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The Sunbird training crew warmed to the heartfelt thanks and appreciation received from the participants…we are all so proud of you.

One and Only BBQ is a fairly new place that moved into the old CKs on Perkins at Southern by the Oak Court Mall.

For some reason it has taken us a while to try this place. It smells wonderful as we pass by it, but we just kept putting off actually going. The service was great, the food was very good, and it's located close to us. Predrilled holes for easy assembly. Removable slats for easy loading, turning, and unloading. Your planting beds and garden plants will enjoy the treat. Happy Gardening From Hibiscus and More. How does information about a bird flow from scientific discovery, via environmental education, to use in a literary masterpiece? How can attention to the birds in novels reveal conversations between sisters, and how might such conversations continue long after authors' deaths? Learn how natural history knowledge can deepen understanding and appreciation of literature. This year I made a lot of pictures that I did not post here so I'm going back in time now. Thank you Zoran for making this happen, you rule amigo! Lot's of cool rides showed up. Great day!. Personal Perspectives on the Individual: You have watched a clip by Bashar about The Four Laws of Creation. Last night, we went to Edward's place as there was supposed to be a small gathering so check our photos taken during the Highland trip. It ended up as a dinner where Congo, Steven and Edward cooked a bunch of magnificent food for us. There were dishes Congo made which was famous in Hong Kong. Anyhow, everthing they made were wonderful. All I thought was just a small gathering, but they surprised me when they ended it as a birthday party. I was left speechless. I took a few photos and here they are: The name of the zine is Yuck 'n Yum The Weeds in action Assorted punters. Luckily we have been blessed with a wonderful group of kids, many of whom are familiar with us as teachers, and even the new ones seem to fit right in. The first one that we will be attempting is a special gift for the Moms and Dads. I might even make a couple for myself. although I only read on my kindle anymore, so maybe I'll make some for my mom. This means a cliff-edge Brexit i. e. WTO tariffs, no trade deals with any country in the world, which would according to the leaked Treasury report leave the UK with “less access to the EU single market than Afghanistan or Yemen”. Not a pretty picture and certainly not what Leave voters were promised. So why on earth would a government inflict such an economic disaster in waiting on their own country? The answer seems to be “if they’ve realised they haven’t got a hope in hell of delivering the land of milk and honey they promised and think the only way out is to shift blame on to someone else”. A bit bored of the white background of my blog. So changed a new template. ‎. Saw from Anncoo blog her cornflakes cookies, Yummy Koh has tried it out and told me that it's very nice. Have shared the cookies with my friend son. Thanks to Anncoo for sharing the recipe. Saw these for sale at a midweek street fair near where I work in midtown Manhattan. I think they definitely fit the category.

” A pending amendment to her bill would add "voting Democratic" to the offenses.

Another amendment would strike 'Democratic' from the previous motion. Definition Inflation is when the price of stuff goes up because there's more money around chasing it. That's inflation. No mater what the data from the US government says. That's why they're going to stop publishing economic data. They don't want us to worry. Who are the workers the Lord is sending into his vineyard? These people he goes out, hour after hour, to find? They are you and me. What is the work? The Lord has one purpose: to save humanity. Yet he chooses to enlist us as his collaborators. This is how he created us. Recall what God said in Genesis: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. ” Then he gives humanity, male and female, dominion over the earth. And he gave the man and woman an incredible gift and responsibility: they would participate directly in the continuation of creation: in bringing new human beings into existence! Likewise, our baptism is about our sharing in Christ’s work. We share in his dying and rising. We embrace the Cross. lolsht. These colors are so bright and happy that you can't help but have a happy birthday when you receive a card like this! Big Top Birthday DSP looks fabulous with a Tempting Turquoise background and a pop of Real Red. I used stamps from Happiest Birthday Wishes and snuck in a candle image for the i. The skinny taffeta ribbon that peeks out along the edge of the turquoise panel sort of sneaks up on you - like birthdays! Head on over to Freshly Made Sketches and join in the fun!. Rex's artistry did not stop with his beautifully detailed drawings-much time was spent as rehearsals started in front of the curtain making notes-corrections-remedies-and suggestions.

A few words offered up as introduction by his brother Laurence to the delicate airy lines laid out with great assurance by the artist.

parking on the GA apron. parking on the GA apron. World Traveler textured embossing folder- isn't is amazing! such detail. Doesn't take much to make a card look amazing with ease! I just punched out a small heart from the Circle Card framelits and added the stamped image from the Trust God stamp set. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. od "only is our rock and our salvation. " If any one should ask us what we would choose for our motto, as preachers of the gospel, we think we should reply, "God only is our salvation. "The late lamented Mr. If any one should ask you what you mean by a Calvinist, you may reply, "He is one who says, salvation is of the Lord. "I cannot find in Scripture any other doctrine than this. It is the essence of the Bible. I was driving in the car a few hours ago and heard this song for the first time. It brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful Daddy-daughter song. I guarantee you'll shed a few. I know it wont be like this for long for Tom and I. Pretty soon, we will play this song and cry as Tom holds our daughter. Pretty soon, the pain will be gone. Pretty soon, our empty space in our life will be filled.

Pretty soon, I will be Mama.

And pretty soon, Tommy will finally be Daddy. y. y. This was a sad weekend here in PA. You may have heard on the news that a swimmer passed away in a tragic accident during a open water race this past weekend. That swimmer was Fran Crippen. I did not know Fran that well personally, but he was one of the age group swim coaches for my kids.

They knew him and thought he was great.

The saw him in the pool, on deck and in the locker room. My swimming friends, my kids coaches and fellow swimmers, and the Crippen Family are really suffering a huge loss. I really am getting into the silhouettes this week. I just added this stamp set to my collection. I followed the same theory as the She's All That post which was stamping on designer paper. I covered him with the stardust pen. Q: What could possibly alienate MSNBC's few, remaining Liberals viewers even more than programming an hour a day of Mark Halperin drooling into the laps of his Conservative puppet-masters? A: Reruns of Mark Halperin drooling into the laps of his Conservative puppet-masters. m. politics show, "With All Due Respect," New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman reports, and we can confirm. Rumors about a possible deal between the hosts and MSNBC have been circulating in recent weeks. Sources familiar with the talks confirmed they were in progress. m. , filling Al Sharpton's old time slot. Reached by phone and email a couple of weeks ago, Heilemann would not discuss the talks. So, December is shaping up nicely. With baking, quilting, cross stitching, holiday preparations and the hot chocolate station added to the kitchen. It's been cold and rainy which makes me feel warm and cozy inside my home and inspired to do all the above listed things. Win, win! It's been weeks since the election and I've been wandering around life trying to make sense of it. I read so much news before the election and have taken almost a cold turkey approach since. So much to process. I've pulled back and sat wide eyed and dumbfounded. My stillness feels like self preservation. Life's too short not to have fun," says Allan. "We both looked at the blue and red dress she chose for the Teen Choice Awards and we wanted to bring that blue color to her eyes. We played around and realized that glowing skin with a subtle blue liner - that is unexpectedly placed on the outer half of the bottom lash line - would be afun twist to the usual colored liner look.

Koli Vesh or What the Kolis wear.

Here you see my Aaji wearing the navari saree. It is a nine yard long cloth that is draped in this special style called Kashti and the blouse called choli. The piping on the Choli tells the status of the woman whether single or married. That is how the women dress. The men wear a Rumal or Nangota. It is a huge scarf tied like a G forming a triangle in the front with a shirt on top. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Lamb with hummus and tabouli platter Sauce. This festive season, get inspired with a get-together party plate starring lamb, hummus and tabouli. Add lamb. Bring to the boil. - The Fasig Tipton sale at Calder suffered declines across the board. This year's edition of the auction, held Tuesday, Feb. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewKirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from Sticky Feet. A post that transcends politics to discuss respect and how it relates to parenting: "The number one problem in our country isn't Obama. Hello, ribbon-loving friends! It's Karen Letchworth posting today, and I'm so glad you've stopped by. I'm wondering. how many of you remember having a either a Radio Flyer wagon or one like it? I sure remember having hours and hours of fun in mine. It brings back happy memories! To celebrate these happy memories, I've created a sweet nostalgic card that takes us back to a simpler time. I used some vintage ephemera and lots of great supplies from Really Reasonable Ribbon to make it extra awesome. .