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I need to stay down and catch my breath.

It might take me a little bit longer to get back up. So.

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Happy birthday to my best friend! Thank you for all that you do for us, you are a wonderful husband, daddy and friend! You are a great example and I can't wait till Andrew will follow you around and you will teach him all that you know.

You are a tease, but you wouldn't be you if didn't tease, and I have to say it, I really don't mind.

You and Andrew love to be goofy together. You work hard and I'm proud of you! You enjoy watching football and hockey almost as much as you enjoy playing it. You are a super sweet and caring husband, I was so blessed by you last Summer when I was pregnant with Makayla, you were always making sure thst I was being taken care of. You make me feel special and so very loved. You absolutely love your baby girl. Most areas of the globe are experiencing above-average temperatures. So why are scientists especially concerned about an anomalous area of record-LOW temperatures near Greenland? First of all, it’s no error. I checked with Deke Arndt, chief of the climate monitoring branch at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, who confirmed what the map above suggests — some parts of the North Atlantic Ocean saw record cold in the past eight months. And there’s not much reason to doubt the measurements — the region is very well sampled. “It’s pretty densely populated by buoys, and at least parts of that region are really active shipping lanes, so there’s quite a lot of observations in the area,” Arndt said. Yesterday I looked at our pear tree and thought it wouldn't be long before it was in blossom. I was right! The blossom opened today. And the bees were making the most of it. N. Security Council will meet in New York to openly debate the middle east and likely confirm their decision on the Israeli, Palestinian peace agreement! Here's some of the decision making power that the U. N. Security Council has: "All members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council. Lindsay Mongomery of West Kilbride won the June Kerr trophy for the Best Pre handicap score. I feel a bit of relief. My pottery orders from my Etsy Shop are all caught up. Thank you everyone for all the orders. It was amazing. 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For me, being a millionaire is not the most important thing to do. It's the best way to be a millionaire. Shiok until cannot shiok. It seemed the opinion with craft industry professionals was that green is a trend that would run its course, that the market was flooded with green crafting concepts and eventually everyone would move on to something else. I continued with my mission to spread the word- that dumpster diving can be just as fun as shopping at Michaels! I am SO passionate about my cause- about recycling, creating with intention and being aware of how we consume and spend money on the things we make. Have you guys been watching the new season of True Blood? We have. and I'm sort of on the fence about this season so far. Check it out here!. The Light in the WindowThere is a lamp in my window that is kept on most of the time. Unfortunately, not only was it wearing the dreaded “Hold” tag around its exquisite marble base, but the name upon that tag belonged to of one of the most famous decorators in the city. But no matter. It could have been Aladdin’s own, for I was undaunted - and did I mention I was in love? - so I squared my shoulders and approached the proprietor flashing was I sincerely hoped was a smile of convincing charm. But, as I said at the beginning. You thought these mayors were without ruth. Leading off this week is a relentless pummellin' neg-churner from The Mayyors, Sacramento's finest new weirdpunks since the Joe Serna administration. Much philosophizing about The Brainbombs went on to center on a process toward thee infinite mayyoral riff that bludgeons like a sledgehammer, but the pace is kicked up a couple notches to uptempo. Fuzzed bass grinds, but melodically while the best integrated moanwavin' this side of Cheveu gives it a bit of a cyber edge. As much as I love the house we will be moving into in Victoria, there is one room I really don't like and will change asap and that is the. pink striped foyer! Y'all know I like pink, but not in a foyer. I love to wear pink and to paint my nails pink, but I don't care for it on my walls. The last time I had pink walls was when I was a teenager. So, bye, bye pink! Of course, not being one to accept things the way they are, I also want to change the front door and add a transom window and maybe a side light too to bring more light and openness into the space. I am thinking something more like this. Oh dear, stripes once again. Of course you knew that Bentley would have his own tree! There are dog bones on the tree. And in the tree "stand". by Dan Phillips I think the truth of the sufficiency of Scripture may be the central Biblical doctrine under attack in our day. Of course cults, heresies and false religions attack it, as they must. What is saddest to see is all the "friendly" fire that well-meaning obsessives have leveled with a boldness that seems to be on the increase. I grant that my efforts may not have convinced everyone, though I will keep trying. Over the past year or two. there has been a loud discussion underway in France over banning buqas. If you asked the typical French guy on the street. most are agreeable with the notion and want this to be a "hint" of sorts to the Muslim society in France.

This week, there were more reports that German political figures are quietly discussing the same matter.

As part of my discussions with Filofax this year, we have managed to arrange an exclusive afternoon visit to their factory and distribution centre at Dalkeith near Edinburgh for Philofaxy readers. So this is a 'calling notice' for people who would like to attend the either of Philofaxy Meet Ups in Edinburgh or both!. Please read all of the post before you apply for a place on the meet ups. Places are limited in numbers. Details of the venue are on their website and the menu is here too. But she is absolutely right to single out Clayton Cosgrove, two times failed electorate candidate and Labour List MP, as a particularly nasty piece of work with no redeeming features at all. The stories about his student days at St Bedes in Christchurch are legend. A friendless boy, politically driven, who took pleasure in shafting anyone and everyone who stood between him and success however measured. Cosgrove is not and has never been a team player except on his own terms. Planning is so unique to each individual. My hope is that a closer look at my planning process will be helpful to you as you set up and use your planner, or as you decide whether a planner is right for you. Let’s get started! FAMILY SCHEDULE: The heartbeat of my planning system is managing my family’s schedule. My husband and I use two shared Google Calendars as our primary family calendar. Each family member is color coded, it’s super easy to enter recurring events like sports practices and music lessons, and I love being able to include notes on calendar items, whether it’s a short address or a lengthy list of instructions or assignments cut and pasted from an email. We always have our smartphones or other devices with us, so when we’re out and about, we can easily check our plans and schedule new appointments or activities. Once a week, usually on Sunday evening or Monday morning, I review our digital calendar and add the week’s schedule to my planner. In Marathi Sanja is semolina pudding. You got it Sanja is sooji halwa. The difference between Sanja and Sheera is that Sanja is made with water where as Sheera is made with milk or Ksheer in Sanskrit. We Marathis are very good at recylcing food so you have misals, batata vada etc. all of which now have a dignity of their own. The Sanjachi Poli is one such creation. Whenever Sanja or Sheera is made in excess you know what to expect next. But many times we make specially for the taste. That's it! Just follow the same routine and there you go. Hummm for the novices here is the elaboration. Make a ball of the sanja/ sheera the size of a lemon. Now pinch off chapati dough of the same size. Make a basket to stuff the sanja / sheera ball in it. About Noura Central - Lebanese Restaurant - LondonYou've probably heard of Noura, an award-winning Lebanese brasserie chain well liked for its style, service, design and wonderful food. All Nouras have prestigious addresses, you see. Prices aren't cheap, but not all plush surroundings are so beautifully designed.

Service is faultless, and the excellent food is supported by an outstanding international wine and champagne list, one of the biggest in London.

Start with cold or hot meze, followed perhaps by chicken chawarma served between two pieces of traditional bread fresh from the oven at the centre of the room. The crowd crosses all ages and nationalities.

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MsoNormal, div. You'll thank me! For families who leave behind the conveniences of home and plan adventures that take them off into the wilderness, there are any number of essential gadgets for light travel and scout-like resourcefulness. However, if—like us—you stuff your car with oversized pots, pans, foam mattresses and seltzer makers, there is one gadget that you may want to consider. .