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Photo: Gil Roth. You can see more online at. Not a subscriber yet? Here's the link to go to so you can sign up. I hope to get the online version up and running within the next few weeks. That has been a process that's been dragging on for months now. Hint: the view of this building is from the west. Do you recognize the building? I am guessing no one recognizes the back side of what you see in the picture. what's in front is a three-story brick school building. What's standing behind it is a three-story wooden school building. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa school, rural Minnesota. Some exciting moments from last night! Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball. Photo submittedThursday night: Holdingford vs. B-B-E girls' basketball at the high school. B-B-E boys' basketball at the elementary school, along with the B-B-E Dazzlers dance team performing at halftime. The other time, bought this Otah on my day trip to Johor Bahru to look for Catherine.

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Butler called his team's effort "terrible" and we totally agree.

Happy Monday, we hope your Monday's are better because of the weekly inspiration we bring to you! It is the fifth Monday of the month and Julee changes it a bit for those of you who like to explore other options. If you'd like them, instructions for achieving a tall & skinny card are listed below. have fun! Feel free to adapt the sketch to whatever length/width fits your fancy, though. You can use either of the following measurements, depending on where you want your fold. For the sake of memories I have one last camping trip to post and then we will move on to other things. We got to our campsite in the evening, set up camp and had ice cream and a relaxing evening. The next morning was bright, sunny and warm! So we headed down to the lake and spent the day in the tube, on the tube, or watching the fun. it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every min of it! Nothing like a Summer breeze in your hair! Waiting for a ride. Their favourite place to be! Giving Bob and Zach a ride. The kids really enjoyed being out in the water this year, they loved the tube and Andy and Kayla both got on the knee board as well and they did they really good! After our warm sun shinny day a storm hit, and it hit hard! It was the worst storm that they had had in a long time! We were thankful to be able to take shelter at Josh's grandparents and then headed back to our camper for night. The next morning Josh chalked our camper jacks and realized that our camper had moved about a foot in the storm! The sky after the storm. The next day was cool and a bun ch of the peeps went over and helped clean up Henry and Megans yard, it was a mess after the storm. The rest of us stayed in the rv watching movies, eating and visiting. - Helen Welshimer Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the LORD. Let us lift up our hearts and our hands to God in heaven. "I always thought if you worked hard enough andtried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong. The National Institute for Health suggests counseling be tried. It was unclear if this suggestion was directed at the management of Lilly. So'wester. Mexico's oil money is evaporating. Budgets are strained. Nowhere was his vision more in evidence than when he looked into the possibility of a world filled with Brewsters and concluded there was no reason to rush into things. Only ten generations separate me from the Mayflower. Brewsters have been parceled out on an average of once every forty or fifty years, or only as often as necessary. "All right," the elder says. "Just this once. "Grandfather BrewsterThey approached child production with the same gusto with which I respond to the frequent pleading emails from the Democratic Party. Gully-washer. That is what Felipe called it. Or, more accurately, that is what his former girl friend from the backwoods of Mississippi called it. A Faulknerian image crouched in the recesses of his mind. That is also what this boy from Powers would call it. Those sudden down pours of rain that are so much of a good thing, the ground cannot absorb its fortune. Whatever divine department metes out moisture decided last night was a good time to let the wet times really roll in Melaque. Last summer, you may remember, I curtailed the planting of the giant sunflower field because something had to give. Although we weren't growing a giant field of sunflowers, I still grew plenty of colorful sunflowers here in my garden in front of our farmhouse. I also spent the entire spring and summer growing sunflowers of a different kind. They were made of yarn and they grew from my knitting needles and my crochet hook. Martin's Press in the USA. The sadness of last week's tragedy in Connecticut has left so many of us feeling helpless. I love this idea so much that I just had to post a link to her blog post today. Shine Your Light - Spread the Love. Well, the election is over and the transition begins. So, I would like to pen a couple of thoughts. Thomas Reese, SJ and Fr. Andrew Greeley. Both explained that most Catholics did not listen to their bishops and voted for Obama. Hispanic Catholics, whom Archbishop Wuerl and many others, pin their hopes of the future of the Church on, voted overwhelmingly for Obama. m. I type in my name and password. This place right now is a winter wanderland, and yes, I mean wander.

I have been wandering all over the place, both in my own mind and on foot.

Lots of walks with Annie, lots of visits to friends with long talks and open minds. I have been thinking about what Cold Antler really is to me. I can say I love how things are turning out. That's more than most can state in writing. I sold three-quarters of a pig yesterday. It is time for a new Stamp of the Week Love Makes the World The sentiment is so true! If you are not a Stamp of the Week Member yet, why not treat yourself. All the details on how to receive a BRAND NEW STAMP SET each and every week are right here!! Now, we have a few samples to share with you today! Laurel Seabrook Shilo Miles Lisa Arana Stephanie Muzzulin Jolande van Oosterhout Have a great day!. i had all intentions of a new post today but i was up all night with a sick little girl and am totally lagging this AM. hope you have a wonderful hump day. off to get more coffee and maybe a cat nap. see you tomorrow. Not wanting to be outdone by Jackson and Pablo, Keith decided to create an interactive web site of his own devoted to his unique art. Create your own Haring masterpiece at Haring Kids. We made these projects at Terry's workshop Last week. The quilting is Hearts and Roses panto and I just love it. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to put on my label, but I'll find out. I don't know what I was thinking, but I was sure it would be wide enough and my original plan was to use only the medium mauve as the borders.

So, it got another border.

My hands-down most favorite b&w mag back in the Groovy Age was without a doubt Will Eisner's The Spirit published by Warren. No matter where or when it came from, it's still my fave version of How The Spirit Came To Be. PLEASE READ THE CONDITIONS CAREFULLY PRIOR TO ENTERING THE CHALLENGE Use any image you wish to create a paper craft or stamping project. Upload a photo of it to your blog and submit a direct link below. You can enter as many times as you like and you can submit your project to any other challenge you wish. At the end of the month five random winners will be chosen to receive their choice of digital image/s from my online store. Winners who have used a Beccy's Place image may choose a digital stamp set of their choice as a prize. TNTFlambe: Hello Fellow Travelers. just hung up w/ Wells Fargo National deck for Currency Exchange, inquiring about where is the closest Del Larue machine in Colorado. the Guy told me they had No Machines anywhere, nationally, for exchanging and it would all be hand counted at the exchange and verified at the regional center and they would let you know if anything was not right,Daz: A MACHINE IS NOT REQUIRED BANKS HAVE MULTIPLE WAYS OF VERIFYING CURRENCY WITHOUT A MACHINE A CURRENCY BOOK OFTEN CALLED "THE WHITE BOOK" IS USED AND THERE IS ALSO AN ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE THAT IS USED BY SOME BANKS TO ASSIST IN VERIFICATION. .