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Morning Glory President Tyler.

Eight Ashland University faculty and staff members were honored during the University’s Academic Mentor Awards recognition ceremony. Kelly Murray, a senior Biology major from Ashland, Ohio, nominated Dr. Mason Posner, Professor of Biology. Meghann Fitzpatrick, a senior Biology major from Mooresville, Indiana, nominated Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer, Trustees' Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. Check out this article for more details. With the approach of the holiday weekend, people are preparing to fry themselves. I am too much of an Irish whitey to do such a thing. I will stay somewhat nice and white. I was in Florida recently. There are a lot of professional tanners there. Not sure it's a good look for people. Some old timers are really freaky looking. They're funny to draw though. However, even though the paint may have been a bit uneven, and the rear-view mirror a little crooked, I was proud of that car. We have many model kit options available from AMT, Polar Lights, Lindberg, and MPC for the modeler in your life. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Brightened up later but felt no warmer and even had a snow shower around midday.

No predictions this week after last weeks failure. Update: Hartford finally announces the signing of Tomas Zaborsky to an ATOMister Hobbs Heads to CollegeIn the World of Junior Hockey players move on to hopefully higher levels of player as they work their way toward what they hope is an NHL career.

In Hobb's case he is going to trade the uniform of the Junior Bluejackets for one of the UMass/Amherst Minutemen next year.

Hobbs and his Junior Bluejackets were playing just for pride on Wednesday when they faced the Indiana Ice. In his final home game, Hobbs had an assist on the Junior Bluejacket's first goal, a power play goal in the second period. The holiday edition. Last night, we tried to wrap presents.

This morning, we tried to clean up wrapping paper:She helped assemble the play house:And continued to chew the hell out of the Christmas tree:Still the beast lurks, waiting for unwary feet to go past, ripe for swatting and the occasional bite:.

Kind of in that order. I got up and cleaned, mostly shelving ten million knitting books. Those OTHER books I ordered this week? Definitely oozing onto the third shelf.

I'm gonna have to clear off the junk on that shelf so there's room for everything.

I'm thinking I should hold some kind of contest to give away some books, but darn it. I want them all. We'll see. Maybe I can give away my copy of "The Principles of Knitting. "Haha. Just kidding. Black suit jacketShiney silver camiSilver chain with princess cut black jewelBlack wide leg trousersLeapord peep toes. Story of my life.

It was the happiest, most perfect day! The ceremony was beyond beautiful and so were the bride and groom.

Coley and Jordan were in excellent hands with their wedding photographer so I only took a few pictures of them that day. There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. -John Andrew Holmes So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual building up. She also opened for Suzanne Rae, which is a feat for a new girl in town. Good Morning and Happy Blog Hopping. oh and Happy Birthday Rebekah!! Hope the new puppy hasn't christened too many carpets. So I scrambled to figure out something to take its place. A few branches and some colorful paper were all I needed to create something special for Lucy!. As we all know fashion is something from which you can explore your personality. Men, women, kids and even pet animals they are linked up with fashion. There are even such brands which everyone can use it in thier daily life and afford it in a good price. As I was talking about fashion, even those people who are linked up with business work to holloywood to bollywood, doing their profession in the field of medical, politics, social work and even from different field is linked with the word fashion. Fashion is given more priority in rich countries. Being fashionable is the way of showing or exploring yourself infront of everyone confidentiely. The basic universal word fashion is always not the same it changes from year to year, century to century. And I recently started thinking about all the things that why mostly people follows fashion. would all be able to absorb a significant proportion of any politically-acceptable carbon price. a. Hello Ai Fans! This week I'm sharing a little scene with Yolanda.

She's enjoying her yoga workout outdoors.

I stamped the images and colored them in with Spectrum Noir Markers. For the background I used ink pads and a blender tool to add color to the grass and sky. I stamped some grass clumps randomly. I stamped Yolanda on white cardstock, and then again on two different design papers, and cut out all the pieces. I cut her out and placed her in the scene, in the fresh air. by Dan Phillips Happy Reformation Day, boys and girls. Thanks to a BibChr reader named Margaret, I can tell you that The Book Depository has both available, and they say free shipping to anywhere. Nice discounts, too. So check them out as follows: The World-Tilting Gospel, and God's Wisdom in Proverbs. Thanks for your interest!Study guides for TWTG. Several churches are using or planning to use The World-Tilting Gospel as an opportunity to dig into Scriptural teaching about a Gospel worldview. They have asked if there are study guides. Not yet, and not yet planned. and I'm tired of hearing them. Here he is sitting with Raul Castro, his America hating wife, two spoiled spawn, and freeloading mother-in-law just hours after the Islamist terror attack in Brussels.

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It’s really the policies of people who don’t know what they’re doing.

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For example, here's an excerpt:Overall, if there's a conflict, a majority of those questioned think religious liberties should win out over gay rights, according to the poll.

A former guild member was visiting from Maryland this week and she brought this one to me last Sunday. She wanted the lady done trapunto style. "I've never done that," I said. "Oh, I know you can do it," she replied. Well, it's finished, picked up and it gave her goosebumps. She flys back home tomorrow, so I finished it just in time. Her batting was Warm & Natural and I used Permacore Eggshell top and bottom, except for stitching over the black outlines, where I used Smoke MonoPoly on top. This is a wedding gift for an Asian/American couple. Saying "Screw you" to Gretchen is not the same as asking her to. I made these cinnamon biscuits this past weekend and served them with honey butter. They were a hit. softened butter. Pulse in butter until crumbly. I dont remember my tricycle days , i dont remember if i even had a tricycle. but i surely remember how i learnt riding a bicycle. My dad or grandpa running behind me. trying to hold the cycle before i would fall. Being very clse to my school , my school days were spent walking betwen school and home. Thanks to Priya , who used to walk with me from school till park Sheraton Hotel pulling her cycle along. .