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Eihän niitä raaski värjäykseen käyttää, kaunis kukka, mutta olisi mielenkiintoista tietää, onko siinäkin punaisia väriaineita.

YouTube link. This interesting and less-than-five-minutes video is an excerpt from a full BBC documentary by Professor Simon Schaffer of Cambridge. The text is coded on a wheel where characters are selected one by one. He uses a goose feather to write, which he inks from time to time, including a shake of the wrist to prevent ink from spilling. His eyes follow the text being written, and the head moves when he takes some ink. The full, hour-long documentary is here. A tip of the blogging hat to reader Alex O. for bringing the link to my attention. Hugs Peggy. You can still disappear into the far reaches of the Patriot Act. Back to the Drawing Board: The Egyptian military junta is arresting and jailing protesters for the protesting that brought the junta to power.

That didn't take long.

Let's remember though that: US housing is dying. Mortgage defaults continue at record levels, ditto house repossessions. As you can see, the girls were ladybugs for Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. I am so excited to have kids now because I can live vicariously through them. I love getting them dressed up, and I think that trick-or-treating is the most fun ever. This year we took them door-to-door to a few of our close neighbors. Just to show them off really. And so we could eat all the candy! I can't wait till next year. Well, this is something you are most likely not going to see in Canada or The States. Not the sign to the left. That is a product of the American Old South. It sounds quite attractive. Even with the requirement for a six month lease. The fact that it was a movie set in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I have nothing against the movie. Of the four Indiana Jones films it is by far the best with its themes of restored faith and familial relations. And it would have been a good place to stop the franchise. The only redeeming artistic grace was watching Cate Blanchett in jodhpurs wielding a sword. I am one lucky fellow. And I am glad he did. The carrier is American-made. And the instructions to assemble it are proof of that fact. There were enough warnings to make the tender-hearted turn back on the first page. It does prove one of my theories, though. That explained that special feeling I had for Appleseed. Shinji Aramaki is also the mecha designer for Genesis Climber MOSPEADA and his recent project being Halo Legend. A few points of articulation on the arms, without optional hands.

Poor Peyton Manning.

The Super Bowl was supposed to be the crowning achievement of his incredible body of work in professional American football, but he and his Broncos lost, big time.

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m. PST to enter your creations. ✻ Good luck and happy stamping! An InLinkz Link-up We have a bonus for you! There's a BIG sale on our Ai Pop Ups! Check it out!. CARD KIT DETAILS: You will receive in your kit all pre-cut cardstock and materials to create your Valentines. Envelopes, Ribbon and Embellishments. You will follow picture instructions with basic guidlines to create them. Over the last ten years or so the habitat has gradullay changed from the original fell side full of heather and bilberry with scattered hawthorn, willow and the odd tiny Rhododendron, into what is now burgeoning woodland where the latter invasive species now threatens to engulf the whole area. Species like Tree Pipit and Yellowhammer that nested there in the early days no longer do so, and although Bullfinches and Willow Warblers still breed, their numbers are much reduced as the open areas of low growth and grassy areas disappear under the purple and bright green of the unchecked Rhododendron growthThis morning I spent about three hours beside the reservoir looking for Willow Warbler nests and ended up finding one, with at least two other pairs feeding young and four or five more singing birds, but because of my restricted vision through the overgrown vegetation, or perhaps my early season rustiness, my nest finding wasn’t too successful. The nest I found had five well grown young, one at the front peering out of the nest, with all of them just on the upper limit of the ideal age to ring nestlings, but they went back in the nest perfectly with a hand over the entrance to for a minute or so to settle them down in the dark. It should make an interesting and informative Nest Record Card with several entries from start to finish if the nest is successful. La ville me manque, et la campagne me manquera. For gods sake Paula were you ever a little bit pregnant? Either the scribblings on John Webb's little vans that 'bears' hire to travel from woods to woods are a matter for Tranzit on the grounds of distraction or they are a matter around free speech. Any one who finds offence, from the designed to attract notice witterings on 'Wicked Bearcans", is really looking to find somethimg they could so easily avoid by just not seeking it out. There is a massive leap required to relate the edgy scribblings with truly offensive obscene statements. I for one am really offended by Mother in Law jokes as my M I L was a really great person and until the day she passed always greeted me as someone she was really pleased to see, therefore I find the inanity that so many employ in denigrating the person who spawned the woman they married, offensive.

Next it could well be "Tui Billboards as I am certain they cause serious "Offense" to those lampooned.

From my position you could be far more use as my employer to seek ways of preventing the hire of all such backpacker vans that allow bears to travel sans any onboard toilet and grey water retention systems and that includes all vehicles including hatchbacks where the hirer could simply prohibit use for camping, in their hire agreement. You were never a little bit pregnant Paula, there is either free speech or there is government decree as to what is permissible and does not fall foul of existing legislation. Get off the soapbox and leave nanny state to the other side of the house. Trevor has been a busy guy lately.

We have been going to gymnastics class every week, the library story time, museums, the mall.

Maybe April will bring warmer weather? Trevor has been talking SO much. New words are added to his vocabulary hourly. Delaney slept over this past weekend and he was running after her yelling. Nay-nee, nay-nee. It melted my heart. he does it on his own. Last night I stood in the back of a sold out theater and watched my daughters act, sing, dance and do things that I never would have had the confidence to do at their ages. My big, toothy grin did little to hide the tears streaming down my face.

Or muffle the beating of my heart high in my chest.

It's true that I swelled with pride for my girls. But I was equally full for each and every kid on that stage. As a parent to two of them I know how long and hard they've worked to reach opening night. I was engrossed in the story but during one scenery change I remembered where I was. Among family and friends who see the value of art and find a way to pull together and do whatever it takes to make these rich opportunities available for our youth. In a sea of like minded folks. Just as beaming and proud as I. And I especially loved that even though I was standing in the very back I could clearly hear Nana whistling her famous whistle at each and every whistle worthy moment. It had been so long since I had last been able to spend any time with her. We had lots and lots of catching up to do. Those of you who know Tracy know she is one of the most fun people in the whole world and is so very sweet to boot. Anyway, this is what Tracy gave to me. It's a ferris wheel! It's a thread holder! It's a thread-holder-ferris-wheel. A Labor of LoveI used to paint in an extra bedroom in our home, that was before I had kids. The kids kept me busy for a number of years, because I had two of them, back to back. I painted there for a several years but eventually I needed more space. We decided to construct a free-standing studio for me in our back yard two years ago. My brother, an expert builder and an engineer, was the man for the job! My husband and I contracted him to build me a new and improved space that would offer the natural light that the garage space did not, as well as more room and a separation from the house.