he wakes up is "out". Meaning out back. We are the kind of family that can spend the whole day playing, having adventures or just relaxing in the back yard. And being able to sit outside watching and playing with my kiddos is what I would consider a perfect day. It's those kind of days that makes all those not so glamorous days fade into the distant past. I want my children to grow up remembering me sitting with them watching them play, looking each time they yell, "Mommy, look!" as they do their zillionth trampoline flip. Or remember me giving them pots and pans from the kitchen so they can create make believe food and drinks. Last week Friday Josh, Andrew and I went to the fair with Matthew and Andrea. We had a lot of fun and Andy loved all the animals. On our way. Looking at the cows with Daddy. Goats. Chickens. Iron Range meat and potatoes How to break zip tie restraints on your wrists. A gene favoring obesity may have helped ancient Samoans conquer the Pacific. Remarkably, this gene—which appears in a quarter of all Samoans—may have arisen in the population as they colonized the South Pacific. "Vision is the art of seeing things invisible. " - Jonathon Swift So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.


as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal. Many of you know that there was a shooting at my church this Sunday. I do want to say that I am very proud of how the parishioners reacted. They prayed, remained calm, helped the victim, made sure the shooter was away from the church. That was God's grace at work. Jim, the victim, came through surgery and is going to be OK. That too was God's grace. The shooter was caught without hurting anyone else. God's grace. Hi guys. This morning I added three pictures of Russian footballer, Roman Pavlyuchenko to the bieflines site.

And even though he's no longer with my beloved Tottenham, I still wish him the best! Cheers!.

Join with other Maryland Catholics to reinstate the Death Penalty! . "Everything about Florence seems to be coloured with a mild violet, like diluted wine. " Letter to Henry James Sr. Hello Ai Fans! Sherry here today to share with you a card I created using one of the 'Try'Fold stamp sets. I used the Gazebo set, my distress markers and a paintbrush. I colored the distress marker on my acrylic block and then lifted the color off with a wet paintbrush. More water on your brush gives you a lighter color so if you want a dark color just use less water. Here is the card once I remove the twine that is tied around it. And finally here is the card once it is totally opened up. Well. they are back. in school that is! Hooray!!! Don'tget me wrong. I murmured something, stammered, and said I'd get back to him. Within an hour, I had a much better answer. For me it is all about the layers, all about the dimension, all about the details. Building a history in my work is important to me. When I work, I have always loved being surrounded by things that inspire me - whether that is art supplies, bottles of paints lined up in neat rows, piles upon piles of painted paper, walls filled with stuff that I have acquired from other artists and on my travels, cases with little drawers that are filled with little treasures, surfaces covered with found objects. It was a tricky sketch for me, but I tried to give it my best! The two hearts are die-cut with Verve's Jotted Heart die, one in felt and one out of some old, old, old red "velvet" Christmas ribbon - the kind you'd use on an outdoor wreath. The sweet sentiment is from Verve's Swirling Hearts set. For the angled panel, I decided to go with a faux pocket and pull-out tag tucked inside. It used to be that the first floor of the Aqueduct grandstand was one of the most undesirable places to be in the city. Or virtually anywhere else for that matter. But now that it's mostly closed, it can actually be a respite from the crowded clubhouse on the rare days that it's partially opened. Of course. My kids get so excited when I make these because they love them as much as I do. Cook until it turns brown breaking it up as you go. This is an extremely flavorful sauce and it uses a lot of spices and herbs. .