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" Slant Magazine says, "it's through this simple morality play that Ghidorah accrues much of its charm—not to mention its delirious wrestling match antics. marks a major turning point in the history of the Godzilla series. But Ghidrah marks the beginning of a new era in other ways, too. From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search: Jay had a Bigfoot encounter that left him very puzzled about the violence of these creatures. Later he and his partner when camping and were run off an island by a Sasquatch.

His partner was so effected by this encounter he left a note after suicide telling Jay to avoid this Bigfoot monster.

From Sasquatch Chronicles: A witness contacted me and says he was hunting with a friend and they were being followed most of the night. They were unsure of what was pacing and following them. The creature did not flinch when they had their lights on him. The witness describes the creature’s face looking tired of like it had down syndrome. One of the hunters wanted to run but the men remained calm and slowly backed off and walk out. The witness who was in front said his friend screamed and bolted past him. ETA: Full scans added - From Rob's part there are only a few new quotes in the intro of the article. The interview is from Total Film magazine. That would be so good. " chuckels Robert Pattinson, speculating on a potential - but rather less chaste - future reboot of Twilight. Wether Twi-hard or Twi-hater, there's no denying the impact of the films adapted from Stephenie Meyer's quartet of novels about clumsy teen Bella, her pretty-boy vampire beau Edward and werewolf loser-in-love, Jacob. Attracting a rabid fanbase, the films also fueled a craze for bloodsucking TV Dramas like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries and a slew of copycat books. Even this year's bestselling erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, began life as Twilight fan fiction. We went to our favorite local flower farm this weekend. This beautiful Dutch Colonial home was a private residence until a couple of years ago. Now, it serves as a wine tasting room at the farm. Out back is a lovely patio.

IsDihara was disappointed with her fair results of third place, but you'll understand when you see the first and second place results.

You'll have to check her blog for that. Linda received a plethora of ribbons for her fair entries. We saw the red and white doily in progress and while the design was getting lost in the variegated centre thread the outer rows of solid red and white really pulled it together. Vinnie is back from her holiday where she managed a little crafting time which included making a single shuttle black bracelet with blue beads. She also tatted a simple tatted set with transparent beads small flowers and a Josephine chain string. soem cool shots from Run And ExplodeVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visor. courtesy of singtao. Yam Tat Wa earlier was overseas and could not promote the film. All I have to do now is write out the patterns! Then put all the materials required into a kit. Bought "WILD/Dr. Here's the official announcement from the National Marine Fisheries Service. "Go Forward with Courage," an archival print by Jen Ray of Corduroy, one of my favorite Etsy shops these days. Look Who's Crawling?. YouTube link. There have been petitions in Russia and Belarus to have the song blocked from the broadcast because it is ‘unnatural’. The view of most European nations however is that freedom of expression and freedom of speech are at the cornerstone of democracy and of the Eurovision Song Contest. " Text from Metro, via The Dish, where Andrew Sullivan pondered how well Conchita Wurst would do on American Idol. Despite the weather forecast predicting heavy rain, we set off to the ermita at Fórnoles for their celebration and a BBQ. For details on the venue, see the entry on this blog for the same time last year. Continuing the string of minor updates, I give you another one picture update to the brflines site this morning. Until then, enjoy this one. Stay warm!. While I had a moment to do so, I thought I'd update the site quickly with a new player, Mischa Zverev of Germany. The only briefline photo I have of him is attached to this post. Enjoy guys!. I HAVE NOTICED to my astonishment that there are still some old-fashioned women who insist on being given a wedding band, or at least an engagement ring, before they will embark on a cruise for two under sail on a small boat.

It therefore behooves every male skipper to keep handy a medium-sized ring of some metal resembling gold, fit for the wedding finger of the left hand of a female exhibiting a case of pre-cruise scruples.

I may now kiss the bride, etc. ” The skipper should sign and date this script. It would be as well to make a copy for the lady, too, in case you are boarded by the Coast Guard, so she can demonstrate that everything is above-board.

Once a lady has caught the scruples, she needs all the paperwork she can get.

Today’s Thought If a man wants to leave a toothbrush at my house, he can damn well marry me. Hello Ai friends, and happy "Black Friday". I've only gone shopping once in my life on "the day after Thanksgiving", and let's just say once was enough for me! I'd rather be at home stamping! So without further delay. This image just makes me smile. Who doesn't love penguins? And this image was so much fun to color in with alcohol markers. This is the guest bathroom. Keep in mind that these are all before pictures. Now there are some things that I like about this bathroom.

It's size, for example is good for a secondary bath.

I like the long granite countertop and the built in vanity. There is a good amount of mirror space and lots of under counter storage. Always a plus. The toilet is recessed. That's a nice feature in a secondary bath too. Here's the blurb:The Apex Book of World SF edited by Lavie Tidhar, features award-winning science fiction and fantasy short stories from Asia, Eastern Europe and around the world. Collected here are sixteen stories penned by authors from Thailand, the Philippines, China, Israel, Pakistan, Serbia, Croatia, Malaysia, and other countries across the globe. Each one tells a tale breathtakingly vast and varied, whether caught in the ghosts of the past or entangled in a postmodern age. Among the spirits, technology, and deep recesses of the human mind, stories abound. Kites sail to the stars, technology transcends physics, and wheels cry out in the night. Dark and bright, beautiful and haunting, the stories herein represent speculative fiction from a sampling of the finest authors from around the world. Table of Contents: S.


Our first week with our new schedule went pretty good. I had a tough time falling asleep without Tom on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was Toms first day off and he did some cleaning and went grocery shopping. Thursday he kept Trevor all day.

I found out I don't enjoy work as much when hes not tagging along.

Thursday evening we went to Olive Garden to use a gift card. It was delicious! Trevor devoured the alfredo pasta and bread sticks. We went with the couple who's wedding we attended back in September. It was nice to have no clean up, put Trevor right to bed and watch Greys. I can only hope that I'll be able. Homeworld: AndoriaAndor's nearest neighbours include Vulcan, P'Jem and Regulus. Orbits could change over time, sometimes plunging Andoria into an ice age, other times giving it a hotter climate. Inspirational crystal quote of the day:“Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn't know you left open. We also have a bump in the water BUT also a snarling, big dawg tide that will bite and scare the watery undulations into hiding for a while. However, if time is a major factor and you have to venture into the water this morning, then sailor take warning of entering/exiting the ramp area and walking the walls. Keep your eyes open, your head on a swivel and use good judgment. CHANNEL: There is most definitely a boom in the trunk of this ranfla as the water height of these emerald gems is in the waist-to-occasional-eyeball high zone. Many water craft from custodial to shorty's and all tastes in-between are there now doing the slip-and-slide. PATCH: This high tide is choking out the possibility of a decent wave like El Santo choking out Diablo Azul right now. Valentines Day pieces are in the works.

check in here for a few photos of the pieces in the works over the next few days.

How funny are these little Hondas? This great picture of the UK Beat group the Undertakers was submitted by Pete of Australia. A guild member who has had a multitude of medical problems posted a plea to members to finish a quilt she had started. Lish volunteered to do the piecing, I stepped up to do the quilting, and Sharon will be doing the binding. The pattern is Bricks and she used lots of nickels from our guild exchanges. I considered using a black batting, but decided not to. I was concerned at how the white fabrics would look. Here's the pieced backing:. Our battling brothers definitely went out in style, didn't they?. And it was taken the same day as the previous one. in the same charity worker ridden street. This girl, however, didn't try to run away from me. Do a Google image search for "Santa Suit Cards". that's all I need to say! YOUR TURN: Create a Santa suit card. Upload your creation here. It is that time of year to get the ball rolling on Christmas cards. and what better way than to start with some sumptuous RRR ribbons, paper, and a couple of kraft bases. I love the natural look of kraft and it goes with every color. I really love to fuss up my envelopes especially this time of year! This project makes a pretty Christmas greeting and a gift all in one! I used a vintage crochet angel for my main image on my tag and gussied it up more with some washi tape, a wood heart painted and distressed from etsy, some yummy kiwi fruit buttons, and a few other little items. I know it's been over a year since I have update this blog. I will be blogging more and bring you up to date. I will be blogging our journey of OrphanHostingatRyanRanch It's nice to be back! Bringing the mission field to our home this Christmas.

As we have a heart for missions, but cannot travel overseas for a mission trip we will bring the mission into the family and local church.

Lord willing we will be bringing children from Latvia to our ranch this Christmas and they will be part of the Ryan clan for a period of time. For further information on these Scams, please Read . .