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News has gotten out about yet another U. S. Border Patrol shooting. -"Another one?" you may ask. -Well, yes. S. Border Patrol. Good morning!! It's Friday!! Are you doing the happy dance? I am!! I love my weekends, although it's another busy one.

I have Bday party tonight for my brother.

Tomorrow I will be volunteering at at a Mets Spring Training Game all day. I used Sweet Thinkin' Mae. Funny thing, I colored her all up, put my card together then went online to do my blog post. The Wild Frontier, Atrocities During The American-Indian War from Jamestown Colony to Wounded Knee, by William M. A very readable and probably the most well balanced book I have read about the conquest of the continent by people of European descent. Any American History enthusiast should read this book. Very thorough bibliography. The wikipedia article says,"The film eventually found a cult following, although even fans tend to disagree whether the film is a landmark of surreal, innovative filmmaking or simply a fascinating mess. " via youtube: It has had a Criterion release. Slant Magazine calls it an "unsung masterpiece". To be clear, I’m not shocked by the fact that I set a PR. Elena is back today with another amazing party idea! She's created a cheery Breakfast Party! Rise 'n Shine! Breakfast is served! I love how Elena used the cute breakfast tray from Love 'n Breakfast to highlight the party menu items!Quinn's ABCs make it clear that orange juice is the beverage! I love the different patterns on the straws! These yummy muffins look adorable served in Stitched Scalloped Cupcake Wrappers! I love the pretty color palette of cream, yellow and aqua! The banner is made from folded Stitched Circle Stackables. Have you ever noticed that people aren’t always receptive to the Good News of the Gospel? We’re living in a world where it is increasingly forbidden to share the Good News with a desire to win converts. The situation is getting to the point where the only place where the Gospel can be proclaimed in in a church. This problem isn’t new. The disciples were some of the first victims of this type of persecution. Peter and John were arrested for preaching and brought before the Jewish authorities. They were released with orders not to preach-orders they promptly disobeyed.

They were arrested again, and when they were asked why they disobeyed the order, Peter made a speech similar to the one he made on the Day of Pentecost.

The problem the Jewish authorities had was not what the disciples preached but how they did it. They were drawing public attention to the message of a Jewish man who was executed on a Roman cross. Marie tatted the bracelet from Nina Libin's, One Shuttle, Lots of Beads, with DMC Embroidery Thread for a special order, but made a mistake and gets to keep it. Julie won a blue ribbon for her tatting at the County Fair in the any other needlework technique not listed. Diane met with the Tollway Tattters where they shared their tatting and shuttles and good times. Frivole has asked for a name for her new snowflake and she's played around with some variations. The newly christened Minuet snowflake was done in pink and green, and then for stark contrast in black and white and finally in green and turquoise. Jess has some of her Messy Jess!-y threads worked up and the colours will soon be in the shop. Businessweek summarized his relationships with some device manufacturers. Marvin Woodall, who headed Johnson & Johnson's new cardiac-devices division, asked Leon to serve as the unit's paid ex-officio medical director. Scott L. Nelson, a litigation attorney specializing in civil appellate practice, brings experience practicing before the U. S. Supreme Court. Stephen L. Griffith, former partner at Stoel Rives, has now taught and coached the award-winning constitutional law team at Lincoln High School for twelve years. William Funk has written and lectured extensively on the structure of the Constitution. This panel will be moderated by Jay Austin. This is a brown bag lunch. Title:U. S. Continue reading →. So this is what I picked out. The patterns were suppose to be ready on Monday. It's now Saturday. I haven't heard anything. I'm trying to be patient. Yesterday it melted a bunch. Will it be a mud hole or skating rink on Sunday? Depends on the temperature. I went to the wood shop for awhile. My first idea is just not workable. You know how hard it is to shuffle photographs? But it was nice to have a lively discussion with Barry. Get the look. I put together a look with some of my top picks from the site here. LIEBERMAN LIVE DEBUTS SATURDAY.

Radio Ink gives love to the debut of Lieberman Live.

Here is a couple of the pages from my Album in the Album Contest at Convention. As it turned out, they got a lot of cash in Dollars, Pesos and Liras.

When they returned back to their hide-out,the American distributed the money in three even shares.

" This infomration overload point, for the natural dye project, hit at about two AM, yesterday. I'd finished the section of "Bright Earth" that was about dyes and the invention of modern chemistry, and my brain was melting, and I thought "I need to get some more chemistry books" and then I thought "You really need to get a grip, for crying out loud. " Then I went to bed. This is being mentioned so that later when I can't remember what I did, I can look here and see. This SHOULD produce some nice purple sock yarn. Yes, I will sell it.

Tomorrow, I may be dyeing with madder.

Ne kasvoivat matalalla männyn kannolla, samalta paikalta olen aiempinakin vuosina kerännyt näitä. Purppuravalmuskan erottaa nuorena hyvin muista sienistä purppuraisen lakin ja jalan väristä, sekä keltaisista heltoista, mutta vanhemmiten purppurainen väri haalistuu. Onneksi ryhmässä on yleensä aina jokin nuorikin yksilö joukossa. Nämä ovat myös aika isoja ja tukevia sieniä verrattuna helokoihin tai lahokoihin, joita myös voi kasvaa kannoilla. In EnglishI got last week one kilo of Tricholomopsis rutilans - mushrooms, all that you can see in the pictures.

Renfrewshire had already beaten Dunbartonshire and Argyll, and Lanarkshire.

via. When thinking about the title of this morning's blog post, color is what came to me. I tend to take more photos in the winter when our sheep are lambing and I am more involved in the farm. It is all a bit depressing if you ask me and I cannot understand why in the world people will decorate their homes with those shades. Deep in the bowels of the Department of Health, their designated Sir Humphrey calls the shots. Very subtle, but also acutely observant of the woeful state of current political method I think you'll agree. It's not too late to register your disapproval and tell them to butt out of your life, by the way. The most Beautiful Performer of all!. Here are some quick easy cards to make using the Sahara sand, Baja Breeze and Red Riding Hood colors.

The middle card is made with acetate which you stamp with the white staz on pad.

by Phil Johnson.

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Night Shade Books, our winners will get their hands on a copy of David Constantine's The Pillars of Hercules. For more information about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winners are:- Mike Natale, from Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA- Paul Weimer, from Roseville, Minnesota, USA- Andrew O’Higgins, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada- John Quiring, from Auburn, Alabama, USA- Bill Mulrenin, from Brooklyn, New York, USAMany thanks to all the participants!. Yep, a Saturday! I explained the situation and assured them Id call as soon as I have our insurance info. Before Oct. Its a lot, but I think I can pull it off. The main item this is riding on is our actual insurance card. If we don't get one by next week, I'm going to make a few calls and at least try to get our group number and information. I'm sad this is going to take a while. Nope! I was counting on doing our FET before Trevor's birthday.

Anyway, she asked me if Aaron and I would take some maternity photos for them.

It was a total group effort! Aaron, Justin, Mandy, Patti and I all went along and these are some of my favorites: I have to give my sister-in-law Mandy credit for thinking the tracks would make for a cool background. I think they are really neat and I liked these a lot.

Jess was blessed with tall genes, so I think she's barely showing.

Celles de Jewelchic. Ci-dessous. John Farnham et ONJ sur une chanson du groupe ACDC. At Home is open in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama is now open. Congratulations to the owners and staff of the Montgomery store. I can't wait to visit you! .

Critics often say dropping the bombing was predicated on "consequentialism", viz.

it would shorten the war, save lives on both sides. However, that objection is uninformed. Taking consequences into account as a part of moral deliberation is not equivalent to the ethical system of consequentialism. According to consequentialism: Consequentialism, as its name suggests, is the view that normative properties depend only on consequences. . Lanvin bow crystal-embellished earrings, at matchesfashion. No. As does the rebellion Paine was referring to in that treatise, and what happened to those elites. But while Espada has been named majority leader, it's my understanding that it's the president of the Senate who gets the vote on the racino operator at Aqueduct. And that, at least for now, is Senator Malcolm Smith. More on the settlement to follow. love everything. Two wonderful quotes on the word - REALITYI believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it. .