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I have been featured by Wired Magazine, Hacked Gadgets and now by EE Web. Check it out:. Tracy Pin It. DZ is retired. But he can't seem to stay away from the coal face and has been doing a little locum work. Doing what work you want, when you want, without having to worry about keeping your job has restored DZ enjoyment of the work he does. Having the freedom to just speak your mind and walk out the door if the situation arose is very liberating. And it doesn't take long. On my arrival I was challenged and asked where my ID badge was. I've been wanting to use this line for years. There's another line I've been wanting to use. Not going to give it away just yet, but for those of you old enough think Patrick McGoohan and Portmeirion. ETA: Full scans added - From Rob's part there are only a few new quotes in the intro of the article. The interview is from Total Film magazine. That would be so good. " chuckels Robert Pattinson, speculating on a potential - but rather less chaste - future reboot of Twilight. Wether Twi-hard or Twi-hater, there's no denying the impact of the films adapted from Stephenie Meyer's quartet of novels about clumsy teen Bella, her pretty-boy vampire beau Edward and werewolf loser-in-love, Jacob.

Attracting a rabid fanbase, the films also fueled a craze for bloodsucking TV Dramas like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries and a slew of copycat books.

Even this year's bestselling erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, began life as Twilight fan fiction. The Gospel Express Prison Crusade was, for us, different this year than any other. We have never experienced the amount of unrest, tension, and corruption that we saw firsthand in the prisons this year. It is quite understandable that as our culture gets worse and worse, and continues to slide further away from godliness, that the effects will be seen everywhere in the world, prisons included. But witnessing that transition, and seeing the change that occurred even in a year, was very sobering. We have no idea how much longer we may have the opportunity to be allowed ministry of this kind, and that really hit me this year more than ever as we saw all the change that has been taking place. Sadly the entire five days went by with literally only several pictures taken. Above, was our "bus pizza party" with fellow singers, the last night of the crusade. Make sure you see the Holiday Collection in their beautiful new showroom. But to use land is a two-folded weapon: you may get benefits from it, but in many cases you may meet troubles. For my country, China, which has her children far more than any other country, the need to leave land in its natural condition outweighs the need to develop it for housing and industry. Here are the reasons for it. First, China is one of the most polluted countries in the world.

The need for land to be left undeveloped is more necessary now than ever before.

Because in this way the land will bring us many plants and beasts, especially plants, which contribute much to lessen pollution and make the earth a good place for living.

Besides, leaving the land alone is important for a country to develop permanently.

If we used up all the land for housing and industry, what shall we leave for our offspring? A polluted earth with her sopping face? That is a problem more and more recognized by many scientist and politicians alike. I think it worth noting that critical writers about both health IT and pharma attract a similar phenomenon: the anonymous attack accusing them of 'negativity' and not providing 'solutions. 'One excellent blog I read, as a former director of a pharmaceutical R&D department that supported, among others, medicinal chemists, is Derek Lowe's "In the Pipeline. I post as "MIMD" and frequently link here and to my Drexel academic site, so I am anything but anonymous. Various logical fallacies are used as a form of argument.

SRO Advisor Larry O’Neill set up a “crime scene” last week at Plantation Key School and cadets had the opportunity to fingerprint various objects.

They're available in Infant/Toddler and Preschool versions. This evidence collection kit will help you solve the problem of where to store all of your assessment evidence. The set includes the checklists for all of the domains and instructions on how to create easy to use portfolios out of file folders. This is the perfect way to store work samples, photos, and anecdotal notes. This project work planner is one of the very first things that I made for myself when I started teaching. I love it because it has a place for everything - lesson plans, field trip notes, to do lists, reflection checklists, planning webs, and observation notes. It is so helpful to have everything in one place! Make sure to check back tomorrow because I have an assessment freebie to share with you too!. This is especially true if an art project also happens to be related to the project that we've been working on because I want them to have the opportunity to express their own understanding of the topic. I try to anticipate the materials that they will want, and I will often ask them to help me create a list a couple of days before we do the project so that I can make sure I have the items that they want or need. Some will look at the photos and go through the materials as they plan their artwork, while others will dig right in, creating the images that they see in their mind and adding additional details as they remember them. I can guarantee that each child's project will look different, and this is valuable because then they can share them with each other and learn from each other's perspectives. Have you done similar invitations to create with your students? What works well for you?.

This is how my living room normally looks.

Note the sofa. Tan slipcover. Very non-confrontational. But also, just a little. um. According to yahoo. co. Testing shows Alaska seafood remains free of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. More details here. Many Alaska fishing industry players are on the opposite coast this week for a huge event, the International Boston Seafood Show. By the title, it almost sounds like a party, perhaps with performing fish and dancing crabs. In fact, it's regarded as an important event for making business connections and pushing the "Alaska brand. "How important?Trade shows generate big sales, says the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, which has a festive booth in Boston. Special value are place on our employees who drive for excellence in an exciting place to work. Endelig er den her, ferien ! Etter en tur til Sverige for å feire midsommer er jeg tilbake hjemme og kan begynne nyte frie, og sommerlige, dager i hagen. Dagen har gått åt til å vanne, tørrt overalt og det er ikke lovet regn i de første dager.

Sprederen har flyttet seg rundt hele dagen og plen har fått hønsegjødsel, dufter godt her akkurat nå, men det er fortsatt juni noen dager til og jeg hadde ikke hatt på gjødsel iår.

Staudetrappan som hengte med hodet når jeg kom hjem, ser ut at blomstre mest i blått og hvitt akkurat nå med noen rosa og røde fargeklatter her og der. Jeg har oppdaget at jeg har en blålille akeleie, den kan jeg ikke huske fra før. Every other day, it seems, I'm getting some email from a friend which leaves me pea green with envy. "This, however, from tonight, takes the cake:"They came into our store in the quarter. It's funny too because they came in, and I think "oh, they surely look like David Bowie and Iman" but I didn't think it actually was them because I don't actually meet celebrities, well except that time I met Lindsay Lohan too, but that story is lame. They were really down to earth and normal people. They said they got bored in Miami so flew out here. Well here it is! The debut of my first video! Okay go ahead and laugh! I know they will get better with time. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions on the how to's. Enjoy! xoxo. Go west, paradise is thereyou'll have all that you can eat of milk & honey over there. We are ready to claim our land and settle in paradise. Flowers outside our hotel in OregonI can not begin to tell you how happy this made me!!I love how everything in this city is Oregon Trail relatedThe OFFICIAL ending point of the trail. I was tempted to kiss it but restrained myself. The only thing left at the centerThe End of the Oregon Trail Center, a place we were very much looking forward to visiting, very sadly closed down for good on Labor Day. We just missed it.

For all the people we've lost recently.

to Diablo III. I reckon Pres-elect Trump is off to a pretty good start. appointed two eminently capable people as Chief of Staff and Special advisor. Priebus and Bannon - they must be good - the left is spewing. In my job I do a fair bit of domestic travel per courtesy of our national airline. In doing so I get to spend a fair bit of time in Koru Lounges. I would be interested in your assessment of both the best and worst lounge in NZL. To start things rolling I nominate Auckland as the worst domestic KC lounge in the country. Olivia Newton-John n'aura fait qu'un seul concert anglais avec les cheveux raides ! Difficile de choisir.

by Agua Some weeks after the fighting event, the boys claimed revenge and the girls agreed another fight.

This pelvic guard is a narrow foam-rubber strip which goes from the stomach down between the legs. Even though it is light and flexible, it adsorbs direct hits nicely. On the backside it is fixed with two rubber strips going from the pussy right and left side over the butt back to the front. Perhaps, like me, you could do with some moments of solace, and peace. Here are a few stations that help me along that path. The duet from Bizet's Pearl Fishers, with Jussi Bjorling and Robert Merrill. Leontyne Price singing one of the arias most associated with her, "Doretta's Song" from Puccini's La Rondine. Price had made a very famous studio recording of this aria just a few years earlier, and it is truly exquisite, but this live performance carries a different kind of excitement. Several thousand people, me included, hollered, yelled, clapped and thundered their approval. It went on and on and on. So she sang it again. The oh-so-clever and talented Ms. It is so much fun! I perused my TCP stamp collection and puzzled a bit before deciding on the "Sea You" sentiment from Whale of a Time. I think this would be so cute for one family to send to another prior to a beach vacation/reunion. Sadly, this summer will be the first in a long, long while that we won't be heading to the Carolinas for a family vacation with my parents, siblings and nieces. I'm excited, even if it is a long way away! Back to the sunglasses. Don't know about you, but it's always tough for me to get back to stamping after Christmas. I'm definitely ready after the break - just not focused. Julee's sketches always do wonders for my creative juices! This week, it's a Circle or Square challenge. The sentiment is from Verve's Text Objects and the flower accent is the Wild Flower Plain Jane. I stamped three flowers in Ranger Fired Brick Distress ink, trimmed down two of them, and layered them onto the first. The glass bauble in the center is from Tim Holtz's Fanciful Acoutrements set. The patterned paper is from Basic Grey's Curio collection, and the pewter pearls are from KaiserCraft. The Democratic candidate came under pressure to release her medical records after it emerged she was suffering from a non-contagious, bacterial form of pneumonia - which she had hidden from voters for three days. And the bimbo-dicker-in-chief. I hate BKC with its glass facades. I am a Colaba and Fort girl after all but walking into this restaurant I feel totally at home with all its quirky artifacts and notice boards. There are very few well maintained Irani cafes left in Mumbai and these guys are doing a great job of reviving that golden era of the Irani cafes. Its been long since I've been reading Mohit Balachandran's fascinating blog Chowder Singh and I got to meet him in person last Sunday. Mohit calls himself the head Masalchi of Sodabottleopnerwala, so he was there to take care of us all through the trail. We began the day by trying the new breakfast menu introduced at the restaurant. There was a range of egg omelettes that everyone was trying. The Parsi style poro in standard form, the angry poro with notched up heat and the meaty poro with crisp bacon bits. This weeks theme at CCT is Love Struck. This is a very quick card which I made for the challenge as I can't put my hubby's valentines card on my blog because he might see it! The heart is a chipboard shape which I have had for a very long time and that's about it apart from a Cuttlebug embossing folder and a piece of ribbon. I hope you'll be able to join in this weeks challenge and we have a fab prize from Bunny Zoe's Crafts. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewDaylight Savings Time AND voting in one week? Pure craziness. Hilaire NelsonFriends of Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson,I know that you are all familiar with Elizabeth's work.

She is a super talented and I am proud to call her my friend.

It just so happens -that I am that writer.

New writers have it tough, just as any new artist does.

With that said I feel an obligation to explain the details that led to the construction of my book "The Anne Marie" and why you should own a copy. Well, the truth is, I have been a closet writer for the past nine years. My daughter was home for a whole wonderful week over the holidays. I fed her well.

She misses my cooking.

I love making big Turkish breakfasts. Everything is so fresh and tasty. I made these fried eggs seasoned with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. And I pan fried some sucuk to go along with them. It is a flavorful, lean beef sausage seasoned with cumin and we all love it. I have been wanting to make simit for quite some time and I finally did. Simit are sort of like Turkish bagels though the dough is not boiled. The following is an overview of boundary lines and legal issues involving them.

You should always seek the advice of an attorney and/or surveyor should you have to ever address any of these issues.

Also, this article is based on laws and rulings in the State of Vermont which are constantly changing. The statues of other States may be different or not apply. Probably one of the most neglected items when buying or owning property is boundary lines. If you are planning on buying or already own property, hopefully the following will make your life easier. Boundary or property lines are established by licensed surveyors or civil engineers. Protein shake is an excellent choice as a meal replacement or to use as part of a Whey Protein Shake Diet. .