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Cheerful. What does this mean? Well for one thing, you'll probably have noticed the new image to the right of this post with the Broken Egg Games logo on it. For another, it means that you will be seeing more reviews like this one popping up from time to time as I use more of the Broken Egg products. I'll still be producing the same Circle-centric content on as regular a basis as I can, and I've got a couple more tactica and strategy ideas bubbling away in my brain for after Seattle Open this weekend, so stay tuned for those. I'll talk your ear off about Warmahordes anytime. Happy Friday! I hope wherever you are, you're having a great week. and if you happen to be in the US & in the path of the monster blizzard - STAY WARM! We are showing off the collection Cozy Day, again this week. Sigh. Sometimes, the hyper-miserable nature of those whose focus is solely on pristine health - to the exclusion of even meagre pleasures - surprises even a hardened righteous-watcher like me. The little Puddlecotes, since first entering the national child indoctrination programme school, have customarily celebrated classmates' birthdays with treats provided by the birthday boy/girl. Nothing special, just a small token to lift that particular day above the mundane. A regular favourite has always been mini bags of Haribo jelly bears, starmix, or cola bottles. Unfortunately, at the boy's school, they've just been banned. As have other regulars such as homemade cakes and snack size chocolate bars. Robert Louis Stevenson Make no mistake, being snowed in has its advantages. Schedules are disregarded, appointments cancelled. I have such affection for the richly illustrated books of my childhood.

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