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Badly designed, impossible to navigate, ugly, loud, depressing, reeking of death. How did this beast that is eating the fabric of our civilization and puking it up on the shoes of our future achieve such popularity? I might be talking about the Bush War, but in this case I'm referring to MySpace. I had a blog on MySpace for a while and it made my colon throb. And not in a good way. So, at the helpful advice of many of you, my readers, I abandoned it like the religion I was raised in and moved over to Blogger.

The groovy photo below is of me the night I met Dennis Kucinich and his wife, Elizabeth.

salmonproject. Habitat is just one area of discovery for salmon lovers, she said. But Alaskans also associate wild salmon with home, food and hard work ethics. “The juicy area of opportunity for the project is there is a lot of distance between where many of us are in understanding of the resource and where we might be in a couple of years, and if we end up proceeding with this project, we would end up in a lot of these areas,” she said. While Alaskans have a wide range of experience with and knowledge of salmon, one thing people almost universally agree on is they want the while salmon to be here for our grandchildren, as part of the lifestyle, culture and economic fabric that it is today, she said.

The Salmon Project, said Harrington, is not about the proposed Pebble mine.

“Many more Alaskans feel personally engaged with this resource than have a strong opinion on a number of resource projects. "It's an interesting relationship that they have. "So what we did is we didn't try to make any sort of friendship beforehand. We got there and that's when our friendship started. So as it was happening on screen, it was also happening in real life. He's totally chill and he's fun to hang out with, and he's fun to be on set with. We had a great time. m. m. m. Just around half past midnight this morning, Derby's falcon laid her first egg. She had kept us all waiting, as she has done in previous years. First egg of the season. Apologies for not warning everyone in advance. Mary Lena found tatting these medallions in a rainbow of colours relaxing. Julie shows how she dealt with thread ends so that they didn't show in her variegated thread lace. Sue read the instructions incorrectly, so this is the second try at the Jan Stawasz Monster Doily. She re-filled her shuttles to finish it. I received a nice email from Portugal some dys ago from Miguel Garcia from Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks Miguel, Great designs with some very interetsing and original ideas! Check his blog here This is just a small selection. Discover the practical and ethical considerations of alternative fee arrangements and learn about the ABA's stance on pro bono service and corporate pro bono work in this two part program. In practice, however, there can be unforeseen consequences. Trial lawyer Jean Bertrand will discuss allocation of risk and the attendant ethical conflicts that can arise under several kinds of AFA.

Title:Ethics: Alternative Fee Arrangements & Pro Bono ServiceWhen/Where:On-Demand RecordingSpeaker:Jean L.

Queendom has written the script and plays all the supporting roles. Place of action is Sogndalstrand in Norway and Bagamoyo in Tanzania,the themes are women, Africa, development aid and multicultural Norway. Queendom about Queendom: “Queendom is based in Oslo, Norway, and draws on the talent and experience of five performing artists with backgrounds from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Trinidad and Gambia. The members of the group are professional actors, journalists, singers and songwriters.

Queendom aims to raise the profile of black women by creating both socially aware and entertaining performances.

Our shows touch on themes relevant to our everyday lives in Norway, such as racism, identity and women’s issues. " Seriously, even Chip's giggling sidekick, Nikki was seen in another room shaking her head. She was not alone. Of course, I might be wrong! Can’t see anything similar on the web. Not pictures to hang on the wall but might be of interest from a behavioural point of view. ' CB. While have lunch with M & C, i was asking them if they wanted to go to The Grand Cafe as i saw C went there before, they used to be called Just One Coffee, but now the name is change to The Grand Cafe. Staircase View from the upper desk View of The Grand Cafe from another Cafe. One has to wonder if Tomas Zaborsky really wants a vacation at this point in time. Ryan Hillier helped to make sure that did not happen. Cindy made this expandable purse from a pattern by Whistlepeg Creek Productions. Isn’t it beautiful? Very classy looking. Add your own special button as she did to make it distinctly yours.

You can find the pattern at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.

Cindy will be teaching you how to make Mallorys Big Box by This and That patterns on Wednesday, August. I can see this in a fabric that men would like. Make your special guy this boxy bag for Christmas. Well.

You are very wise and every day I live I want to honor you.

Josh loves I mean LOVES playing football. He is out on the field whenever he has a spare minute, and always asking for players. And he is really good at it too! Before Andrew was born I would tag along with Josh everywhere he went, he always made riding the tractor fun, many, many memories have been made riding with him. Josh takes time for me. A great relief after all that flying/driving. So fun! Matt spent Thanksgiving morning with Jay & Shaun on the golf course while I spent it with Lis in the kitchen. Cooking our first turkey. Ever. And let me tell you, it was mighty entertaining. We are not gourmet chefs by any means, but we are intelligent human beings who can read directions. So how hard could it be? Well. "She who sows thistles will reap prickles. " English Proverb He who sows wickedness reaps trouble,and the rod of his fury will be destroyed. One year ago today I said "I Do" to my husband. After realizing I was a bride, with a few tears of course, the day was just about as perfect as anyone could have asked for. Observation: The Psalmist understood God and his ways very well. He had witnessed God fighting his battles and defending him over and over. He knew that when a person seeks God, they will not be forsaken by Him. Rather, He will defend them and take great care of them. Application: God has promised never to leave us or forsake us over and over in His word. Sometimes we feel forsaken, but the word tells us we have not been. I’M NOT SURPRISED that ancient Polynesian sailors managed to find their way from remote Easter Island to the mainland of South America. What interests me far more is how they found their way back. Scientists recently conducted a study that shows interbreeding between the native peoples of Easter Island and those of South America. The Polynesians had fast, seaworthy sailing canoes, it’s true, but can you imagine how skilled they were as navigators at a time when most European sailors were clinging cautiously to the coastlines in slow, dumpy vessels that were little better, if any, than those of the ancient Greeks and Romans? How could they hope to make an accurate landfall on Easter Island after the long lonely trek from South America? It is nothing less than astounding. I know that one of their tricks was to place themselves on the latitude of an island and then to run either due east or due west until they hit land. And one of the devices they used to determine their latitude was a straight piece of split bamboo with a loop at the top. This straight piece had a shorter piece of bamboo, known as the pointer, tied at right angles to the looped piece. Late.


It's not that simple. Or is it?. Friday night a severe thunderstorm came through the county. I am glad I was home. Gibson, my six-year-old, Border Collie is still terrified of loud bursts of sound. Since I was home, he wanted to be beside me through the storm. He doesn’t set his paws onto my lap but wraps them around my hips in an embrace, or loops them around a calf to grasp me, literally holding on. As a Pastor I have been placed in many positions where I had to take the blame for something that I did not do. So many pastors I know have walked away from the ministry because of the stress and the falsehoods labeled against them. Others have built an immunity to the criticism by just trying to get by rather than put their whole heart into their pastorate. That's not always easy when your living depends on a congregation, but it's the only way God can truly bless your ministry. Will and I kicked off the month with another ringing session at Out Rawcliffe. It was a slightly misty morning as the dull sun promised to burn off the thin layer of murk and leave us with clear conditions again. Dawn MistBoth the morning itself and our catch proved similar to other recent sessions, with not much on-going visible migration as the sun did its job. We had a mixed bag of birds, mainly warblers and finches, and for the second session in a row, no recaptures. Otherwise we thought even the local Swallow and House Martin numbers were down this morning with many birds having moved on following the several days of fine weather. Up high we also noted a dozen or two Chaffinch heading south, some we saw, and with others we just heard the characteristic autumn flight calls. Kestrel. BenghaaazEEEbolaCareFastAndFuryIRS Some people think it would be a pretty good idea to hand over even more power to the loonies.

Some people don't.

Morrison. During these sessions, the artistic collaboration will be accumulative, with a new artist each day adding his or her own print to the previously produced prints. Prints will be available for purchase at any stage during this process. The works created will be on exhibit at Printed Matter through mid-January. This year’s exhibition with J. Jóna's mother was originally from Iceland, and Jóna travelled to Iceland during her school holidays and was taught embroidery by her Icelandic grandmother. But before I made up my mind to attend one of her courses, Jóna moved to France. While still living in UK, she was running a small travel business, taking small groups of tourists to Iceland, to share her heritage, and she is still doing so from her new home in Dordogne. The patterns in her book are very traditional Icelandic design, and the colours not necessarily of my taste. However, from the embroiderer's point of view, the technique itself is interesting. If you want to get a kit for yourself join the Club on The Stamps of Life website! You'll get this wonderful kit plus special Club pricing on almost everything we sell! Happy Stamping!. and the libtards call us deplorable? The New York Times took the bait and printed personal tax returns of Donald, and his then wife Marla, in their shabby little newspaper. Message to New York Times: You're as dumb as stumps. This was one of the best festivals we have attended. This is how the sauerkraut hut was decorated. And here is the seating area where you could eat your wurst with kraut, sauerkraut soup or stuffed cabbage. This building was all about steam. The old schoolhouse open to inspect. The millhouse. These steam valves were tooting away. For further information on these Scams, please Read . I thought last week was bad when a town messed up and demolished the wrong house. Homeowner came back from vacation to an empty lot. You would think someone would have checked the address. .