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I love it for its place in that most tender of all parables, where it is written, that, when the long-lost prodigal returned to his father safe and sound, "They began to be merry. It was not such merriment as worldlings will revel in to-day and to-morrow, but such merriment as the angels have around the throne, where they sing, "Glory to God in the highest," while we sing "On earth peace, goodwill towards men. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. here are forms of evil which we must peculiarly watch against, and one is malice. Though not perfect themselves, and though they know that if they are better than others, the grace of God has made them so, yet they are bitter and untender towards the imperfections of Christian people, and they cherish feelings of prejudice, suspicion, and ill-will. They do not seek the improvement of the faulty, but their exposure and condemnation. They hunt down sincere but faulty people, and denounce them, but never by any chance offer an excuse for them. Now harsh judgments and evil speakings are to be put away from us as sour leaven. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. ". They are partially correct, but the notion is highly defective. But that is not the whole meaning of the words "to save. " This deficient explanation lies at the root of mistakes which many theologians have made, and by which they have surrounded their system of divinity with mist.

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Mostly sunny afternoon.

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That's almost a quart per kid! They sure can eat.

And what kid doesn't like this stuff? I dice lots of vegetables really small so it's a very healthy version of the store bought kind and the kids really don't notice how many veggies they are eating. I used my tomato sauce that I made from my garden. And my homemade chicken stock. I also added lots of fresh parsley too.