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This project started innocently enough. At first glance it looks crude and lacking in detail.

Whoever the long dead craftsman was they were able to capture the essence of the human form with some very crude shapes.

The more we looked at the picture the more we knew we had to build something.

The antique dealer Hawker Antiques thought it was interesting enough to ask a pretty special price.

First a little back story. Belated update on the weekend's doings Not a lot of time for practical modelling over last weekend, but I did manage to finish off an N gauge Parkside Dundas wagon kit, started a few months back. Mind you, my eyeballs are still aching a bit after trying to hand-letter the wagon's number and weight markings. Think I'll dig out my magnifying glass for the next one. The loco needs a good dose of the distressing and weathering treatment at some point, for a truly authentic period scene. Getting up early to perfect your look before work is an evil yet incredibly necessary chore. In order to look the professional part people sacrifice sleep… maybe this is a poor reflection on the values of society today, but it is the way it goes. However there is always an exception to the rule. Heavens in my office we even have a shower available for all. Likewise most people if they needed a ‘little touch up’ shall we say, would discreetly pop to these facilities. Again there is an exception to that rule to. From the Trail To Bigfoot team: The truth needs to be said.

What are these things? Mark is a bit shaken.

We explain what we saw. It is very weird. The camera also catches something that happens to me. " It is about a true erotic portrait that is revealing of the character, perhaps even something of the soul, of the person being depicted. That is what I am striving for in the material presented on this site. Health Care Renewal presents a guest post by Marjorie Lazoff, MD, a Board certified internist with a clinical background in academic emergency medicine. She is currently a full time freelance editor and independent consultant specializing in evidence-based clinical content and medical informatics. As an editor and supporter of evidence-based medicine I am both appalled by, and sympathetic to, how such widespread fraud could take place unnoticed. Seife describes how he discovered the doctored writings: The dubious papers aren't easy to spot. Taken individually each research article seems legitimate. Many seemingly independent research teams have been plagiarizing the same passage. he discovered among the dusty junk many classic film's posters and film. "Even the film's chemical went bad, I called Daddy and Mommy. Daddy actually said just throw them all out!" Michael said, "I really said that? But it really was rotten, as long as we have a DVD back up it's fine!" See-Wai felt that this part of history should be documented. The final decision was to properly "bury" this treasure at the Hong Kong Film Archive. Thanks in advance for giving it a read. Lee County’s Waterbourne Strike team offered the training, which shows participants what it is like to be trapped inside an aircraft underwater, and how to safely get out without panicking. See video, courtesy of Sheriff’s Office Aviation Director Brooks Bateman. In the photo and video: The floating cage-like structure is used to simulate a helicopter cockpit.

Students are strapped in and turned upside down in the water.

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Teeter-Totter: Debt levels around the globe have reached such precarious heights that many fear even a small hike in US interest rates could begin an avalanche of problems that could bring the whole edifice down.

These are the folks who keep electing Mitch McConnell who says US businesses are being held back because the unemployed are ““doing too good with food stamps, Social Security and all the rest” to look for work. Risk averse. Sempre dal libro di Veronique Maillard ho preso lo spunto per ricamare questi bottoni uno su uno. Sembrano tanti deliziosi cioccolatini. Non trovate?I made some buttons too , I took the idea from the same Veronique Maillard book. Don't you think they look like delicious chocolates? I do. from Amy! With Angel. With Don. Happy brushes!. To liaison with Local Authority, Contractor and Consultant during construction time at site. Initiating, coordinating, and enforcing systems, policies, and laid down Work, Process and QC procedures. B. A reminder to check yesterday's late night post to put Wednesday's earlier one in proper persepctive. I admit I'm still not fully healed and simply tried to go back to "grinder" mode today and keep the emotions in check.

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Girls and Guns .

Parking is a plenty because the surf is not.

SUPers are the only ones left standing. Your biggest log may not even be enough. CHANNEL: The early morning crew looking board as they sit and watch. Imagine you threw a rock in the water and tried to ride its ripples, that is what the channel looks like. Mushy and slow white water follows desperate wakes. Those are offended by a discussion of the "Asian fetish" in a fictional context, consider yourself warned. Keep in mind that the opinions expressed are those of a fictional character, not me. Once again: This story is a work of FICTION. Those of you who are close readers of this blog will remember that I took an aerobics class this past semester. I have to say that being featured on the cover of Winter Park Magazine along with a three page spread inside was quite an honor. This magazine is of fantastic printing and paper quality, it's perfect bound and was available at Borders Books as well as other major booksellers here in Central Florida. Kristen Schaeffer-Santoni, the art director, was generous and gave me a few extra copies to send to my family and friends, and of course there is still one on my coffee table. I am very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity!. Hello everyone, Cheryl here today with a super fun fold Telescoping Valentines card I made for Really Reasonable Ribbon using their BEAUTIFUL Ribbon, Flowers, and embellishments. These cards are so much fun to make, and are super CUTE! Perfect for any holiday, or just because.  On my card I used Really Reasonable Ribbons Sweetheart Blossoms, Leaves, and Bead berry sprays cluster pink to create a flower swag around the heart and sentiment. Sentiment and heart are from The Project Bin. Little pearls are from Really Reasonable Ribbon Embellishments "Imitation heart pearl bead flatback" In the photo above, you can see where you can add writing on the white, and it will be hidden. LOVE that!!! I so enjoyed making my card to share with you all today! Hope you enjoyed my post, and if you haven't made one of these yet, you should, as they are so easy and super fun!!! Enjoy!!!Thank you for looking and have a lovely day!hugs to all,Cheryl.

Hi everyone.

I'm back again today with a fun and girly birthday card featuring some pretty ribbons from the brand new February Ribbon Club Assortment from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

This fabulous February assortment contains lots of yummy greens.

It's great for St. Paddy's Day, Spring or whatever you want. Not a member yet? JOIN TODAY and begin with this wonderful assortment. What a great way to build your ribbon stash and try new ribbon styles. .