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you might find some felted mushrooms.

Yes, another kit is looking for a kind volunteer to try it out and give me feedback. All I ask is that you make at least one mushroom within a week or so of getting the kit and send me feedback on what you thought of it. The kit makes several mushrooms. Feeding time at the kitty farm! Alex, Naomi, Emily and Julius. Oh yeah, and Gordon. Emily is growing like a weed. She has these growth spurts and gets all skinny. I think I need to fill her out just a little bit more. Meanwhile Alex has lost three pounds on his new diet and is doing great. And Julius is truly all fluff, not fat. This piece by my favorite editorialist may be more than a home run, it may be a walk-off grand slam:It Isn't Economics, It's Fairness And it's from that "Right-Wing Extremist Tea Party News-Rag" the WaPo!!!!. Not the Teen Titans, but at the same maturity level. Yeah, I've pretty much abandoned the idea of the Atop the Fourth Wall book. No guarantee of sales. I had a lovely evening last night at the Movenpick, Bidaa. I was there for work-related purposes and I was running late to meet a friend, so I asked him to meet me there for dinner. They do a nice job there.

The weather was perfect and we were enjoying some quiet conversation.

until. I would like to take this opportunity to said a big Thank You to those that have voted for me. Thank to 龍貓 for helping to get the signature of the writerIn it, there's also a bookmark from 龍貓. Once upon a time the New York Rangers had a marketing slogan that said "Hockey Is Different Here. " It became a running joke because every time the Rangers did something wrong the response was to use the "HIDH" slogan to explain why it happened.

It also sadly is a by-product of the blogging world and yes it extends to the print media as well.

Marc Staal sitting out practices because he has headaches is a non-story right now. Why you ask is simple as John Tortorella is not sweating anything since Staal passed all of his required physicals when he reported to camp. But it is exactly the kind of stuff that Tortorella wants you to be freaking out about because it is also keeping your attention away from the questions that Tortorella does not want to answer. Like who is going to be the starting left wing with Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik? That you are talking about those headaches rather than talking about the things like "How is his relationship with Sean Avery?" Sure keep talking about the status of Marc Staal because you are not asking Tortorella about what does he think about having to go over to Europe not only for exhibition games but starting the regular season too? The one person who does not want the Rangers having to play exhibition games in Sweden is John Tortorella. He knows that he has almost no choice but to send Henrik Lundqvist to start in Sweden. Thanks a million to everyone who emailed with news items whilst I was away. I have now read all the emails and on the posts below you fill find a round up of the news stories that were waiting in my Inbox. I'm going to wait until I'm back in London and try to tackle the issue by telephone. Oh joy of joys. CheersAndie.

Now that's an impressive collection of rubber duckies! Apparently Ernie's not the only one on Sesame Street who would be envious.

We have even played the game in my Spanish class. There are a predictable list of answers that people who have moved here "simply adore. " As vague as they are predictable. The food. The people. The culture. The weather. … og late hagedager… Now here is Daffodils, and lazy days in the garden… . fashion. There are many entrants from the West of Scotland and we wish them every success. Picture by JuliaThere has been a lot of this stitching action going on at the farm lately. Julia took this photo after I bribed her that I would put it on my blog. She has been looking at the same sight for hours upon hours, days upon days, lately. Still not finished and hoping I can get my needle on the plane - I've got hours to keep on working on the projects. m. Doesn’t that sound far away? We are demonstrating nine projects – all from Colorful Stitchery - and taping three shows. We are in the process of renovating our kitchen. Since we are ripping out the floors in that room to replace them with hardwoods, we decided to also replace the flooring in most of the adjoining rooms. It only made sense. yes, that is what I keep telling my husband. Wonderful colors.

beautiful image.

Hello! Alison here.

It's Christmas Eve and I've got a sweet but bold elf card to share with you today.

I used Candy Elf C, and I think he's just too cute! If you'd like to learn how I created this card, please visit my blog HERE. I hope that you have a very blessed holiday, no matter what you celebrate. Have an inspiring day! . Stay safe. Stay safe. University of Wales Air Squadron - callsign "UAWxx"G-BYVW/VW Grob G. Registration is now open and details can be found here. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo suede and patent-leather pumps. Heather Hawkins cut gemstone drape earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Let's check out another fantabulous ish of DC's Claw the Unconquered. Cover art by Joe Kubert.


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