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Lana at Honeysuckle Lane is hosting a guessing game on her wonderful blog. Go see what fun this is. It is called Simple Joy's Paperie. I can't wait to see what she will have there. We will be moving to Ventura county in a month. If you are looking for a new school in California for your kids. How do you get to choose w/c school is good?The API is a starting point, but also look at the other statistics gathered on these sites such as class size, demographics, etc.

And talk around the area where you want to live to other parents and Realtors.

Via. “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness. courtesy of mingpao. Today is the last day you can get the Dotty For You Paper pack.

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which I hate to do on the blog. But, I have something that needs addressing about the Frugal Friday linky party. Most of you that link up are wonderful about sticking to "the rules". But there are a few who aren't. I've been pretty lenient about letting those posts remain up because there weren't very many, but I've noticed that there seem to be more and more of them. Because I want Frugal Friday to be a place of inspiration for my readers, I feel like I finally have to address the problem. Second, if your post has nothing to do with DIYs, decorating, entertaining, recipes, etc. please refrain from posting it. Frugal Friday posts should inspire my readers with things they can do themselves or give them ideas for projects. This is not a forum to discuss your personal feelings about things. Neither is it a place to link up your vacation pics etc. Admittedly it is a rare occurrence, but every once in a while a liberal will tell the truth. The only dark spot in this otherwise silver lining to truth is that the good Doctor still doesn't get the idea that we are going to also get less healthcare, poorer healthcare, rationed healthcare, bureaucratically entangled healthcare and a massive tax bill. One of the first rules of blogging is to always "reach-around" and link to other folks. They will link to you in return and readership increases for all involved. So, today I give you this piece about a magnificent book:New Paltz Reviews MeIf that isn't the most self-serving piece I've ever put up, you can elect me President and call me Messiah. The Obama administration tomorrow might nix planned oil and gas leasing in the federal waters of Bristol Bay, also known as the North Aleutian basin. "In a nod to its environmental base, the administration is expected to keep the Pacific coast off limits, as well as new areas of Alaska such as Bristol Bay," says a story the Wall Street Journal posted on its site today. It'll be interested to see whether the government cans one or both. Oil and gas leasing is, of course, a highly controversial subject in Bristol Bay, which is rich in salmon, groundfish and crab. I thought I would show what I take with me when I draw on the street. It is quite simple. A. plastic box B. I don't carry any water with me to do watercolors D. mini watercolor paint set, windsor newton E. Big enough file for a background. Thanks to Whitley Peanuts for the large variety of peanuts and cashews they sent me.

I have loved her artwork for quite a long time, so I am pretty excited by the idea of wearing one of her beautiful paintings around my neck, perhaps with a tiny old family photo tucked inside.

Untitled by brianwferry.

yorkdispatch. The reviews on my earlier posts about this show, which I haven't seen, have been consistently negative. Here's another to add to the list. m.

Shot outside of Cairo, "Chas ing Mummies" does indulge us with sporadic dips into archaeology, Egyptology and all those other dusty ologies, but it devotes much of its time to the manufacturing of fake tension and convoluted drama.

Within minutes of meeting series "star" Dr. The gig in Zaragoza almost got cancelled due to high winds. Ian's hairdo proved the most practical for this show. One of those gigs!. cottonink-shop. Happy shopping! xx. Sterling & Alicia came to play last night and we had so much fun! First, we ate a delicious dinner at Pizza Factory. And then watched American Idol. We all text voted but Nicole has Tmobile, so she was stuck having to call a million times to vote. The cure for the ills of the effluent society is less affluence.

None the less, playing to their dwindling base, the GOP in Montana voted to keep the state law that criminalizes gay sex - even though the Montana courts have ruled it unconstitutional and unenforceable.

Form over substance. The Lord assures us His Word is powerfuland will be effective. It is a Seed that cannot fail to have its effect. Yet, stony ground has to be broken up. As a boy, my father gave me that chore:to turn over the clods of dirt in his gardenand break them up. I didn’t like it—I didn’t see the value. You and I must be soft ground for the Word to sprout. When the Word does sprout,we have to be out there pulling weeds, day after day. I do not intend to nitpick. Most things work as well as could be expected. Various items are showing signs of wear and tear and this is all in the normal course of events, and not what a mature individual should natter on about. No. I refer to my basic dream apparatus. From what I understand, most people are allowed to take fantastic voyages while asleep. Prison life is littered with small indicators of our status, particularly how far we are trusted - or not.

Does a screw step aside on the stairs to ensure that you aren't walking behind him? When he's talking to you, does he look over both your shoulder and his own? In these and other small ways our untrustworthy status is signalled, often to my frustration.

Open prison is the epitome of this. Some are festooned with CCTV cameras, even on the landings. In others, the windows in the rooms don't open more than a few inches, assuming we'd be heading for the horizon if clambering out was made too easy. Not that a pane of glass hindered an escapologist but as a signal of trust, it sugg­ests that management focus more on "prison" than on "open". Here, my window opens wide. So wide that I have to use caution not to fall out when I pull it shut. If we wanted to recreate the Greatest Hits of Colditz, circumnavigating a pane of glass wouldn't be on the list of perilous obstacles. I have a key to both my door and the one at the end of the landing. It's that time of year when Amy and the incredible Design Team at the Coffee Lovers Papercrafters, have a fabulous blog hop, or as I like to think of it, extravaganza. The array of cards and projects is both amazing and considerable. Go. Check it out. Make a card. Maybe even win a prize! Oh. I think I have enough although I would have a hard time saying no to any more who show up. I'll leave the post up in case any "tour hosts" want to check back on the rules. Or if any of you have ideas on how it could be done differently/better. I wouldn't think this book is of such importance that Sinister Forces would want to sabotage it, but you never know. Amy came home last night.

All my chicks are back in the nest.

I am a happy woman. perfect. Your weekly Dose of Spurgeon The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. " "The tongue is a very sharp instrument, it cutteth like a razor, and pierceth even to the bones. ” It is, after all, of very small account what is said by men whose breath is in their nostrils. “They say. What do they say? Let them say. Thank you so much for all your lovely notes about the loss of our Lizzie dog.

I knew a lot of pet lovers were out there reading my blog, since the yard-sale-pet pictures are always so popular.

I have truly felt among friends who understand the grief of losing a loved one, whether that one has two feet or four. We are doing okay. Missing Lizzie of course, and grief is a sneaky thing. You realize you’re feeling a bit better, then wham, grief knocks you down again. But you keep going. After all, that’s what Lizzie would have done, and you can do way worse for a role model than a sweet dog. Not going to tell you yet what it will be, but I think some of you will be interested!. If you Google "Frank Luntz" you will find that people who search for Luntz also search for Kellyanne Conway. Sean Hannity, Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich. Karl Rove. And there is a reason for that: of all the amoral goons on the Right who have made a living peddling wingnut poison, none has been more skilled and proficient than Luntz. But being known as one of the GOP's most proficient poison-peddlers can limit one's career options, which is why Luntz has always been very careful about curating his own resume. The theme at CCT this week is Ginger Spice. I have made a tag using papers from Craftwork cards. I cut a tag from kraft card using a Tim Holtz die and after adding the paper I put some Fran-Tage and Mica onto it. I coloured the ribbon with rusty hinge distress Ink. This weeks theme at CCT is planes, trains and automobiles. I have coloured the image with Copics to match the colour of her car and added some Card Candi. We have another great prize this week so I hope you'll be able to join us. . Mix well until all the rice grains are coated with the oil and spices. In a small bowl, mix the ingredients of the drizzling sauce. Cut the chicken breasts into medium size pieces and place it a pot. Pour in chicken stock until the pieces are covered. The embarrassment of it all! Do you have a junky area in your home? Mine is my basement. I had shelving and closets built in years ago but there is only so much that can be done with this area. I guess because it is not very attractive, it tends to be treated in a shabby way. It looks like a hoarder lives here. .