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For no good reason, I was thinking recently about the problem of defining paternalism, of when a policy should or should not be considered paternalist. It occurred to me that there are at least three different arguments for regulations limiting what someone can do. Bad for us.

If what I do imposes costs on you, that's a reason why you might want to prevent me from doing it.

Bad for you. That is paternalism. A recent example is the attempt by the mayor of New York to limit the size in which soft drinks can be sold on the theory that doing so will make people less likely to be obese. Cigarette taxes and restrictions on smoking fit the same pattern. Some time back, I had a post discussing the problem of dealing with illegal acts by government in the context of NSA's apparent violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The act provides substantial criminal penalties for its violation. But criminal prosecution is controlled by government, in this case the federal government, which can choose not to prosecute crimes it approves of. The act also provides civil penalties for its violation, but in order to get them you have to show that your phone was tapped in violation of the law—and the NSA has, not surprisingly, declined to make public the list of tapped phones.

I suggested a possible way around that problem, but so far nobody I know of has tried it, and it might well not work.

While such a suit would not bear directly on the NSA interceptions revealed earlier, it would raise, and hopefully settle, the same legal issues. If the Court rejects those arguments, as I would hope it would, that raises serious problems for NSA and the Administration. ♫ Nouvelle Vague ft. Vanessa Paradis Photos: Anna Kern. Francis Starlite practicing the piano.

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Good morning Augusta. The fog out there is thicker than peanut butter this morning. Fog early. Tonight it will be partly cloudy. Fog overnight. Did you ever know that Tyra Banks got a nose job? Technorati Tags: tyra banks,nose job,black celebrity gossip. ". A drug-related search warrant was served on Friday morning at a residence in Key Largo. m. Detectives also found drug paraphernalia including a digital scale, a grinder, rolling papers and other items. Taylor Lee James was charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. I'm using two of my favorite magazine scans from October issue of 'GINGER'. Also updated the promotional banner and video with Vidal Sassoon latest Styling Series campaign. He intended to travel to Syria to fight on behalf an Islamic rebel group that seeks to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. There is reason to believe that the FBI had advance knowledge of the Boston Marathon bombing plot. On the other hand, we know that Tounisi was a pure product of the FBI's terrorist factory: He was the latest in a long procession of socially alienated teenage Muslim males who have been lured into an FBI-orchestrated plot by the Bureau's roving troupe of “terrorism facilitators. ” What makes the terrorism charges against Tounisi more remarkable is the fact that he is accused of seeking to enlist in the service of a terrorist group that is presently receiving material aid from Washington.

Tounisi had been targeted by the FBI last fall after a friend named Abdel Daoud was snared in one of the Bureau's prefabricated terror plots.

The indictment against Daoud claims that he had “attempted, without lawful authority, to use a weapon of mass destruction” – in this case, a car bomb – in a terrorist attack against a Chicago-area nightclub.

In familiar fashion, the Bureau's informant/provocateurs sketched out the plot and provided the targeted patsy with all of the material necessities – including the dummy bomb.

Daoud playedhis scripted role to perfection – that is, he expressed entirely justifiable outrage over the U. S. Two missions that should never intersect are those of the military and of the civilian police, respectively. The logic of empire ultimately demands that which our rulers have now provided: A militarized apparatus of coercion in which military and police roles are inextricably blended. "We have entered an era of persistent conflict.

Smoking, drugs, alcohol or any other habitual activities can turn into addictions that negatively affect our lives and those of our loved ones.

Topics include: From Addiction to Recovery … the possible Journey Dr. Adel Zayed Psychiatrist & Head of Addiction Center, Kuwait Center for Psychological Health Director, Kuwait Psychiatry Board Addiction: Not Just a Bad Habit Jason R. It is in German but there are some good shots even if you don't understand a word. I kinda like March. For the most part, it's still cold and snowy and gray outside, but at least March holds the promise of spring. The sun was shining today and the temps have been above freezing all week. The snow is melting and I heard the birds chirping this morning when I woke up. This March, however, is going to be very busy around our place. Recently,I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the San Diego Women Film Foundation at their annual thank you dinner. I led an art project where each member was given a square of canvas that they were responsible for expressing themselves on. Each square will be sewn into a large canvas that I created with collaged materials and painting. Nigella Lawson would struggle to put it better. "There's vapour like smoke," marvels Matthew Theunissen. "It crackles like a cigarette, gets warm in your hand like a cigarette and there's that familiar sensation in the back of the throat. " Theunissen stopped smoking this week, one of a team quitting as part of the Herald on Sunday's Quitters campaign. E-cigarettes are more socially acceptable than cigarettes or patches, and people are willing to use them for much longer, Bullen says. So, I'm reading this post over at Brock's place and I follow the link to Kenny's post over at his place.

And then I wrote this blog post.

Apparently the same situation in those places. Received this tuskless male from the Jacksonville Zoo while we were at Circus World and named him "Hugo". Surprisingly despite his age and size he quite easy to deal with. and you get Tesco Clubcard points too! For those that don't know. Tesco is a UK supermarket chain, but they also have stores in other parts of the world. One of our 'roving reporters' spotted these on sale in a Tesco Superstore in Edinburgh at their Hermiston Gait store. and it's getting worse. My reading list is shrinking daily. At this rate, I won't have anything to read in another week or so. Mark Levin has joined the "never Trump" crowd and vows to not vote for him if he's the nominee. He also still believes that Michelle Fields is a victim of thuggery by the Trump campaign, so his opinions don't count for much.

Erick Erickson, in a bid to retain some relevancy, has predicted that the dems will bury Trump in negative ads and the Cruz delegates will "save" us in July.

No link on purpose. Starting to show signs of a South swell in the water. Extremely low tide this morning with lots of sand and rocks exposed. Channel: Sandbars are exposed way out into the ocean. Micro waves that are perfectly hollow and barrelling on the inside and middle bar closer to the boat ramp but not surfable yet except for Sea Squirrels. Should start to improve with more water by late morning and into the afternoon. Currently empty lineup. Patch: Lines and some white water out by and past the meeting rock. Scattered clouds overhead with patches of blue showing through. Surf's Up today! Bring whatever board you like to ride. Bring patience in looking for parking. Bring you biggest smile and Good Morning greetings to those already in the water. Working on the high tide and expect improvement as tide moves low. Channel: Good surf in the waist to shoulder high size.

Consistent and a bit of juice as well.

Longboards work best on the deeper bar and over at Seadrift. Mid-lengths, fish and shortboards are catching waves midway out and inside as well towards the Groin. "It is at least possible that a prosecutor or a court will decide that a physician performing a procedure qualifying as an abortion under the language of the new statute can be prosecuted for first-degree murder," Gerdes wrote in the memo. But Republican Rep.

Lick anything he wants.

in Cartoonland!" still holds a special place in my nostalgic heart. Share this one with a kid, Groove-ophile! That's who it's meant for!!Cover art by Dick Giordano. Were-Rat as only Groovy Age Marvel could present it. Have you hugged your poodle today? Because if you haven't the consequences can be terrifying. Read on to discover this harried little poodle's origin story. Some work days are like that. " Yes, this adorably scraggy little poodle is Alice's handiwork. She's made of baby-weight yarn and stuffed with lentils "so she'd stay put on my cube wall. " Clearly, both fiber and fibre are an important part of every healthy poodle's diet! So, on this Casual Friday, be sure to hug your straggly, easily confused inner poodle. After all, there is such a thing as being too well groomed. Hi there RRR Ribbon Fans! It's Jessie here, with a card to share with you and a tutorial on a pretty little flower made with ribbon. First I'll share with you the card I made and then I will get right to the tutorial.

You won't believe how quick and easy this lovely flower is to make! And here's how that sweet flower is made: The first thing I do is cut my circles.

You can see from these pictures that my circles are not perfect, and in fact, it adds more texture to your petals if your circles are a little wonky. The number of circles you need depends on the size of the flower you are going to make. I believe they tried to change the rest, but the omission of Martin Luther King. Usually when liberals try to rewrite history, this type of mistake wouldn't happen. The rest, very believable. From the people who have already changed some text books to make the second amendment as meaning arming militia only. Upon being questioned about it, the response was it was a mistake when they shortened it. Like the second amendment was so long, it had to be shortened. Their latest attempt is leaving out such things as the Holocaust, Ben Franklin and many other things from history teachings all together. Portraying our countries heroes as bullies. .