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For those among us who expected more than just a bigger, better, and shinier mousetrap, the CVO engineering crew did not disappoint. The first thing we noticed in the balmy sunshine of Carmel Valley during H-D’s CVO press event last July was the glittering, dazzling, and exclusive paint job consisting of Black Diamond/Molten Silver with Crushed Slate graphics, Crimson Red Sunglo/Scarlet Lace with Hammered Sterling graphics, or Hard Candy Gold/Liquid Sun with Pagan Gold graphics, depending on which of the three available options you were looking at. The second thing we noticed were the new polished chrome turbine wheels with its poke ridges on the rims, as well as how low the Breakout sits. The CVO engineers removed everything one usually finds beneath a gas tank and rerouted the braided steel vent lines to the top of the tank. What used to be a dash is now a digital cluster of armatures positioned on the handlebars. Many people don’t realize that most quart liquid containers are designed with the spout off to one side for a reason. I know I ignored this little diagram for years because I didn't know the reason for it. If you keep the spout towards the top of the bottle it allows the bottle to be nearly level before liquid starts to pour out of it. When a quart of oil is poured in the correct manner there’s no need for a funnel plus it gives you more control over the rate and force with which liquid leaves the bottle. Right. Wrong. It's a hybrid of a single knot and a double knot. Let me know if you want to learn about it. Hello!! Guess what? Lawn Fawn is sponsoring over at the Etsy Inspired Challenge this week! Head on over and play along for a chance to win Critters in the 'Burbs. Also, you have to play because the store is beyond cute. Seriously. I love everything in Isabell's Umbrella! Including this card that inspired me:How cute is that?! The whole store is just adorable. I must own her gnome and deer stuff. Stat. For more information you can access the original memo here. He was wearing dark jeans and a gray hoodie. He was also wearing a gray hoodie and dark jeans. ". I had to post this picture since I rarely get one of both of them looking at the camera with their eyes open and no goofy expressions on their faces. Sometimes I can't believe these little cuties are mine. Actually, technically only the left side is going bonkers. We've got so many lemons, it is awesome! As you can see, it's right by our front door, which is really beautiful. Lemon trees are so bright and cheery.

Meanwhile, the right side of the tree is full of future lemons! It's covered in pink buds and white blossoms.

Citrus blossoms are so magically fragrant. I like to stick my nose in there and take a sniff every time I head in and out the front door.

I strongly urge ALL single women in Kuwait to call the hotels and make a big stink if they say they won't sell a room to a single woman.

Very steady everywhere - Woolley Dam. Woolley Grange. Bretton CP. Clothing and trinkets from the past, you sure do look mighty fine in yellow. "tutu-rose" by Eleonore Bridge. Most of the time, this joint is jumpin'—with thousands of visitors, tourists and locals alike. But early on a Sunday morning, the South Street Seaport looks like this. On this particular Sunday, it was a starting-off point for a couple of charity walks. imgur. If you are not familiar with Haven, it is a design and DIY blogging conference held every year. This year the timing seemed right and when my blogging friend, Sheila suggested that it might be fun to go, it was just the push I needed.

I spontaneously ordered a ticket.

As parents, I think we second guess ourselves. a lot. Well at least I do.

Are they eating healthy enough? Are they getting enough sleep? Are they over scheduled? Are they spending too much time on video games? Am I being too overprotective? Am I letting them get away with too much? Am I being the best mom I can be? The list could go on and on.

This week I had some of those situations.

The fever continued, but since kids get fevers, I just kept taking care of him.

Then he mentioned his throat hurt. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer. My heart is so heavy for her, but I want you to know that even now, she is honoring God with each breath. I so want to be like her. I don't remember reading this verse before. Maybe I have and it just wasn't real to me. Today it is real. So many close to us and in our circle of friends are facing some serious life changing situations. Play Hero Tower Defense! Ok, so clearly it's Friday lol. I was away all Thursday so didn't have a chance to write the post and Sam was busy as well so we just put the update off till today. So, we'll just pretend it's still Thursday :POk then, we've added the Light Skills. Probably the first thing you'll notice is the graphics for the effects and icons are a tad different than the rest. as in they either aren't there or are very basic. Don't worry though, they're just placeholders while the final versions are being developed. The Native Light Skill increases the Physical and Magical Damage of the target. Yes, folks. thinking of Spring I had that idea!!!! lovely sweet tags with roses inspired me, I added some crochet on the bottom. . Ecco cosa ho realizzato recuperando questo suo vecchio schema che da tempo giaceva nel mio CHS raccoglitore.

CHS is always very inspiring to me.

From an old Kathy's design I made this pincushion with a thread pocket on the back. Today I would like to introduce you to Natasha. Being an optimist with a dry sense of humor has gotten me out of alot of tricky situations. Cooking has always been one way I express my love which explains the amount of leftovers friends and family are usually sent home with after social events. A large part of my brain is geared to solve problems, work related or not, I see the big picture and tend to approach things from the point of view - I can fix pretty much anything - stopping short of surgery and tooth removal. You are more likely to find me in Staples than Nordstrom or Harrods. A couple of hours after lunch proved all I could manage today, so apologies for the brevity and lack of pictures. And there are birders yet to connect with a Wheatear this year! Lots of adult males will already be on territory up in the hills, their migration taking them directly there rather than lingering along the coast, so I wasn’t surprised when this latest one was another second year male. The bigger, brighter and heavier “northern” Northern Wheatears are yet to pass through, normally arriving here in mid-April on their way to Iceland and beyond. Northern Wheatear Northern Wheatear The usual route took me from Lane Ends to Piling Water, Worm Pool, Fluke Hall and then back the same way. Whether these were birds from the mass migration of recent days or this morning’s grounded arrivals it was hard to tell. Thank you all for your hugs and kind words. I finally have a bit of time to reflect on what happened. So, Christmas morning, we gathered at my parents house like we normally do. Delaney was so anxious to get the present opening going. She directed my parents to sit down on the floor and open the first gift.

I was shocked.

I repeated, "You're pregnant?!" five or six times and then jumped up and hugged them. Cased from a Pinterest card. So pretty. It’s on the left in the U. S. Contrary to popular expectation, I now have a blog. It'll get traffic only when I have something to write AND have time to write it, so expect the next post in January. Or maybe earlier. Your mileage may vary. See for yourself. You're right on track if you hopped here via Jody. If not, take a few minutes to get caught up, starting with Kim. The VIP Package is available for one day only - today! After that, the sets go back into hiding until April's release. So, check out this awesome Baby Bump image. Our signature "Who's That Girl" is preggers - how fun is that?! And the sentiments are just as fun. I especially love "Shop 'til you 'Drop,'" so I decided to put together a quick tri-fold gift card holder using this tutorial from Splitcoast. The bags are pieced with Kraft, and I gave them "real" rope handles using some twine. When you open the first fold, you see the "Shop 'til you 'drop'" sentiment. Today I have a quick altered project I did with some Really Reasonable Ribbon and lace. While out shopping at a second hand store I found this album with page inserts. There was just a red quilted cover-much to plain for my liking. There is one of my favorite laces Noelle White Crochet Lace and added a border to the front and the spine. White Silk was perfect for me to add to the two covers and tie a bow-there are eyelets on each cover. I just knotted one end and pulled through each eyelet. Wanted to share a close up of the ribbon and grouping of Prima flowers and leaves. Can you see the red pieces there? Guess what those are? The brads are from Lost and Found line. I had those vintage earrings that just seemed to work with my design. Bizarro is brought to you today by The Pope of Canada.

Shirts, hats, purses, shoes, snow blowers, just about any product with space for a design is being sold with these designs.

These designs are based on old-style tattoos, or as we in the tattoo-know typically call them "Sailor Jerry style". Ed has been a well-known tattoo artist in his own right for a long time and is now making over a billion dollars per second by licensing his name to other products. It was a brilliant marketing scheme, whoever came up with it. My theory is that since tattoos are so popular now but not everyone has the money or courage to actually get one, they can still celebrate the look by buying the clothing. The classy gentleman in the cartoon above has taken this craze one step further. He is however, a person that has seen to many people being taken advantage by both the greedy and the ‘system’, so it angers him when he see good people being lied too and deceived by people that seem to get a kick out of twisting people's minds and playing with their hearts. He cares, plain and simple, he even cares about you whoof whoof even though you couldn’t care less. Ubitety is a very grounded individual. Much more than I am. I am more on the spiritual side of matters, I believe the galactics are real and many of the channellings are real because I have learned how to use the ‘discernment’ tools necessary for such things. So, please understand, ubiety and I have also had this very discussion upon several occasions. Ubiety relies on proven facts and reliable information. .