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Eriberto was visiting Baracoa from Havana.

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And speaking of dreaming, did you catch the HGTV Dream Home? Yes, it was an exciting day of television for me! Usually on New Year's Day, we take down the Christmas tree.

I didn't even remove one ornament yesterday. Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV V Press Release The intermittent terror left with the dawn, driven out by the first slices of pink that cut through the grey clouds and striped the patterned carpet. Gwendolyn sat up warily, still listening for the horrifying cries of the night. But she heard nothing save the caw of the rooks in the trees and the crash of the waves outside her windows. She picked up her whisky glass and sniffed. Could there have been something in that whisky? Something that caused her to hear what wasn’t, couldn’t have possibly been, there? She tamped down the idea that what she’d heard had been generated by her overwrought, unreliable mind, refusing, as best she could, to entertain that particular fear. She stood up, padded over to the window and was surprised to see sunlight glistening on a calm sea below.

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Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.

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